Kale took out his phone after arriving in his room, and opened the BlueBird online shopping app, he first checked his wish list then ordered everything after selecting the fast delivery option.

After placing the order, he threw the phone to the side. He slipped his hand under the mattress and took out a cigarette packet and a lighter. He put the cigarette in his mouth, lit it, and took a big breath before slowly letting the smoke out.

'To think, it took 12 years for my soul to finally overcome the stress and gain stability, the good part is my soul should have become stronger but the bad part is that I wasted a total of 12 years. I spent another three years sorting out all memories, build my body until it is strong as a normal teenager, learning the language, gaining knowledge about this world… Sigh...

This world is full of wonders even the normal mortals here are born with a strong physique compared to ones from my previous lives, they also have a better cultivation system. Furthermore, this original energy is not something new from what I think, it was also present on earth and the world of Kazeer but the humans there couldn't sense it, they could sense the Qi though but I am not sure if that Qi is the same as the one martial artists here uses,' Kale thought.

In the last three years, a lot of things happened, his incredible growth rate was too astonishing but thankfully, ‹Auto-Photographic Memory› acted as a good cover. Mutants awakening dual traits were rare but not nonexistent.

Lancer or now Kale had also tried to use his cultivation techniques to cultivate but after using them he realized that they acted strangely, he couldn't control origin energy with just that so he believed that he too needs a primary cultivation technique to absorb origin energy first, and match his cultivation technique with his secondary technique before starting cultivation.

Then another problem appeared, an underage cannot buy cultivation technique on market, legally at least. Even if they could they would get the lowest quality techniques after spending a lot of money.

Normal battle techniques and spells here has the same ranking system as practitioners. For example, Mortal-Rank techniques, Enlightened Mortal-Rank spells.

'It wasn't easy to persuade dad for allowing me to stay behind and joining the academy, he even went as far as to use the backdoor method for me but it was the only way to get my hands on a cultivation technique legally. Hmm… I do want to repay his favor but I can't go ahead and study to become a doctor like him, it will be a waste of this opportunity especially after I found out what a Plant Mage can do.

The plants that require a lot of preparations to artificially bread and fuse using Witch Craft can be easily done by a talented Plant Mage, it's a profession made just for me. I didn't say it upfront to not affect the image I built but only going the mage route will be a waste for my ‹Bone Manipulation› trait so I will go likely for Mutant Mage practitioner category,'

Kale wasn't sure about going for the Martial Artist route because after being a martial artist for a long time, he knew it was not for him. He became a genius martial artist because of his talent and efforts but he chose the martial path to gain strength and longevity. There he didn't have any other option, but here, he had many.

'I'm still not sure that how much different the Battle Knight category here is from Martial Artist, I failed to cultivate using the technique of my last life so I cannot tell right now. But if somehow, I still followed the martial path then I will take it as a supplementary route instead of the main one this time, the martial path is not for me but martial arts and the effects of Qi are something I do like,' Kale thought.

Kale leisurely smoked until the cigarette was finished, he then threw it into the dustbin. After that he flipped the mattress of his bed, many thick square-shaped plastic pieces of paper were lying there. Kale made a bundle of them, sat on the floor, and picked the one at the top.

'It's been a while since I did it,' Kale pointed his first finger at the sheet, his bone finger suddenly changes shape, it turned into a sharp nail piercing out of his fingertip. The nail was covered in blood that dripped on the paper, Kale didn't waste any more time, he concentrated and started to draw on the paper.

He made a contract.

If a normal person copies and draws a contract then it will be nothing more than a diagram plus some strange symbols, drawn using blood as ink. But the method WitchCraft Practitioner uses to do it only looks the same but is different, they are mysterious and dangerous where a single mistake can take more than just their life.

WitchCraft Practitioners use chants to mobilize their spiritual strength to execute the contract and mental strength to control the contract until it's established. Once the contract is executed the power it wields won't be just from the contractor but the world.

After around ten minutes he finished making the contract, but then he started to draw the same on other papers.

'I'm exhausted,' Kale only stopped after making five contracts, he was sweating profusely. The wound on his finger wasn't that lethal, Riyan as a doctor had several types of medicines in the house that could heal these types of injuries easily.

He didn't do anything else and just rested, until afternoon.

Ding~ Dong~

The main doorbell rang.

Kale wore his sunglasses and rushed to the gate.

A woman was standing at the door. She was wearing a red full-sleeved T-shirt with a Blue-Bird logo on the left chest part, a blue cap, and blue pants. It was the uniform of Blue-Bird Company.

She had an oval face, black eyes, and long brown hair, she had a fit body with her chest, waist, and bottom in balanced proportion.

When she saw Kale approaching she smiled and greeted him "Good afternoon sir, I am from Blue-Bird online shopping service, are you Mr. Kale?

Kale nodded.

The woman then looked back at the man standing near her white delivery van, the man was wearing the same uniform as her, he nodded in response and took out a sealed cardboard box and a cage.

The cage had four brown-furred rabbits inside it. The rabbit looked the same as any normal rabbit except their brown fur.

"I see, then Mr. Kale your order of 2 pair of Common-Grade earth hole rabbits and 3 sets of Common-Grade throwing knives have arrived, please sign here," The woman said as she handed a tablet to him.

Kale signed on the screen using his finger and then handed it back to the woman, he said "What about the other orders?"

"My apologies sir, but those orders are being delivered at the moment and may take quite some time because of the long-distance shipment, they will be delivered to your door before tomorrow night," The woman bowed and said.

"It's fine then, put those two here," Kale asked them to place the cage and box in the garden, the man was willing to deliver them to the mansion but Kale refused.

"Have a good day sir," The woman said politely then left.

Kale then moved the box and the cage to the dining room on the second floor one by one and placed them near the fish tank, he also brought the contract he drew before, in the dining room.

If it was before, he wouldn't have openly bought such things without any worry but now that Riyan had to leave and go to a faraway place for a training course given by GHO to help him in developing his skills, Kale wasn't worried anymore.

Their trip was not of days but years, they might come on vacations, if they got any but it wasn't a problem he needed to worry about right now.

He was sure that he could increase his strength to a better level before they start to doubt him. If the day arrives and they came to know it, he could just make an excuse and if it doesn't work then he could just leave the house and run away.

Kale is grateful to Riyan, Riyan didn't hide anything from him and told everything about his real parents, half a year ago, Kale did want to repay the favour but he had no intention to stop his growth anymore.

Kale first opened the cardboard box, it had three wooden boxes inside it. He picked one wooden box and opened it, ten short knives of the same type were neatly arranged in a row inside the wooden box.

The knives were of silver colour, they had a dual-edges and sharp tip, after a closer look Kale realized that they were made of steel. He picked one of them then opened the cage and took out one rabbit from it.

The rabbit had no strength to resist against him, he pressed the rabbit on the floor, made a small cut on his right arm, dripped the blood on the contract. Kale then dripped his own blood on the contract and pressed his left hand on it while also grabbing the rabbit's little arm.

He then looked at the ornamentals fishes swimming in the aquarium, his right hand moved like lightning, he grabbed a goldfish and pulled it out of water. Kale closed his eyes and his lips moved as he started reciting the chant.

The goldfish shuddered for a few seconds then it became motionless, unexpectedly it wasn't over there, the fish's slippery skin started to turn rough, the fish's body shrank. In just a few seconds, its appearance changed from that of a live fish to a dry fish.

On the other hand, the red lines on the contract started to emit red luster. The red eyes of the rabbit showed fear but it couldn't resist a human who was far stronger than him. In the last three years, toning his body was Kale's most important task, it was nothing suspicious to exercise or do yoga by seeing them on TV.

Normally, for a balanced contract both the parties need to be willing and agree, but how could humans that are known for their creativity and inventions remain satisfied with that? Hence, these slave contracts got created, an unbalanced contract using some loopholes in the main contract. In a slave contract, the one who executes the contract is the master and the other party is the slave, the slave needs to follow the orders given by the master no matter what are they, the orders don't need to be given verbally, they could even be given by just a mere thought, there was no need for verbal words, this was what made the slave contract so terrifying.

But slave contract has its weakness, the higher the spiritual strength and mental strength of the target the harder it would be to force them into the contract. There was another factor... Resistance, if the target resists it would make it difficult for the contract to work, that's why he bought the lowest lifeform level animal for the contract because they meet all the requirement, his soul had been strengthened in the time it healed in all these years which made it easier for him to use slave contract.

The red glow from the contract gave birth to the faint red fog that materialized above the contract and got sucked in by the rabbit's body, in less than a minute all the red lines on the contract disappeared and all the fog that appeared got absorbed by the rabbit.

Kale retracted his hand, and looked deeply at the rabbit, he commanded {Stand up,}

The rabbit's eyes twitched, he looked at Kale in fear then reluctantly exerted the strength in his feet and stood up.

Kale nodded in satisfaction. After the contract was complete, he could feel a faint connection with the rabbit, he could send his thoughts to the slave rabbit, it was somewhat similar to telepathy but had many limitations, for instance, its short range.

Kale didn't stop after forcing a contract on one rabbit, he did the same with the other three rabbits.

After subduing the four rabbits completely, he brought them to the garden around the mansion, the garden was in an empty area between the mansion and the boundary, strictly speaking, it was filled with just grass and some flowers that didn't require much care.

The garden in Riyan's mansion was slightly bigger compared to other mansions around because his mansion occupied lesser space, unlike others, his mansion had octane edges and had a total of four floors leaving a lot of areas empty.

Kale used his knife to draw three squares of the same size, on the grass-filled ground behind the mansion.


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