Kale took a few steps and appeared on the right side of the door.

An LCD screen was present on the wall, as soon as he came into one-meter range of the device, the screen lit up. A cold computerized voice was then heard.

[Please show your ID.]

Kale took out an ID card, and presented it in front of the screen, a red light ray fell on the card and scanned it from top to bottom.

[Student Kale prepare yourself for the eye scan.]

Kale opened his eyes wide, then the red light curtain appeared again and fell on his eyes.

[ID confirmed.]

[Please scan this QR code with your communication device.]

Kale took out his smartphone and scanned the code that appeared on the screen. Just after scanning the code, a notification showing the ongoing downloading appeared on his phone screen.

[Downloading.. 1%..13%..32%..48%..57%..87%..89%..100%]

[Downloading complete.]

When the downgliding was over, a new app icon appeared on his phone's home screen, it was using the Imperial Academy's main logo as the icon insignia.

The app then opened on its own.

[Hello Kale, I'm the Assistant-Bot responsible for taking care of all your information and keep you updated on the latest events. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask me.]

As soon as this notification appeared it was soon followed by another.

[Body Scanner Application detected.]

[Would you like to link this application to Assistant-Bot for better performance: Agree/Decline]

Kale declined without hesitation, he then put the phone back into his pocket and looked at the screen on the wall.

[Welcome to the Imperial Academy, Student Kale.]


The sound of metal rubbing against each other sounded, the big metallic door separated itself from the middle and retracted itself in the left and right wall.

A cool breeze flew out from the other side of the door and caressed his face. Kale looked inside in surprise.

He expected to see big buildings and several loitering students fooling around but contrary to his expectations, it was a garden, a big garden that expended far from what he could see.

There was not a single building or living person in the vicinity. The marble-paved road was connected to the door from one side as for the other side, it was divided into several other small roads further ahead.

Kale took a deep breath and walked in, the door behind him closed on its own after he entered.

Kale advanced on the road while observing his surroundings. He then took out his phone on the way and opened the Assistant-Bot.

"How far am I from the student dorms?" Kale asked.

A map appeared on the screen showing his location and the paths he could take to reach the student dormitory.

[Student Kale, the shortest route to the dorm would take about an hour for you to reach your destination with your current speed.]

"Hmm…" Kale just looked at the map for a few seconds, then switched off his phone and put it in his pocket, he had already memorized the map and the route so there was no need to keep it active anymore.

Kale kept walking like before, he didn't change his pace and enjoyed the beauty of the scenery around him. He thought 'Such peace, such calmness, I like this place already,'

There was a time when he needed to remain vigilant even during his sleep so a peaceful environment like this may not mean much to those who enjoy it everyday but for him, it meant a lot.

After around ten minutes of walk, his ears twitched, he turned back and saw three luxury cars approaching him from behind. All three car models resembled Mercedes in a way, the car at the front and the back were black and had black glasses while the one in the middle was of pure white color and had blue glasses.

Kale walked to the side and made way for the cars. But all the three cars slowed down and stopped after arriving by his side.

A female drive came out of the middle of the car, walked to the back, and opened the back door of the car.

A girl stepped out of the car, she looked to be in the same age group as Kale, she had long black hair reaching her waist, deep black eyes, and fair complexion, she had a thin body but her curves and three sizes were in a proper balance coupled with an innocent and sweet smile, she had an angelic aura around her.

"Are you going to the academy?" The girl asked in a mellow tone.

Kale nodded without any change in his expression, but he inwardly mocked 'No, why would I go to the academy? I was just searching for the right place to pee,'

Anyone who had passed through the entrance door could only go to the academy so what did that silly question mean?

An awkward silence followed soon after. The girl looked slightly embarrassed, she spoke again.

"I apologize for bothering you like that by asking such a question. Oh, yes I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Misha Necron, it's a pleasure to meet you. We will be studying in the same academy so I thought about meeting you right now," Misha bowed politely.

"I'm Kale, the pleasure is all mine," Kale slightly bowed, he didn't mention his last name.

The woman in the driver's uniform standing beside the Misha frowned, she stared at Kale and said "Is that how you talk to someone from the Royal Family?"

'Just my luck, ignoring her family name won't do it I guess,' Kale thought, then said "I apologize to the princess if I have behaved rudely, I'm not familiar with such customs and hence done such mishap unknowingly,"

Necron Family in the Royal Family of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, every generation of Necron Family has several Princes and Princes but in the academy, they can't exercise their status and power.

Misha quickly waved her hand "No, don't misunderstand she cares about me and thought of your behavior as arrogance towards me. Everyone inside the academy has equal status you don't need to belittle yourself,"

Kale nodded with an expressionless face.

Seeing him like that, Misha didn't know how to respond for a while and finally said "Yes, how about it Kale, you are still quite a distance away from the main vicinity so why not go there together with me,"

Kale shook his head, "I have to decline Princess's kind invitation, I would like to enjoy the scenery on my way to the main vicinity,"

The driver again got angry but Misha signaled her to stop before she could say anything, Misha said "I see, then see you later Kale,"

Misha said with a smile then went into the car, the driver glared at Kale one last time before starting the car and leaving.

Kale looked at the three cars disappearing in the distance, he then took out the white bracelet with GHO's enigma on it and placed it into the upper pouch of his bag. He thought 'I was careless,'

He didn't think that any big figures would come two days early like him and that they would also recognize it.

In the distance, Misha looked at Kale's figure in the rearview mirror until it disappeared. Her smile faded and she sighed.

The driver looked at her in the mirror then said "Princess, I don't recognize him, he even had the gal to hide his family name while acting like he was completely oblivious to it. He doesn't seem much talented either, if he was, then he would have gained some fame in the entrance examination but I didn't saw him before, although three examinees hid their face behind the mask in the exam, but whether it was Razor, Amber, or Night Hunter, one of them was a girl while the other two had a different body built and hair color, so my guess is he didn't accomplish much in the exam. Does he really worth your attention?"

Misha remained silent for a while then spoke "I'm not sure either, he had a good body built so I thought he was any other aspiring Martial Artist but he also had a portable body scanner with him, it's not something anyone could get without solid connection in GHO, this alone is enough to show his importance, building connection with him might benefit me in the long run but he seems like a tough nut to crack,"

On the other side, Kale continued his advance.

Kale didn't believe in coincidence especially when it's related to aristocrats, he has innate hatred of them because 90% of the aristocrats he met were those he wouldn't want to remember as for the last 10% most of them were the neutral type that was just sailing with the flow.

After walking for around half an hour he finally saw the tall buildings, the one closest to him was of circular edged building, from the appearance alone, it looked like a big stadium.

The building nearest to it had a red plus on the top, it was the hospital.

There was also a café near the two. Students of the same age or higher than him were walking around, the academy didn't force students to wear the uniform until it was an important occasion or when the students were being led outside for a mission so almost all the people were in their casual attire but still their dress up said a lot about the path they followed.

'Just like the rumors say, Imperial Academy is an all-you-can-ask-for city on its own,' Kale thought while advancing the road between those buildings.

Some people saw Kale walking with a bag but then they ignored him, with his age, attire, and the bag he was dragging they could tell he was a newbie. If he was a famous figure, someone from a rich family, or even just a handsome/beautiful guy someone might approach him, although he indeed had special looks he didn't have any friendly aura around him so no one bothered themselves with him.

As Kale passed by their side, he occasionally heard what they were taking but acted like he didn't.

"Boss, didn't you buy a Mortal-Rank Ascension Pill? You still failed to advance?"

"What failed, don't you know how fast I reached Level 10? I just didn't want to break through, I have a C grade foundation so how can I fail? I will advance to Enlightened Mortal stage in just a few days,"

"Humph, you are saying this same thing for a month now,"

"You two shut up, do you think it is that easy to advance?"

Kale ignored them and continued on his way, soon he arrived in front of a cuboid-shaped building, but this time the cuboid was standing on its rectangular side. It was the student's dormitory.

The Imperial Academy didn't have a separate boy and girls dormitory, it had only one building, anyone can choose to live in an all-boys or all-girls room though.

The main reason for this was absolute equality policy followed in the kingdom, it was to execute policy from the roots. The current ruler, of the kingdom, wasn't a King but a Queen.

Meaning all the princes and princess had an equal chance of succeeding the throne. All the prince and princess weren't only from Queen's birth, after all, she alone couldn't give birth to so many children in the same generation, especially when she herself has to take care of her cultivation, according to the rules she could take anyone from the royal family as her foster child and gave them the status of prince and princess, so many of the prince and princess were her sisters and brothers children whom she chose as her foster child because of their talent and leadership skills.

As long as someone had the pure bloodline of the royal family, she could choose them as her foster child. Marriage in the same family wasn't an exaggeration as long as they weren't too closely related because being too closely blood-relation might give birth to a weak child.

Kale entered the building through the main door and found himself standing in the reception hall, he then saw a man lazily dozing off on his chair behind the counter.

He walked to the counter and tapped on it twice.

The man suddenly snapped out and looked at Kale.

"Huh? You almost scared me man, are you here to register? Then show me your ID," The man said lazily.


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