Having the main cultivation technique before others means they would have more time to comprehend it than others, humans aren't computers, they need time and efforts to understand and practice the technique.

So if someone got the main technique earlier then it means they will be able to understand it before others. Later when others have to comprehend both the secondary and main techniques they would only have to comprehend the secondary technique.

Moreover, although they couldn't cultivate for their class but they can still improve their lifeform level, this way they will have more energy than others.

According to what Layla told him, some people figured it out already, they came to the academy just after the result was given out, chose the main technique, learned it then left. Now they will come back at the time when the academy starts to play as the pit to eat the tiger.

Besides that, Layla also told him about the different instructors, their temperament, the shadow business between students, and some hidden rewards one could get after gaining an achievement.

"So that's how it is, you seem a good guy so how about I let you accompany me to the forest? You haven't seen it yet, so going alone for the first time isn't a good choice even when it is the safe zone near the city," Layla said at the end of her explanation.

Kale chuckled inwardly, he could tell that she was trying to see his skills, he nodded and said "Good idea, so should we go now?"

Layla made it so obvious was also to indirectly ask him out to the forest rather than venturing alone.

"Right now? You sure, you don't want to head to the Grand Library and take your cultivation technique first?" Layla asked in a surprised tone.

"The cultivation technique is not running away, I can get it later," Kale said nonchalantly.

"Okay then, get ready in five minutes, I going to take a quick shower before heading out," Layla said then left the balcony with the fiery fox cub in her embrace.

Kale looked at the scenery once more then headed back to his room, he opened his bag and changed his clothes. He put on the knife holder belt then covered it under his black leather coat, he then removed his glasses and held the parasitic face mask in his hands.

It was a pure white mask, with two curved diamond-shaped eye slots, the eye slots had a purple glass that prevented the onlookers to see the eyes of its wearer. When Kale put on the mask on his face, it clung to his skin like there was glue on his face.

Some people preferred to hide their identities from the masses so wearing a mask wasn't that unusual in the academy, as long as they had their ID confirmed in the academy, the academy won't stop them from hiding it.

..Knock… x 2

Kale heard the knocking on the door, he put on the hood then opened the door.

When Layla saw his getup she couldn't help but give him a strange look, she said "We are not going to commit murder, and what's the use of hiding your face now when you were showing it without a care in the world just now,"

Although she had seen him wearing glasses to hide his eyes but now it was directly upgraded to a mask.

"I feel good this way," Kale said casually. He wore a mask not to hide his face but his expressions.

Layla didn't argue anymore, she walked down the corridor after signaling him to follow. On the way, she explained some things about the forest "The forest is called Evergreen Fox Paradise for two reasons, the first is because of the vast variety of foxes inhabiting it and the second is the vast amount of flora present in it.

Although we are going in the outermost region of the forest that is occasionally cleaned by the academy to prevent too strong beasts from making their way here but there are always some rats that slip out from the net so make sure to be on alert all the time.

One more thing, the academy provides an SOS Insurance Service, in which you can use some of your points to buy insurance for a limited period. For example, you buy the insurance one day before heading into the forest then if you don't come back to the academy within a day, they will immediately arrange a search team and search for you.

Although they will still search for you even without insurance but because of having no information on how long you are going to remain in the forest, they will wait for a few days before making a move, by the way, the cheapest insurance is of 100 CP and now that you have given me 25 CP you only have 75 CP left, If you want, you can borrow some from me, I will give you a good interest rate…"

"No need," Kale rejected her offer bluntly.

Layla didn't give up, she tried a few more times, and only after making sure that he really has no intention of borrowing point did she give up.

Both of them didn't have any vehicle and mount, and the one brought from outside cannot be used in the academy so they had to walk to the entry gate of the forest which wasted almost an hour.

When Kale arrived at the forest entrance gate he realized that it was the same as the one he used to enter the academy.

After the identity checkup, they headed into the forest.

The Evergreen Fox Paradise was similar to any tropical green forest in appearance. It was filled with tall trees that were covered in lush green leaves, they were swaying with the flow of wind.

Layla breathed deeply and stretched out her arms "The refreshing air here is way better than the purified air in the dorm,"

Kale nodded. To him, who had spent most of his last life living and venturing between forests, it held great importance, forest was like his home, his battle strength soars when he fighting inside a forest.

"Follow me," Layla took the lead as the duo headed into the woods.

Kale didn't refute, he was curious about what the forests of this world have to offer, he knew this world was more advanced in any expect compared to the previous one that's why he had high expectations.

The Blazing Sun Kingdom focuses on the co-existence of science and magic but there were also those which solely focused on science, magic, or both and even their fusion. While also specializing in certain aspects like NanoTech, MechaTech, Magic Tools, Magic Fusions..., etc.

The further they moved into the forest the slower their pace became because, in the wilderness, the danger increases as one advances.

Layla abruptly stopped and got on her knees, she observed the grass on the ground, she said "Some of the grass here is eaten, you know what does that mean?"

Layla said with a serious expression, although her expression was serious, she was inwardly excited as it was time for her to show her skills, when she asked this question she never expected to hear an answer, she was about to speak but contrary to her expectations, Kale spoke.

"It means herbivore beasts passed through here, and if there are herbivore beasts around then it means carnivores will too be lurking in shadows for the hunt. This forest infamous for foxes, so there is a high chance that the carnivore I'm talking about here is foxes," After saying that much, Kale got on his knees, almost kowtowing on the ground, and smelled the grass, he then said "Most of the grass here is fine so I believe the number of herbivore beasts or I can say prey were either very few or was only one, the smell of saliva is still lingering on the grass, if I am right the prey should have been here about 30 to 50 minutes ago.

The grass on the right side is half-eaten while on the left is completely fine, a prey around this area shouldn't be smart enough to cause a deception so it probably came from the right side and moved forward, inside the forest… Should we proceed?"

Kale said then he stood up and looked in the distance.

Layla stared at him for a few seconds but didn't utter a single word. She just nodded and walked forward.

'I hope my investment pays off…' Kale thought while following her from behind.

Layla felt that her pride was hurt, a good beast tamer is also a good tracker, she became more alert and careful in observing the clues spread all around and tracked the prey.

Layla's ear twitched, she quickly waved her left hand to signal Kale behind her, and just after, she leaped at the tree on the right, she skillfully climbed up and hid her body between the branches and leaves.

She then looked back to help Kale in climbing up but she didn't saw anyone there.

'Did he ran off?' Layla thought, just at this time she felt a hand pressing on her shoulder, she almost screamed but Kale used his other hand to shut her mouth, he moved his head closer to her ear and whispered "Calm down, you will alert them,"

Layla was an experienced hunter, she soon calmed down and pushed her doubts in the back of her head, for now, she followed Kale's line of sight and saw three yellow furred foxes feeding on the flesh of a dead deer.

She observed and discovered that the three foxes were just Mortal-Rank Common-Grade beasts but she didn't let her guard down, directly attacking three foxes wasn't easy for her, especially when she wasn't sure about Kale's combat skills.

Layla reached out her hand and held the dagger on her waist belt, thinking of a plan but suddenly, she heard three air slicing sound and felt a weak gust of wind touching her cheek.

Swoosh x 3

A fox who was chewing on the flesh in her mouth felt a death threat, the fox about to move but it was too late.

A knife was shot at its eye and pierced its head, killing it on the spot.

The second knife struck another fox's heart area and the last knife was stuck in the last fox's neck.

Unlike the first fox, the other two foxes were alive, they were in pain but they still opened their mouth towards the sky, they were about to scream to call their companion.

But how could Kale give them such a chance, he used the branch in front of him as a stepping stone and leaped in the air.

He spun in the mid-air and threw four more knives, two at each fox's head killing them on the spot.

Earlier he needed to injure all three foxes in one go and hence couldn't strike their head at once, so he used the best pattern he could follow to subdue all three at once.

He had just landed on the ground when Layla came running behind him, she first confirmed that all the foxes were dead then looked at him, she said "For God's sake what does your father do? A secret agent in government? Or a world-famous assassin?"

"He is a doctor," Kale said with a straight face.

"A doctor?" Layla was stunned.

What kind of doctor raises such a kid? She thought. She didn't believe his words in her mind, she had already devised the image of a cold and strict father ruthlessly training an innocent little boy.

She couldn't help but give him a pitiful look.

Kale felt that the way she was looking at him was somewhat wrong but didn't bother with it, he walked to the dead foxes and collected his knives.

"How should we divide it?" Kale said while observing the foxes. He had only struck the vitals so most of the fox skin remained undamaged, hence it could be sold at a good price.

"What divide? You killed them so they are all yours," Layla waved her hand.

"If I came here alone it was indeed the case, but I came with you so the reward needs to be shared, isn't it the rule between hunters and adventurers?" Kale said.

Layla sighed then crouched down on the ground, she extended her hand and took a bloodied knife from him. She said "I would feel bad for taking things for free, leave the dismantling to me,"

Kale nodded, he left the skinning and other stuff to her and stood guard in case someone else attacks.

'With this, my good image is almost complete,' He thought.


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