Kale used his knife to draw three squares of the same size on the grass filled ground behind the mansion.

{You four, I want you to dig out and eat all the grass on the ground by tomorrow, as for your nest you can make them in the corners after you complete this task,} Kale said.

The four rabbits rushed to the square nearest to them and skillfully started digging the ground with their small but sharp claws.

'Earth Hole Rabbits are expert at digging the ground, they are cheap and could breed quickly, with their help I would not need to waste my time in these kinds of task,' Kale thought. He looked around the tall boundary walls with a fence over them, confirming that others cannot look at things that were happening around here.

Kale then went into the basement of the mansion, which was his little gym all along. The basement was a big hall, it was spacious enough for people to spar without holding back. One of the corners of the hall had some gym equipment like a treadmill and spin bike there.

Riyan didn't buy him dumbbells and other weight lifting equipment to not affect his growth. Except that there were a few dartboards on the walls, they were something Kale had once asked by saying he liked dart throwing.

Kale looked at the empty dartboard on the other side of the wall which was around thirty meters away from where he was standing. He slid both of his hand into his pockets, when he retracted them he was holding three knives in both of his hands, he was holding them in the gap between his fingers.

Suddenly, Kale's eyes turned sharp, he took a step forward, exerted strength in his legs, and jumped in the air, he swung his hand diagonally and threw the knives one by one.

He only threw one knife with one swing of his hand, he threw a total of four knives as his body spun in the air twice, he then threw the last two knives while swinging his hand vertically when his feet touched the ground.

…Swooshh… x 6

All the knives struck at the boundary of the innermost circle in the dartboard having equal distance with adjacent knives.

'My muscles etched a little while throwing them, doing it with darts and doing with it real knives are two different things, should I take a detour to the academy to sharpen my skills and remove the rust?' Kale started thinking over this matter when he heard a notification alert coming from his smartphone, he took it out and checked it.

[Status updated]

[Congratulation Kale! A new category has unlocked.]

[‹Martial Techniques› category has been added to the main status.]

[Unknown martial technique detected.]

[System failed to calculate the grade of the martial technique.]

[System failed to calculate your mastery of the martial technique.]

[Note: You can rename the name of the martial technique anytime.]

'Although it failed to detect anything when I used witchcraft but it was able to detect the use of a martial technique? GHO lives up to its name, I guess. This world has so many things to offer, once I am strong enough I will go and witness its glory for myself. This time I will not only perfect the Undying Flesh Seed, but I will also create my own way to the eternity no… I will keep going until I become strong enough to defeat death and make devils fear my name,' Kale thought, he then took out more knives and started practicing.



Kale was at the main door, he was signing the documents provided by the delivery woman.

The woman took her tablet back and smiled "Sir, the Three Clover Grass, Yellow Spring Flower, Moon Ginseng, Black Swamp Soil, six portable water sprinkler, one bag of organic fertilizer, a parasitic face mask, knife holding belt, and eight spyware cameras with RAT function has been delivered. We have free service for setting up the water sprinklers and spycam would you like to…"

"No need, I can do it myself," Kale said with an expressionless face.

In the last three years, Kale had made full use of his time, internet was a sea of knowledge for him, and coupled with his memories from his time on earth, this was all he needed to adapt to this world quickly. He wasn't doing all these things out of anywhere, he had formulated this whole plan long ago, at the moment he is just executing it.

The woman didn't peruse anymore, she said goodbye and left.

Kale looked at the cardboard boxes stacked on each other in the front side garden, he thought 'The Academy would start after one week from now on, I am already using the back door so to make a firm footing I would need to go at least two days before my peers. After joining the academy, I would need to stay at student dorms and can't come home every day as it wastes a lot of time in traveling back even though the academy is also in Imperial city but it's at the boundary of Evergreen Fox Paradise forest,'

He then checked the balance in his account, he still had 38 G 80 S left. G is the representation of gold and S of silver, I G = 100 S, this is a currency globally excepted by everyone. Kale had used his bank account to pay up the bill, if he had used cash on delivery service then he would need to pay using gold and silver notes.


5 days later…

Kale was standing in the backside garden and was looking at the three mini-square-plots he had made in the last few days.

All the three plots had fertile black soil, tiny infant plants were growing in rows. The first plot had strange lush green grass with three blades each, growing inside, it was three clover grass. The second and third plots didn't have anything growing on them yet because the seeds had yet to give birth to saplings.

When using the internet, Kale had found that many of the plant species here are the same as the ones in his previous life, it's just their name were different, moreover because of science and technological advancements people here had developed too many kinds of new species which deeply caught his interest.

'I'm not sure about the martial path but it doesn't mean I don't have ways to cultivate my body, in the last life I had discovered several new things while shaping my own way to Martial Venerable but due to less time and had already cultivated differently I couldn't go back especially when half of my lifespan was being taken, if I also choose to become martial artist, I can cultivate my body faster but even without it I can still cultivate my body.

Battle Qi temporarily strengthens the body by a big boost, this time I will cultivate my body instead, making it durable enough to overpower others without using Battle Qi, this way my body will mature faster than my age, and the problem of being immature would be solved. It might be hard but not impossible, «Undying Flesh Seed» was a live example for this,' Kale thought, he was lost in thought when he sensed his phone vibrating.

Kale checked the phone 'Looks like the cab is here,'

He put on his orange glasses, grabbed the handle of his wheel bag. He gave the rabbits on the side one last look, before heading towards the main door.

He had already given the basic commands to them before, the plants he planted were all of Mortal-Rank Common-Grade and didn't need much effort to be cultivated, Kale himself was a mortal right now so there was nothing special he could do for them right now.


A yellow car standing outside the mansion.

A middle-aged man stuck his head out of the window and looked at Kale, he said "Hey boy, are you the one who rented the cab?"

Kale didn't speak and just showed the code on his phone, the man nodded and opened the door for him.

He had taken the cab to go to the metro station, then rode the train to the Imperial Academy.

Even after using the metro, it was still going to take him more than 2 hours to reach his destination, it was just how big the Imperial City was.

The kingdoms in this world were like countries on earth. Each had their own judiciary and system but one common thing was that they all would have a King or a Queen whether they alone have all the power or not was a different matter.

Aside from these, every kingdom focused on a certain aspect, it may be Martial Arts, Magic, Science, or sometimes multiple aspects like the Blazing Sun Kingdom. The Blazing Sun Kingdom focused on science and magic making them co-exist together while giving priority to bio-tech in science, the kingdom did focus on the co-existence of science and magic but it never intended to merge them. The system followed by the ruling forces of the kingdom gave its infrastructure the looks resembling the modern societies on earth but it wasn't the same for every kingdom, there were places where the path of science wasn't followed while there were also places where the laws of science failed to work.

Academies, Sects, Adventurer's Guild, GHO, or any other organizations all had their own criteria for joining and rules that need to be strictly followed once joined.

Imperial Academy can be regarded as the best stage for a normal mortal to take his first step in the would of practitioners, the academy works directly under the King of Blazing Sun Kingdom. All the aristocrats would take it as the first choice for their younger generation, the academy carried the legacy left behind by the previous kings of the kingdom furthermore even royal family cultivate their younger generation in the academy so who wouldn't like it?

In fact, in a way sects are a stronger force compared to normal academies but they are not easy to join and have a way higher mortality rate where deaths are not unusual. Furthermore, most sects are set up in the wilderness that is not under the jurisdiction of any kingdom so aristocrats who love their status and want their children to form connections with the new generation of the royal family would not prefer their children to join a sect.

Kale chose this place as his starting point because from what he knew, Imperial Academy is the best choice in the Blazing Sun Kingdom, with his current strength going in the wilderness means death and Riyan wouldn't let him join a sect either.

Using the Academy to increase his strength until he was strong enough to step into the wilderness and observe the flora in the uncharted lands was what Kale thought of, before being known as Demonic Angel, he was a herbalist who has actually received a nickname from the prideful Pill Masters… The man with the green hands. They were the same pill masters who didn't spare a glance to mortals, gaining acknowledgment from them wasn't an easy feat, alas this acknowledgment didn't help him at the time of escaping from his kingdom, no pill masters would make an enemy of a whole kingdom for a man who can't cultivate.


From what Kale know so far, most of the land in this world is an uncharted wilderness that cannot be recklessly explored even with so much advancement in magic and science, things like satellites and drones proved to be utterly useless when scanning those areas.

In fact, there were areas where science lost its effect and the laws changed, the world was full of mystery, which only served the purpose of exciting Kale uncontrollably.

Eastside of Imperial City…

The Imperial City was once a part of Evergreen Fox Paradise, a forest known for holding countless varieties of foxes, at present, the city was at the edge of the forest.

But in a way, it's east side can still be regarded as a part of the forest, it is also the place where Imperial Academy is located.

It was situated between two mountains that are not reconstructed after the city was made to use them as the house for the tamed magic beasts and cultivate medicinal herbs.

The fact that even those two big mountains were just a part of it shows how big the vicinity of Imperial Academy was albeit it was still not the most shocking thing about the academy, there was something more to it underground than on the surface… it's the thing that made the academy so famous.

At the main entrance gate of the academy.

Kale was standing on the road as he watched the tall metallic walls of the academy that made it look like an impregnable fortress, a tightly shut entrance door was present in front of him.


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