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Chapter 7 : : Confronting A Rockman


When Riyan looked in front, he saw a big ball of fire resembling a meteor landed around 1 Km in front.


When the meteor landed, it gave of shock waves in all directions. The automobiles crossing the road were thrown in the air.

Just before the shock waves came in contact with them, a transparent colorful barrier appeared around most automobiles as a protective measure to defend them. The barrier reduced the impact of shockwaves to some extent and saved the life of the people inside them but not everyone was so lucky.

The vehicles in the 400-meter range of the meteor-like thing, had it hard, their barriers broke and disappeared as soon as they appeared, and the vehicles got thrown backward. The zebra-striped car was one of those vehicles.

The meteor emitted horrifying heat and created such a big impact when it landed but surprisingly flyover road didn't completely break and only had cracks over it which showed how tough the material used to build it was.

Riyan's car got pushed back, but due to better-inbuilt safety feature and long distance from that thing he was fine, he slammed open the door as soon as the car stopped.

He didn't focus on the meteor but searched for the zebra-striped car, soon his eyes locked onto a car smashed into one of the metal pillars supporting the road.

Fortunately, the car didn't catch any fire and was now pushed back to a safe distance from the meteor.

Riyan just took a step when he discovered that Ashley was grabbing his hand. He first turned to her then followed her line of sight, he frowned.

The burning rock that resembled the meteor, suddenly got cracks all over its body then broke, although it got cracked and broke, its pieces didn't fall on the ground but just changed their position.

The meteor went though a quick transformation and soon it transformed into a humanoid rockman made of burning red rocks, the rockman looked at the sky and gave out a deafening roar.

"A magi- summoned beast?" Riyan said in a solemn tone.

"Most likely, someone is behind it," Ashley said in a grave tone.

Riyan looked at it for a second before he freed his hand from her grip with a jolt and ran towards the zebra-striped car, although he dashed towards it he used the cover of other cars instead of blindly rushing in front of the beast. While passing through vehicles he also checked the condition of peoples inside. The vehicles around this location were far from the beast so most people inside them were not in life-threatening danger, the reason they didn't come out was that they were either unconscious or felt safer inside the vehicles waiting for the help to arrive.

After seeing his actions, Ashley gritted her teeth and followed behind him, she touched the earpiece in her ear and sent a message to Riyan {Don't act carelessly, the protection squad will arrive soon until then keep it low. As a doctor, your life can save a lot of other peoples life so don't waste it,}

Riyan didn't stop, he was only about 40 meters away from the car, his speed, stamina, and strength were above a mortal so running for hundreds of meters without breaking a sweat was a walk in the park for him. He replied while moving {It is exactly because I am a doctor that I cannot let people die when I can save them, I didn't know that man for a long time but he had helped me quite a lot during this short time. If I gave myself the excuse of waiting for the protection squad and later came to know that I could have saved them if I had made a move sooner, then I will regret it, and I don't want to have regrets,}

Ashley sighed, she took off her glasses and stealthily followed him while keeping an eye on the beast.

Riyan was hiding behind a van, he was just twenty meters away from the car, he made a decision and dashed towards it but just as he took a few steps, he felt the burning heat sensation coming from his right. When he turned to look, he saw a big fireball zooming in his vision.

He subconsciously raised his hands to block, he tried to dodge as the heat waves coming at him almost burned his skin when a transparent purple shield appeared in front of him.

The fireball crashed into the shield and disintegrated without leaving behind a single scratch on it, the shield disappeared soon after.

Riyan looked back and saw Ashley raising her hand towards him, her palm was emitting a purple light, she retracted her hand and looked at the Rockman looking at them.

Ashley clenched her teeth and shouted "Go", she then ran towards the Rockman.

Riyan nodded then ran towards the car without any delay.

Ashley took out a black pistol from her coat then fired three times at the Rockman while running towards it.

The barrel of the pistol flickered three times with crimson light as three bullets made their way towards the Rockman.

..Bang… x 3

On collision, three big holes appeared on the Rockman's shoulder area but molten lava covered the holes and the damage was restored as soon as it was inflicted. The Rockman gave an angry howl and took long steps, making his way towards her.

'I hate summoned beasts,' Ashley thought, she then jumped in the air, unlike a normal human she rose more than four meters in the air in a single jump, just when she was at the highest point and was about to fall, she kicked the air. When she kicked, a small circular purple shield appeared in mid-air, just behind her foot, using the shield as a stepping stone she jumped again.

Several small shields like that kept appearing around her and she used them as stepping stones to run in the air. Ashley used her right hand to keep firing at the Rockman, she reached out her other hand to her waist and unbuckled her white belt, she jolted it, the belt became straight and turned into a sharp dual-edged sword emitting a purple light similar to her shields.

Just when she was a few meters away from the beast, she joined her two legs together and used a single shield to step on, Ashley bent her knees and squeezed out all the strength in her slender legs as she leaped at the Rockman.

The Rockman shouted in anger, he made a fist and punched at her.

The Rockman was big, tough, strong, and heavy but because of all that he was slower, Ashley waved her sword and passed by its side, she dodged his fist due to her nimble movements.


The Rockman looked at its arm and saw its fist missing, it screamed and attacked again.

Ashley just passed by its side and had yet to turn around when she felt an extreme crisis coming at her, she mobilized her power and a spherical purple shield covered her whole body.

She then turned and saw the Rockman spurting out lava at her from its mouth. The sizzling hot lava and struck her shield, the stream of lava coming out from its mouth was like an eruption of a volcano. It carried an unstoppable force that threw her back completely ignoring her resistance.

Fortunately, her shield was resilient enough to defend against it. The spherical shield was being pushed back and rolled like a ball without breaks.

Just then, Ashley saw the blurred shadow of an object flying past her, the object flew towards the Rockman.

The object got divided into two parts on its way, both parts were connected by a thin light rope. The left part flew past the Rockman from the left side and the right part from the right side, because of the rope they swirl around it and bind the Rockman in a few seconds.

Ashley looked back and saw a humanoid figure covered in a black metallic suit flying behind her, the suit had boosters embedded in it, letting him fly with the power of science.

The Rockman howled and tried to break free its hands but failed to break the rope.

Suddenly, it looked up and saw the silhouette of a big man with a giant hammer in his hands zooming in towards it, the Rockman opened its mouth intending to shoot lava again.

"No, you won't," A voice came from behind him. Just after the voice came, several magic circle with an appearance similar to a complex circular diagram appeared around it, a chain made of ice came out of each magic circle and bind his mouth, neck shoulder, making it impossible for the Rockman to even open its mouth.

Ashley looked at the source of the voice.

A woman in a black cloak was standing on a floating board similar to a surfing board in appearance, the woman was covering half of her face with the hood so it was hard to make out her appearance. At the moment she was extending her hand towards the Rockman, two magic circles of blue and white colour were present in front of her palm in a line with the latter being a little bigger than the former.

The man attacking the Rockman from above descended as he waved his giant hammer and struck its head.


A booming sound came when the attack landed, the head of the Rockman got crushed into its neck, the Rockman stopped moving and fell to the ground, its body crumbled into stones and the humanoid shape was nowhere to be seen.

Ashley then saw the looks of the man, he was a big bald man, he had a robust body full of tightly packed muscles, after killing the beast he went to the crashed vehicle to check for survivors.

Ashley was just about to head back to Riyan when she heard him shouting towards her.

"Hey, You Mage Woman Come Here Fast," Riyan shouted, after hearing his words Ashley realized that he was calling the mage not her.

The woman standing on the flying board looked at him, she was about to ignore him when she saw his almost white glass-like pupils, she changed her mind and headed to him.

A few moments earlier…..

Riyan nodded then ran towards the car without any delay.

When he arrived near the car, he saw blood coming out from the edge of the door, he looked inside and saw the bloody state of both the man and the woman.

He noticed the man was holding a small glass bottle with a few drops of red liquid inside it, he then looked at the few drops of red liquid around the lips of the woman, he didn't sense any life signature from both of them he sighed.

From the situation alone, Riyan could guess that the bearded man had the health potion, he should be alive after the accident but after taking out the potion he didn't use it himself but poured it into the mouth of his dead wife in hope of saving her but she was already dead and due to the heavy injuries he too died.

Riyan felt sad but he had his emotions in check, he was a doctor so seeing dead people or cases where people lost their loved ones in front of him wasn't a rare case, he rubbed his temples, just when he was about to turn around he abruptly stopped.

Riyan looked at the woman then at her outward stretched belly in shock. In the next second, he mobilized his power and his pupils turned pearl white, he intently stared at her belly like he could see everything inside.

"Incredible!" Riyan muttered subconsciously, he didn't delay and took out a thin cylindrical tube with metallic rings on both sides, he removed the cork on both sides.

One of its sides had three holes while the other had a piston-like button, Riyan carefully dragged out the woman from the car, tore a part of her dress at the stomach, he then pushed the three-hole side of the tube at her belly and pressed the piston on another side.

Three needles came out of those holes and penetrated her skin, it injected the liquid inside the syringe into her body then retracted back. Riyan then threw the empty tube on the side and anxiously observed.

Soon he noticed the skin on her whole body emitted a jelly-like substance and coated her whole body in a few seconds.

'No, this alone might not be enough, I need better insurance,' Riyan thought, then he looked in the direction of Rockman and saw the mage using an ice-related spell.


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