Ranma's Pig Problem

by DaFox

One day while living in China with his parents, Ranma while on his way to get water to use for cooking comes across a little black piglet, when Ranma shows no interest in harming the little piglet it decides to follow him around and reluctantly Ranma accepts the company. While trekking through the woods Ranma gets curious about the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo and decides to prop himself on the edge of a cliff to get a better view, but his weight causes it to collapse and insanity ensues when Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl and the piglet falls into the spring of drowned boy now whenever Ranma and the piglet get covered in cold water Ranma changes to a girl and the piglet into a boy but when they get covered in warm water they change back into their original forms.

Disclaimer: The story is made by DaisukiFox I am posting this with his permission.

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