The mage rushed to Riyan and noticed the corpse of the woman covered in a gel-like substance. She was surprised, she had heard of forced hibernation syringe but didn't know how a young man like the one in front of her had it.

Riyan looked at her coming towards him and quickly instructed her "You are an ice mage right? I want you to freeze her body into an ice statue instantly, do it fast,"

The woman frowned, she didn't like his ordering tone much less his suggestion of freezing a corpse when he had already wasted a life-saving thing on a dead body. There are still alive people around so he could have used it on them but to think he wasted it on a corpse.

She looked at the big belly of the woman and sighed, according to her guess, the young man was close to the victim and is emotionally unstable at the moment.

Riyan understood what she was thinking from her behaviour and briefly told her about the alive baby and the fact that he was a doctor.

The woman was shocked after hearing his words but she still didn't freeze the corpse, this didn't make any sense in her view, how can freezing the dead mother save the barely alive baby? She thought of Riyan as someone who just became a doctor and was overestimating his capabilities, she said "Young man, control yourself. Don't take rash actions the healing team and ambulance will arrive soon you should just wait for no…"

Riyan was angry at her, he didn't speak anymore and took out a white card from his coat and showed it to her.

The card only had three words written on it 'GHO' but these three words utterly shocked the women, Riyan wasn't in a mod to explain anymore, he said "Anything else?"

The woman hastily shook her head and extended her hand towards the corpse. A magic circle appeared in front of her hand and the next second, a layer of ice appeared all over the corpse's body and covered it in a thick layer. For a mage of her level, it was a piece of cake.

After it was done, Riyan sighed in relief 'Now it's all up to you junior, hold on for a little more,'

The mage woman kept looking at Riyan as she thought 'What a talent, he is working for Global Health Organization at such a young age, no wonder he has things like forced hibernation syringe in his hand,'

Riyan noticed the woman staring at him, thinking of something he spoke "The isolation gel formed around her body has completely isolated her from the outside factor that includes temperature but it cannot stop the leakage of heat from places like nostrils, ear holes and other places like that.

Magic ice acts as a repulsive agent for natural heat it doesn't absorb it but rejects it so here, the ice can prevent the heat leakage while the isolation gel will prevent her body from getting cold or her skin wet, it would have been better if you were a wind mage or a healer but it will do for now, as long as the baby doesn't lose any more heat and her blood don't get cold it will increase the chances of the baby's survival, even if it's only by a little,"

The mage woman nodded.

Ashley came while the mage finished freezing the woman, she looked at the mage and asked "What is a summoned beast doing here, going on a rampage, which crazy bastard did it?"

A summoned beast is a spiritual being and cannot exist without a contract, so every single of their actions comes in their contractor or master's responsibility.

The mage woman didn't intend to speak but she noticed Riyan looking at her and answered "A criminal used it to make a commotion and secure an escape route, I can only tell you that much, the rest of the information is highly classified,"

Ashley didn't ask more, she noticed a white-red chopper flying towards them.

Riyan too noticed and got delighted, the chopper landed near them. The siren of the ambulance echoed, soon other road ambulance also arrived. Riyan hurried to the doctors in the chopper telling them about the emergency, at first they were hesitant to focus on the baby as no one expected it to survive but after they saw his GHO's card they obediently followed his orders and brought the frozen corpse to the main city hospital with Riyan and Ashley.


City hospital…

Operation theatre…

The frozen corpse of the woman was lying on the operation table, several machines and life stabilizer were active around her, some professional doctors were acting as assistants doctors by Riyan's side, although they wanted to help but they had one more reasoning behind taking the place of assistant doctors, which was to see Riyan's skills with their own eyes. As for Riyan, he didn't mind it, right now he was more confident in saving the baby's life but just as he was about to operate, the door opened and a white-haired old man barged in.

The old man's whole body was covered in fiber white cloth-like other doctors, his hands were covered in gloves, his mouth by a mask.

He stared at the corpse then at Riyan "Dr. Riyan, I'm Dr. Michael, I was surprised to hear that you are GHO's doctor, it's fortunate that our Kingdom has new generations geniuses such as you, your future is bright and you will undoubtedly have many accomplishments…"

"Get to the point," Riyan interrupted him, he couldn't afford to waste time in useless flattery.

Michael sighed "Dr. Riyan I cannot permit you to operate on a person in my hospital, my hospital cannot take responsibility for a case which is already a forgone conclusion. If I did, then it will affect the reputation of the whole hospital," By the end of the sentence his tone became very low but everyone in the room understood his meaning.

The assistant doctors looked at each other with a hint of disappointment invisible in their eyes. Although disappointed they didn't refuse him, they knew if the child dies then the media will use this chance to degrade their reputation to increase their channel's TRP hence affecting their - doctors' reputation working in the hospital too, as, for Riyan, he is from GHO, he probably won't be targeted that much.

Riyan held back from shouting at Michael, he gritted his teeth and calmly spoke "The child hasn't given up yet so as a doctor, how can you give up so early?"

Michael shook his head "Dr. Riyan I know what you mean, I have been a doctor all my life, let's see it the other way," He spoke in a firm tone "You know we need to follow the protocols we cannot do an operation without the victim's relative permission, we cannot take such responsibility. If this child was a relative of yours then you could have done it but without that, even you cannot take his responsibility,"

Riyan clenched his fist, he tried to find a solution but couldn't think of one, suddenly his eyes shined, he called Ashley inside.

Ashley walked in "What happened?" She asked after sensing the strange atmosphere in the surrounding.

Riyan took a deep breath and said "Tell me something, according to the law if someone, a single person wants to adopt a young child without any guardian, then it can work, right?"

Ashley nodded and said "It is possible, as long as that person has enough financial assets to support the life of the child they can but it will be one-sided adoption until the child is 18 years old. After becoming 18 years old the child will have the right to inherit its real parent's inheritance if it has any or can make the adoption permanent or both depending on its choice,"

Michael stared at Riyan with wide eyes, he understood where it was going.

Riyan nodded, he took out his phone opened the video recorder, started recording, and said "Good, I will be adopting this child, complete the procedure Ashley, from now on whatever happens to it will be my responsibility. Dr. Michael and his hospital has nothing to do with it," He stopped recording and gave his phone to Dr. Michael who was still in shock from what happened just now.

All the doctors looked at him in shock and reverence, they weren't sure if they could go so far for someone else's child who wasn't even their relative.

Ashley was flabbergasted, but before she could even speak more Riyan pushed her outside and closed the door.

The operation started. Riyan's eyes again turned pearl white, as soon as he displayed his skill, everyone in the room gasped in shock.

They weren't sure if it was because of his mutant abilities or he was an old monster wearing the skin of a youngling.

His hands were moving in a predefined way, he never needed to back off or worrying about any mistake. The operation of saving an unborn baby from a dead mother was a very rare case but after seeing how he was working, the doctors can't help but think if he had already done it several times.

An hour passed, during this whole time there was no change in Riyans's expression, he was like a machine that was moving according to preinstalled programs and software.

The operation ended successfully, the baby was out, but Riyan was frowning, he looked at the pulse monitor, it was showing the unstable low pulse which was further going down.

It was a boy.

The baby was alive and didn't have any visible injury but it seems like his body was not developed enough from inside, the worst part was they couldn't operate on a baby like that.

Riyan started thinking, trying to find a solution.

A middle-aged man acting as the assistant doctor noticed his anxious expression and sighed "Don't get disappointed, you have done your best young man now it's all up to this child,"

Riyan shook his head "No, there should still be…" Suddenly a ray of light flashed in his eyes "Wait, there is a way, Dr. Len I want a Generation - 7 Mutagen Injector together with a glass tub, distilled warm water, and several cotton towels,"

The doctors were shocked by his words, but the one who asked still followed the orders.

The doctor on his right couldn't help but ask "Dr. Riyan I understand that if the child becomes a mutant his immune system, neuro system… overall capabilities would be enhanced by a notch and his survival chances would increase but Generation - 7 Mutagen Injector was made for the younger generation to develop mutation genes safely but even that version needs the host to be at least 8 years old. If you try to force it on this just-born boy then it might backfire,"

Riyan looked at him then spoke "Wrong, when the Mutagen is injected in a host, there are two main important factors which define its effect. The first is the quantity of Mutagen taken according to the host's age and the second is, the way it is injected,"

By the time he finished speaking, the doctor sent out earlier came back with two assistants behind him carrying the instruments he asked for.

He put the tub on the table, Riyan then filled the tub a little with lukewarm water. After wrapping the newly born baby in the soft towel, he carefully placed him in the tub. The tub wasn't filled much so it was only able to soak the towels.

The other doctor opened the white box brought by the assistant, it had a cylindrical glass tube and an injector that somewhat resembled a gun's structure placed inside. The cylindrical glass tube had a narrow coiling tube inside it, that tube contained a light blue colour liquid locked inside it.

The doctor loaded the cylindrical tube in the injector and gave it to Riyan, he took it then under the shocked gazes of everyone he carefully empties more than half of the mutagen into the water, when only around 1/8 of it was left. Riyan placed the injector's tip on the baby's hand and injected it in one go.

After successfully injecting mutagen in his body he backed off and looked at the monitor showing the baby's current state live with a serious expression.

Although the baby's cries intensified as the mutagen affected his body, his breathing became more stable and his body got more active.

Dr. Len also looked at the screen and finally smiled "Dr. Riyan it's working,"

Riyan slightly nodded but didn't turn and kept looking at the screen.

Soon the baby stopped crying and calmed down, his chest was slowly moving with his breathing, he looked like he was in good sleep.

But everyone's expression turned solemn when they saw the information on the screen.

Riyan tightly clenched his fist then slowly loosened it, he turned to Dr. Lin and said "Move him to the hibernation pod," He said then touched the soft chick of the baby and walked out of the operation theatre.

When Ashley saw him coming out, she came to him but seeing his solemn face she wasn't sure if she should ask anything.

Riyan looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath, exhaled, and said "He was saved but went into… coma,"


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