Beware Of Chicken

Beware Of Chicken

by Casualfarmer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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Word Count (13)
Royal Bloodline
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled ago
Chapter 2: Rice Farming 101 ago
Chapter 3: Beneath the Crescent Moon ago
Chapter 4: Nothing But a Hound Dog ago
Chapter 5: Verdant Hill ago
Chapter 6: "Young Master", Type 19 ago
Chapter 7: Country Roads ago
Chapter 8: Experimental Procedure ago
Chapter 9: Title Drop ago
Chapter 10: Lift Together ago
Chapter 11: The Newcomers ago
Chapter 12: The Mid-Autumn Festival ago
Chapter 13: The Spirit Furnace ago
Chapter 14: Winnie the Poo ago
Chapter 15: Side Quest ago
Chapter 16: Commandment ago
Chapter 17: Counting the Days ago
Chapter 18: Cracked Moon ago
Chapter 19: ROUS ago
Chapter 20: An Autumn Leaf ago
Chapter 21: The First Flakes ago
Chapter 22: Meanwhile, Back at the Town... ago
Chapter 23: The Young Mistress ago
Chapter 24: The Princess and the General ago
Chapter 25: The Students ago
Chapter 26: Two Pig Open Sleigh ago
Chapter 27: The March ago
Chapter 28: Strength and Skill ago
Chapter 29: The Great Master ago
Chapter 30: Something Worth Recognition ago
Chapter 31: A Glorified Battery ago
Chapter 32: Choices ago
Chapter 33: A Blade of Grass ago
Chapter 34: The Goalie and the Dishwasher ago
Chapter 35 Connections ago
Chapter 36: Homecoming ago
Chapter 37: Rewarded ago
Chapter 38: Preparing for the Night ago
Chapter 39: Jin-gle Bells ago
Chapter 40: Dawn ago
Chapter 41: Tick Tock Goes The Clock ago
Chapter 42: A Lull ago
Chapter 43: Broth and Ice ago
Chapter 44: A Fox and A "Deer" ago
Chapter 45: Statues and a House ago
Chapter 46: Vengeance and Hives ago
Chapter 47: Observe ago
Chapter 48: Ignite ago
Chapter 49: The Final Stretch ago
Chapter 50: Setting Sail, Coming Home ago
Deleted Scene from chapter 50. ago
Chapter 51: Wedding Part 1 ago
Chapter 52: Wedding Part 2 ago
Chapter 53: The End of the Beginning ago
Vol1: Epilogue ago
Volume 1.5: Kintsugi ago
Vol 2 Chapter 1: Full Steam Ahead ago
V2, Chapter 2: Each Day a Blessing ago
V2 Chapter 3: Crossed Blades ago
Interlude: Lost As Hell ago
v2 Chapter 4: A Fine Morning ago
V2: Chapter 5: But One Flaw ago
Interlude 2: The Twilight ago
V2 C6: A Bee ago
v2c7: A Meeting ago
v2c8: A Needle ago
V2c9: Dream ago
v2c10: Routine ago
V2C11: I'm Here ago
V2 C12: I Scream ago
Interlude 3: Q=V/t ago
v2 C 13: Hong Xian ago
v2 c14: Jin Rou ago
v2 c15: A Lady ago
v2c16: Secret Spot ago
v2c17: Still ago
Collected LN Teasers ago
v2c18: Rat and Cat ago
Interlude: Heart of the Swarm, ago
v2C19: Boar ago
v2 C20: Knock-off Part 1 ago
v2 c20: Knock off Part 2 ago
v2c21: The Search ago
v2 c22: Set out Stay in ago
V2 C 23: A Past Conversation ago
v2c24: Righteousness ago
v2c25: Plants and Clothes ago
v2 c26: Preparations ago
v2 c27.1: The Town ago
v2 c27.2 ago
27.3 ago
v2 c28: Depart ago
v2 c29.1: The Hills ago
29.2 ago
v2 c29.3 ago
Interlude 4: The Waterfall ago
Image: Meiling Coloured ago
V2C30.1: Progress ago
v2 C30.2 ago
v2 c30.3 ago
v2 c31: The Child ago
v2 c32: Conversations ago
33.1: The Legend Begins ago
v2 c33.2 ago
v2c34: The Correct Place ago
v2 C 35: House and a City ago
V2 C 36: Length and Breadth ago
v2c37: Conundrum ago
v2c38: Wager ago
v2c39: These Halcyon Days ago
v2c40: Understand ago
v2 c41: Stay the Course ago
v2c42: Transform? ago
v2c43: Wheat and the Blade ago
v2c44: Ash Forest ago
v2c45: The Plum Blossom's Shadow ago
v2c46: The Cat's Question ago
v2c47: Foiled ago
v2c48: On the Road ago
v2c49: Around the Town ago
Interlude Yun Ren: Tale of the Fox ago
Interlude Yun Ren Part 2 ago
Interlude Yun Ren Final: Back Under the Summer Sky ago
v2c50: Symbols and Names ago
v2C 51: Fangs and the Deep ago
v2c52: Crystal ago
v2c53: Recognizing Limits ago
v2c54: Burden of Trust ago
v2c55: Past, Present, Future ago
v2c56: One Last Dance ago
v2c57: See You Again ago
Interlude: The War and The Rooster ago
v2c58: Growing by Miles ago
v2c59: People and Places Part 1 ago
v2c59: People and Places part 2 ago
v2c59: People and Places Part 3 ago
v2c60: The Dueling Peaks ago
v2c61: Sect Business ago
v2c62: Wayward Companion ago
v2c63: Registration ago
v2c64: The Smaller Blade of Grass part 1. ago
v2c64.2: A Smaller Blade of Grass Part 2 ago
v2c65: Tournament part 1 ago
v2c65.2: The Tournament part 2 ago
v2c65.3: The Tournament part 3 ago
v2c66: Crystal Deal ago
v2c67: The Day of 'Fun' ago
v2c68: The Azure Merchants ago
v2c69: Heaven doesn't Always Shake ago
BOC 1st popularity Poll ago
v2c70: The Spider Incident ago
v2c71: Duels at the Peak ago
v2c72.1: Metal and Glass Part 1 ago
BOC Character Art ago
v2c72.2 Metal and Glass Part 2 ago
v2c73: The Hearth ago
v2c74: Interrupted ago

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A good Xianxia parody with genuine emotion

Reviewed at: Cracked Moon

Beware of chicken is an interesting combination of parody, actual Xianxia, and I think, in parts, a work that somewhat deconstructs the Xianxia genre.

The foremost element of the work is a parody, and quite honestly its parody elements are some of the funniest content I've seen on the site. The main character's isekai nature is used to justify him as a sort of rational audience insert, noting and making fun of the natural absurdity of the machismo which permeates the Xianxia world. His reaction to reincarnating as a low-level disciple basically being "I'm noping the fuck out of here" lays a rich bed of comedy that the intro effectively taps into. 

The fights, when they do happen, are written well enough. Qi channeling, leveling up, and the prose of pseudo-spirituality are all good enough to not detract from the experience. 

The best element which I think truly differentiates the work is the running theme of critiquing the Xianxia world. While the point is often made humorously, Beware of chicken makes a running critique of the rather vacuous and all-consuming desire for power for its own sake which permeates the culture of Xianxia worlds. This theme at once informs much of the work's comedy, but also much of its pathos.

The main character, in a real sense, demonstrates a sense of true spirituality in a metaphorical sense where he finds power and happiness by transcending the desire for power which consumes other cultivators and is content simply helping the earth grow and thrive in his own small section of the world. It is in many ways like one punch man, wherein the protagonist's unflappable ambivalence lends itself easily to both deadpan parody comedy and real statements about other people's preoccupation with status and things that don't actually matter. 

The one problem I can see is where it will go next. Unlike traditional Xianxia this story can't really just default to facing bigger and badder enemies to continue its current quality so it will require some continual creativity to keep the story at its current quality. With daily updates, I can only hope that the author has the time to spend that kind of thought. As of now, it is one of the few 5's I've come across on the website. 


Don't get me wrong, it's a good story but it feels like it kinda stagnates for 10+ chapters at a time with funny side-stories while the main plot lags behind.

At the end of the day, you can consider it more like a Slice of Life with little to no action in it. 

Also, despite being marked as a cultivation novel, there is no such thing here. Characters grow stronger naturaly ( if that makes sense ) as time passes. It is hinted that the main character is kinda OP but he is unware of this situation which really pisses me off... 

There is one more thing that is kinda annoying: the increasingly large cast of side characters. The author tries to make each one seem important dedicating whole chapters to them, without a clear path ahead. At this point the MC is almost lost in the background while the side characters have taken over the story. 

Away from those flaws, the story is not bad. A rather fresh aproach towards the cultivation genre, that promises a lot but I'm afraid that it might fail to deliver in the long run. I really hope that I'm wrong but I've seen so many stories that started strong and crumbled 100+ chapters in that I know that anything can happen.

As for style and grammar, those are rather perfect. A couple little mistakes here and there but nothing worth being mentioned.

In conclusion it is a good story, but not for everyone. 


Volume 1 excellent. Volume 2...meh.

Reviewed at: v2c39: These Halcyon Days

Final review - tl;dr: read volume one - it's excellent. Most of the 5 star reviews were done during volume 1 - so you can use thay as a pretty good indication of its quality. Volume 2 is essentially just a series of side stories and no main story progression, so unless you like that kind of thing, stop at volume 1.

I found volume one to be excellent. Great pacing, great comedy, minimal nonsense. Really really enjoyed it. 

Then volume 1 ended and volume 2 started. Since then, it's been constant perspective changes and very little depth (or progress) to the story. I'll stick with it for the moment, but I'm definitely not excited about new chapter releases anymore.

--An Update 12 posts after the above (Volume 2, chapter 29) - -

and... No real change. There were a couple interesting chapters, but quite honestly I'm struggling to see the point of volume 2. There seems to be a huge focus on Bi De (and to a lesser extent, the other side characters). There's very little focus on the MC and his story.

I'll come back in a month to see if the story has improved - if not, I'll be dropping it (much to my disappointment).

--Update V2C39

No change from the above review. Constant side stories and perspective changes. No progression of (what I assume to be) the main story. Very little written from the MC's perspective. 


Normally I don't like these Xianxia style novels as i think they are pretty nonsensical and don't understand the appeal. However this seems to be a cultivation story for people who don't like cultivation stories.

The main character immediatle after being Isekaied decides to nope out on the sect his host body had joined and decided to start a farm.

So far there have been no young masters or legendary phoenix's or spirit tiger or any such nonsense.

The main character has used what little he learned to be a super powered farmer, and so far its been a fairly chill slice of life style story.

Not much so far in the way of an overarching plot or many side characters, but its been a fun read so far. I hope the author will continue to develop the world so that things do not get stale. Now that things are fairly established the story needs to get a bit more meat on its bones.

The chapters are fairly short so I can recomed you give it a try to see if you like it, I feel like its a pretty comfortable story so far with plenty of room to grow.

Reader 24

Firstly I would like say this webnovel is very good. Few things I like about the series are the charcters. They have personality and motives. The story isn't grinding for more power nonsense and death matches. Instead its about avoiding all of that superfluous cliche, which makes it great. 

If you want a story that moves forward with wholesome moments then read this webnovel. My only gripe is with the grammer but its not huge issue, just an annoying issue when it happens.

Anyway just read it. It's great


Volume two has very little conflict. Charcters don't face obsticles, and get whatever they want without any hardhships. The online novel is still good but can be better. Charaterzation of Jin needs to be better. Protagonoist of a novel needs to be a charcter in needs more depth than just isekai farm boy. 

Also too many charcters. Everyone seems to get a narritive which hurts the overall narritive. 

There just isn't enough focus. The plot points are practically everywhere. 

Very little story in future chapters. 


Pretty sure this review will receive a massive amount of downvote because i don't give 5 stars to this popular book but even if many will scream in their head that this kind of story is simply not for me, I disagree and simply noticed major flaws impossible to overlook.

First thing first, this story is well writen. The author make enough effort with each chapter to keep the quality above average compared to all the others of this website.

Second, i really enjoyed the first book. As i said, even if everthing is slow paced with a story being a kind of slice of life with almost no fight, i don't care. Watching the MC create and develop his farm with his animals was interesting and heartwarming. I stopped and waited for more chapters in the second volume to be out before rereading everything.

The second reading of the first book was just as enjoyable so the deception was huge when i reached the second book.

This book is simply flawed. Not better way to say it. This is what happens when characters instead of driving the plot forward simply replace the plot.

First major flaw, the constant change of POV. I like change of POV, it give contrast and is a nice change of pace but not when it's constant. It's simple, the character the least represented is the MC. We have the POV of every other characters with their boring adventure mostly not even in direct relation with the MC or the main plot while Jin and his wife are mostly absent.

Some of the fans of this story will contradict me and say that it gives depth to the story and it can be true for some of these mini story with secondary characters as their focus but clearly not for the majority. At one point, i simply fast read through a few of these chapters without any trouble to understand what was happening after.

If a part of the story is without the mc as its focus, without any direct relation with the plot and can be simply skipped without any consequence then it has a simple name.

It's a filler.

And this book is so filled with filler that it impede the main plot.

It becomes almost comical how slow the pace of the events are with all these constant change of POV to further develop secondary character with little interest and importance to the story.

So we are forced to witness how the man charged with finding Jin roam around the province where Jin is while making a mistake just before truly finding him. The reader knows where Jin is, so there is little interest in reading four pages of reflexion of the man to explain why he goes the wrong way especially if it is the third time it happens. I waq honestly eager to find out between Jin and this man but after nearly 50 chapters of wait without any result, my interest has fade away like my interest in this story.

I truly hope the author simply got a little overexcited with his characters and didn't forget that a story needs a true plot that goes forward. It needs stakes, conflicts (not necessarily physical) to truly exist. Having a large rooster of characters is nice but it is not enough and shouldn't take priority over the main plot.

If this was an attempt to raise the number of chapters for your patreons, then it needs to stop before more former fan of this story gets fed up with your book.


Pretty standard xianxia parody

Reviewed at: v2c57: See You Again

What started out as a story of an isekai'd dude who chooses the path of effort over conflict has devolved into a slice of life furry-lite story about chickens, cats and snakes   

The "protagonist" only seemed to exist to act as a reaction machine where he calls all developments positive and worth struggling for even though it makes no sense. This is a world where ppl harvest spiritual animals for ingredients and the guy is building a literal menagerie of spiritual animals without any way to protect them.  

Power levels are all muddled and there is no way to tell if the characters are stronger than the cultivators who could realistically come for their necks and the overall plot is muddled.   


It's clear now this story isn't anything unique it's just a slight twist on every xianxia webnovel you've ever read. We're even getting a tournament arc after a perilous journey arc... 

Wasted potential from what the story began as, it's an OK read but feels like a burning time following every chapter. Better to wait for a good 3 months before reading a chunk


A good story but it struggles to hold my attention

Reviewed at: v2 c30.3

Tbh I'm becoming less and less excited to read new updates as they come out... I'm just waiting for the plot to start again and slogging through all this slice of life stuff you keep writing. My mindset is why rush to read a chapter when it's the same stuff I got last chapter? The last dozen chapters even?

There's a lot of stuff technically happening, but because I'm so bored by constantly getting similar chapters it feels like there is nothing happening. I might put this on the back burner for a good long while; At least until I'm confident you've probably already included the sect and ancestestry parts.


And btw, I hope you don't think I'm saying this just to complain. My intentions are to outline why I'm struggling to enjoy the story right now, and what needs to be done to fix it for this one reader. There's a balance between slice of life and plot for readers who don't like slice of life just for the sake of it, and you're not getting that balance right currently.

I love the characters and theme enough to have gotten me through 100 chapters (And congrats on that btw). It's just the one aspect that makes this a bit of a chore for someone following chapter by chapter. It's hard to feel excited when it's the same same slice of life filler as the last dozen chapters.


I approached the Blue Box. Lost in my cultivation, continuing to the next level of power greedily, I was struck by the Gray Box. I was stuck, and couldn't move forward. 

Bi Di stood perched on the fence, blocking my path ahead. The Next Chapter button out of reach. 

I cried softly. 



I think most readers can agree that Volume 1 was truly exceptional and well written.  It did a great job of introducing interesting characters and showcasing their growth.  There was also a cohesive story arc with Jin starting from nothing and struggling to establish both a farm and an eclectic family to call his own.  Definitely a 5 out 5 in my opinion.

Unfortunately, Volume 2 has devolved into a meandering slice of life with no clear story arc and a barrage of shifting POVs.  It’s also sickly sweet with little to no threat to the characters, which I suppose many people interpret as being “wholesome”.  I guess, if you overlook the erotic tone developing between characters with hints at a possible ménage à trois between a married couple and a teenager.  The writing is still good, but the lack of story is losing me.  More like a 3 out of 5 compared to the first volume.


I have to admit, the title threw me off at first.  I thought this story would be about someone possessing a chicken.  Interesting and novel, but silly to the extreme.  Instead, it focuses on a modern soul displaced in time and spaced into the body of a weak human cultivator named Jin.  While that sounds pretty standard Isekia, what follows is something really special.

The start is a bit abrupt and gives the main character a different tone from the rest of the book, but it gets the point across.  Instead of following the typical path of study and combat, Jin immediately leaves his prestigious school.  What’s his big plan?  Well, to go buy a farm where nobody will look for him.  Heartwarming hilarity ensures as Jin devotes his full cultivation potential into becoming the best and most benevolent farmer the locals and maybe even the world has ever seen.

Shocking for RoyalRoad, Volume 1 is completed and ready to read.  It’s a fantastic, cohesive story following Jin and his efforts to create his own slice of paradise in a world filled with spirit animals and cultivators.  Volume 2 continues by exploring each character as Jin’s farm and family grows.  There are many adventures and tribulations, with the title chicken going on his own journey of discovery.  Very well written, but slower and less focused than the first volume.

My hope is the story pacing picks up and introduces some legitimate threats to Jin, his farm, and his family.  I love the bonding and growth arcs between all the characters, but the story needs some real stakes and Jin needs to be challenged to grow.  I’m talking a Monsanto level threat coming in to take what they see as easy pickings.  Some fans will hate this though, maybe wanting to preserve the overall tone as a bedtime story you can read to kids.  To them I say the setting is still in an Xianxia world of ruthless martial artists.  Death and violence are a given.

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everything so far and look forward to what comes next.  My thanks to author for making his work free on RoyalRoad, and especially for not hiding dozens of chapters behind a paywall.  Highly recommended!