Lancer then raised his hand, the muscles around his hand tightened and sharp nails grew out of his fingers. In the next second, he slashed the throat of the man below his feet.

The man didn't resist or responded, the blood flew out and splashed on Lancer's body, the pattern on his body shined and absorbed all that blood like it was a sponge, the unconscious man soon stopped breathing. Lancer didn't stop to check his situation and started to through-ly kill all the other men in a coma lying in the heap.

With every kill, the pain he was feeling increased, the inhumane pain he felt was enough to make many people crazy, it was the sheer will that kept him going. After killing the last one, Lancer looked at the cloudy sky with bloodshot eyes and roared "Ahhhahahhahh….."

The pain he was feeling at the moment could easily make even a veteran martial artist go through a mental breakdown but Lancer's will was very strong from the start, it got further tempered during his time as a martial artist.

Amon looked at the screaming Lancer and smiled, he said "There Are Only Four Minutes Left,"

Lancer didn't look at him, he kept chanting the mantra in his mind. He stopped screaming and greeted his teeth as he focused on controlling the energy supplied to his whole body, to not let it break before finishing the ritual.

Time passed… One minute… Two minutes… Three minutes…

Amon looked intently at Lancer, he said while laughing "There Are Twenty Seconds Left,"

At the moment, Lancer's body had swelled to a point where he was simply unrecognizable, his muscles were swelled because of exceeding energy making them look like someone blew air in them.

Lancer's breathing was very slow, he was barely conscious. He was looking like a human-shaped balloon.

'A little more… A little more... I can achieve my dream and I can live… As an undead at least,' He kept muttering to himself as he pushed his limits a little further with every second.

Amon laughed as he counted until the end "Tch Tch… Look Like You Failed In Whatever Your Were Trying To Do, 3, 2, 1, And Good Bye Lancer, Hahaha…."

The second the countdown ended, the glow of life from Lancer's eyes disappeared, his body fell to the ground and became motionless, soon it started to shrink like a deflated balloon until his body was thin beyond recognizable.

Amon didn't leave even after Lancer's arms and legs' width were only a little thicker than his bones, suddenly he slightly frowned.

If a human would look at the Lancer's dead body they would see nothing but Amon was a devil, he saw an illusory expressionless figure coming out of his dead body, but the strange part was that the illusory figure had a pattern similar to the one Lancer had on his body because of the contract related to modified ‹Undead Being Revival Ritual›, furthermore, the illusory figure was bounded by the blood-red chains to the boney body.

Amon slightly frowned 'This Is… His Soul Is Under Some Seal?'

It seems like the illusory figure was pulled towards the sky by an invisible force but the chains were stopping it, the comparison didn't last long, the ends of the chain slid out from the physical body and flew in the sky with the illusory figure, the other ends of the chain were incompletely merged with the illusory figure so they couldn't be left behind.

Seeing this situation, Amon was surprised then sneered 'What Strange Phenomenon That Man Caused But A Mortal's Soul Cannot Withstand The Aura Of A Devil, He Has Courted Eternal Death Himself, His Soul Would Shatter Any Minute Now,'

The illusory figure kept flying higher and higher in the sky, as it flew higher it shrunk in size while becoming more distinct and less illusory,

When it was near the clouds, the void rippled and a crack appeared, letting the illusory figure enter then it closed.

Amon had a look of surprise in his eyes as he looked at the closing crack 'Interesting, Looks Like I Underestimated His Soul And Will But Ascending With An Aura Resembling A Devil? Once He Reaches The Other Side, It's The End Of The Road For Him, He Will Gain Eternal Death Because Of His Foolishness. Whatever, I Need To Meet The Other Contractors Hehehe…'

The two curved diamond-like eyes disappeared from the black fog, and fog disintegrated soon after, the gloomy atmosphere was nowhere to be seen and everything became normal again.


'This… where am I? Why is it… so dark?' Lancer's consciousness at the moment was like a thin ice slab near the fire that can melt anytime.

He didn't seem to have eyes but he could barely make out the image of his surroundings. He felt like he was constantly moving inside a dark tunnel, he tried to see further and saw the small opening of the cave in distance.

'That's the… exit? It feels familiar… like the time I died on earth, is it the same? Can I make… again? Yes… I can do it, that time, I didn't... see the other side… the tunnel, this… time, I will... see it,' Lancer forced himself to remain awake and keep his slight consciousness.

Under his sheer will force, he arrived at the exit of the tunnel and crossed it, the dazzling light blinded him for a moment before the scene in front came into his view.

The area in front was made of pure white cloud-like thing, it was like a gigantic circular field, myriad tunnels were present in the curved cloudy wall all around, countless transparent light spheres of different sizes were flowing out of or going in those tunnels. When Lancer looked up he saw a gigantic opening above but it was covered by a light white curtain, the light falling from the curtain gave him spiritual comfort, he could even hear a melodies soothing voice coming from above, he subconsciously tried to fly above but failed to do so, he felt he was too heavy for going there. He noticed that from the countless light sphere only a few were able to go past that light curtain.

Suddenly he felt the illusory chains on him becoming heavy trying to drag him down, when he looked down, he saw a pitch-black bottomless hole that gave him a very bad feeling, he didn't know if it was his illusion but he could hear the painful screams and cries coming from that abyssal hole.

'No, it's dragging me… down, if I don't.. anything, I will fall in it, I don't want to.. fall,' Lancer was barely conscious, he was feeling that everything would be fine if he sleeps now, he would be able to enter a sweet warm dream but his instincts told him that it wasn't true if he gave up then everything would be over once and for all.

Suddenly he got an idea, he tried to go and grab onto to a flying light sphere to save himself from falling, but the second he got near a sphere the light coming from them repelled him. He tried to attach himself in all kinds of spheres but failed.

His consciousness was already getting blurry, just at that time, he noticed a big pure white transparent sphere passing by his side. Unlike other spheres it's outer transparent light shell was covered in cracks, he also saw two more spheres with cracks on their light shell before but they were too far away from him to approach with his current strength and were smaller, he didn't think more and leaped on this big sphere,

Lancer couldn't feel his hands or legs, his consciousness wasn't strong enough to think about these things either, he was only focusing on his survival, when he leaped over the light sphere, the sphere showed repulsion like other spheres but it was far weaker than them maybe because it was overly damaged. After keep trying for a while he succeeded in landing above the sphere, the second he landed he discovered that the repulsion force disappeared and got replaced by the suction force.

Before he knew it he was sucked into the sphere, the unknown energy inside the sphere gave him a warm feeling, the warm feeling finally pushed him a little and his consciousness faded, embracing him into a good long sleep he was looking for.

After he went into a deep slumber, the slight cracks on the sphere healed under the effect of the rays falling from the white curtain above. The sphere then soon entered a tunnel and disappeared in its dark interior to reach the other end.


An unknown time later…

Unknown territory…..

The tall buildings with reflective glass surfaces were firmly standing in rows, some flying drones occasionally flew between these buildings. A big intercross highway was present in the middle, there were a few underground crossings below it but it also had several bridges above it.

The city was highly similar to the most developed cities on earth, that is if one could ignore something, like the blue-purple birds flying in the sky while leaving behind a trail of glittering light particles, a few humans who were flying in the sky at limited height, they either had illusory green wings behind them or a pair of feathery wings similar to birds.

A blue car similar to Lamborghini in appearance was dashing on one of the bridges above the highway, it was followed by another car with zebra-like white-black stripes all over it, the card looked more of a sports-type than racing ones.

Inside the blue car.

A young man who looked like he just entered college was sitting in the driver's seat. He had short black hairs, slant eyes, pinkish lips, and well physique, his white coat added to his appearance.

The seat beside him was occupied by a girl, she had beautiful brown eyes, a slim figure and porcelain skin, she wore glasses and her hair was tied in a knot, the black coat and tight black jeans made her look like a role model for a young secretory.

At the moment, she was browsing through the tablet in her hand. She closed the tablet then looked at the man beside her who was continuously accelerating the car.

"Doc. we have an hour until the meeting, there is no need to speed up anymore, it will be a hassle if we got caught up in traffic rule-breaking matters," The woman adjusted her glasses and said.

The man smiled "Ashley x3," He repeated her name three times in a teasing tone and said "How do you manage to live with that boring attitude every day? Don't put your figure to waste, learn to enjoy things,"

Ashley shook her head "I didn't sign for that," She looked at the speedometer which was showing the speed at 200+ Km/Hr and persuaded "We might be able to survive injuries from an accident in current situations but it won't be easy for a mortal,"

The man looked at her for a second before sighing "Yeah, I got it now don't give me that cold look," He removed his foot from the accelerator and the speed of the car significantly dropped.

After the speed of the blue car dropped, the zebra-striped car caught up to them, the driver of that car didn't overtake them but matched their speed and drove his car parallel to them.

The middle-aged man in the driver seat touched his bear with his left hand and smirked at him "Hey Riyan, it's unusual to see you give up like that" He then looked at the woman sitting beside him and said "See baby, your hubby is the best, Let Junior witness his father's glory hehe,"

The woman was an embodiment of beauty, she had long silvery-white hair and a slightly dark complexion, her tummy was sticking out showing that she was pregnant and wasn't too far from the delivery.

She gently rubbed her stomach then smiled at the man "Junior kicked just now,"

The man laughed and said "Hahaha… See my kid likes speed too,"

Riyan bitterly laughed and said "Hey man, have some restraint, for now, slow down it can be dangerous for the baby if something happened,"

The man looked at him with a serious expression then again burst into laughter "Are you in your doctor mode again? I know these streets like the back of my hand, I have driven a car on these streets at 300 Km/Hr while being drunk. Mr. Mutant Doctor don't underestimate us, mortals,"

He said as he changed the gear and the car overtook them.

Seeing them like that Ashley also spoke "Sir, it's better to slow down for now. It won't hurt to be a little more careful especially when your wife is in the last month of delivery,"

Although the man heard her words but he didn't respond and speed up.

Riyan smiled and comforted her "He is a racer by profession, he loves speed more than anything. He won't listen to anyone except his wife, if she didn't peruse him then our speaking more would just annoy him,"

Riyan said then he noticed that she wasn't looking at him but in front with wide eyes.

"Apply Breaks!" Ashley shouted.

Ryan's body quickly moved, he applied breaks before he even turned to look in front.


The friction between tires and the road gave off an ear-piercing sound. Riyan ignored it and looked in front, his eyes got wide in shock.


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