A note from Casualfarmer

I commisioned this one, for everybody.

This will likely be moved to an art repository chapter afterwards, but I just wanted to share the image.

Thanks to everybody for reading this far along!

Art is by Tsuu, as always.


This piece is also her looking at Jin, so thats why she looks all soft, and not at all like shes trying to stab you with her eyes.

I'll have to get one of those later. Angry Meiling is good too.

Also, coming up at probably the end of the month, some more character portraits, and stuff like that. Book is chugging along as well. Getting the wrap done, editing, all that lovely stuff. Its honestly more difficult than the writing the original was.

The chapter needs to be five hundred characters long. So hey everybody, I hope you guys have a good day.

Again, thanks to everybody for sticking around, and reading. It means a lot to me.


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