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Chapter 5 : : ‹Undead Being Revival Ritual›


There was even a time, he wanted to settle down and have a family that will care about him but when he thought that he would die if he stopped, he quickly denied that thought.

The all-time fear of death affected his personality, at one point in life, his fear of death began to fade, he did whatever he liked without any restraint, if he wanted to kill someone he would kill, if he wanted to save them, without worrying about the consequence.

He developed an 'act according to the mood' personality in the view of others.

There was a time when he stopped in a small mortal village during his travel, he was lowkey so the villager considered him a fellow mortal, they treated him very well without asking for money, they gave him shelter and food.

This gave him a nostalgic feeling, reminding him of the past and he liked it.

The next day, he heard some people crying, when he asked the reason from the old village head, he came to knew that there was a reason why the villages around had less young ones, it was because these villages were present between the borders of the two enemy kingdoms, the population wasn't low because the people got killed in the crossfire but because their people would be forcibly taken by the soldiers to became cannon fodders and playthings. Those people were crying because their family members were taken just now.

As a result, Lancer's mood worsened, his next actions became the reason as to why he came to be known as Demonic Angel, An Angel who saved a village by slaughtering two Kingdom's politicians like A Demon.

This incident made the higher-ups of all the neighboring kingdoms feel cold in their back, they hurriedly announced to their public that they never did such things as kidnap people from other villages so that the Demonic Angel doesn't come looking for them to settle the account.

Lancer also had other nicknames like Aristocrat Slayer, Fake Demon, Crazy Angel but the name Demonic Angel was loud enough to press down all of them.

At present…

"A Contract? Haha… What Do You Even Have To Trade? You Have Few Minutes To Live Anyway…" Amon looked at him with mockery filled eyes.

Lancer solemnly looked at the hideous creature hiding in the shadows and spoke "Don't be in such a hurry I haven't died yet, I want to make a contract with you. I want to use the Devil's power, the same power you used when establishing the contract between us,"

Amon stared at Lancer for a while before he started laughing like a maniac.

"Hahaha… Did You Lose Your Mind With Your Half Lifespan? You, A Human Wants To Wield The Power Of A Devil? Even If You Had Ten Lives, It Was Still Not Enough To Exchange For This Request," Amon said.

Lancer didn't look surprised, he expected this outcome.

"Indeed, in normal circumstances, even ten lives wouldn't be enough to exchange for it. But the situation is not normal, I want to wield that power until the end of my life, and I have only a few minutes to live," Lancer said calmly.

Amon was quiet for a while then spoke "Time Has Taught You A Lot Of Things, So What Can You Give In Exchange? I Have Already Taken The Thing That Was Most Precious To You, You Don't Have Anything More Precious In Your Heart Than Your Lifespan And You Have Already Given It To Me So What Do You Want To Exchange For?"

In normal cases, a devil desires the things, his contractor loves the most, they feed on the negative emotions, the price of the contract doesn't matter that much to them.

Lancer spoke without any change in his emotions "I might not have anything on my body that you would like but… I can tell you the names of two Martial Ancestors and three Martial Venerable who would love to make contract with a devil if given a chance,"

Few strong WitchCraft Practitioner has ways to summon the devil but normal people don't. In those cases, the devil slowly finds a weak-willed contractor who is filled with jealously and hatred as their target but even the devil has their weakness, they cannot walk freely in the real world, they cannot be present under the sun, they hide in shadows. Rumors says that darkness is the link that connects hell to the real world and gives these devils a chance to temporarily enter the real world and find their target, a contract is like a location giver that can call a devil to the contractor's location.

The Devil narrowed his eyes "You Want To Kill With A Borrowed Knife?"

Lancer sneered "Indeed, I do. So? you don't want to make a contract?"

The Devil laughed "Who Said I Don't? You Already Know The Process So Follow Along,"

Lancer nodded. He knew that Amon would agree, without a contract, it is not easy for a devil to walk in daylight and find targets to increase their strength and bask in the pleasure of negativity so if he knows about the people who are in despair, filled with hatred and jealousy towards others then it would be easy for them to find new targets. The deal is very appealing but if Lancer wasn't dying in just a few minutes he wouldn't have agreed to it no matter the way, it's not only about if he wants to or not but the thing is, a human cannot control their power with them, his presence is needed for Lance to use it.

Suddenly a red wave of energy came out from the black fog surrounding the devil, it then turned into several red lines, and soon a complex circular pattern was made and hovered in the midair.

Lancer stood in front of Amon then made a small cut on his wrist, he stopped the wound from healing and let some of his blood flow out, the few drops of blood flow towards the pattern in mid-air and merged into it.

"I Lancer Kyros, wish to form a contract with you, in exchange for the names of two Martial Ancestor and three Martial Venerable who are good targets for a devil, I want to wield your power until my end," Lancer said.

Amon's eyes glowed in a scarlet colour as he spoke "I, In The Name Of Amon, One Of The Rulers Of ####, Herby Grant You Your Wish,'

Lancer didn't understand a few of the words in the middle of the sentence but he wasn't surprised, from what he knew those words were taboo for a mortal to know so they couldn't understand it, he was a Martial Venerable in others' eyes but in front of a presence like Amon he was still regarded as a mortal.

The second Amon said this, Lancer told him the names of the five Martial Artists he promised him "The Emperor of Silver Phoenix Empire, Empress Dongfeng of Silver Phoenix Empire, The Young Sect Leader Of Lightning Eagle Sect, The Guardian Elder Of…"

At this time, Lancer couldn't speak a lie or the contract would break, and as a penalty, his soul would be snatched by the devil. the second he finished speaking, the pattern hovering between them burst out in dazzling red light and disappeared.

Amon's eyes stopped glowing, he then spoke "The Contract Is Valid From Now On, You Only Have 6 Minutes Left, Enjoy While You Can Hahaha…'

Red energy came out from the black fog and started to swirl around Lancer's body, he raised his hand and a stream of energy obediently swirled between his fingers like flowing water, Lancer wasn't surprised that it was so easy to control it, he clearly knew that it was because of the devil in front of him that it was so easy to control it.

Lancer then smirked towards the devil staring at him and started to tear off all his clothes.

The Demon didn't say anything even after seeing the inhumane condition on his chest that was covered in root-like veins. In just a few seconds, Lancer was standing butt naked in front of Amon.

Amon looked at him from head to toe then locked his eyes on Lancer' eyes, and said "Nice Try, But I Have No Interest In Humans, Much Less Males,"

Lancer's lips twitched.

He ignored the devil who was trying to waste his time and focused on his work, Lancer cut his wrist again but this time the cut was deeper. He then left the blood fall on his body as he chanted a mantra in his mind.

Suddenly, the blood that fell on his body was absorbed by his skin and several tattoo-like patterns made of bloody lines appeared all over his body, in just a few second, his whole body was covered in red tattoos.

Seeing him like that, Amon first widened his eyes showing the unusual slight shock then laughed "Hahahaha… You Crazy Human! You Wrote A Contract On Your Own Body, Did The Fear Of Death Finally Made You Insane? You Intend To Trigger A Contract On Your Body Especially By Using A Devil's Power, Do You Not Want To Live Even For Six Minutes Now?"

Lancer ignored his words and let the contract cover his whole body, he looked like he wasn't feeling anything but at the moment he was feeling the same pain one would feel when a sizzling hot iron net is used to cover their whole body.

He got on his knees and took out three test tubes like glass flasks from a hidden pocket of his pants lying on the corpses, he then removed one tube's cap, opened the mouth of a corpse using his free hand, and dropped one drop of the green liquid in the tube into his mouth.

He then skillfully repeated the same thing with other corpses. Just when he was doing it with the fifth corpse something unexpected happened, the chest of the first corpse he feed the liquid trembled then it moved in up and down motion showing that he was breathing.

The same thing started to happen with other corpses, they all started to breathe one by one but no one woke up.

Amon observes the situation for a while then spoke "Look Like Your Skill With Plants Have Increased Significantly All These Years, Sending Enemies Into Fake Death State To Later Use Them As Sacrifices. Oh, So That's How It Was, With Your Mortal's Strength You Can Only Make The Contract Of Sacrificing Around Three Humans Of Same Strength At Most, So You Borrowed My Power To Use It As A Catalyst To Make A Big Contract And Sacrifice Way More Than Your Limit While Also Utilizing Their Full Value.

Tch Tch Tch… What A Deceptive Human, Let Me See What Is This Trick, For Which You Are Taking Such A Risk. There Are Only 5 Minutes Left Mortal Hahaha…."

Devils couldn't see through all the memories of a person, the stronger their will is, the harder it would become to see through them, this is why they target weak willed people.

Lancer didn't care that his plan was revealed, once the contract is made even the devil can do nothing but watch, if Amon knew about his plan then he might not have agreed and in case he agreed, the price Lancer needs to pay would be significantly increased.

After Lancer had fed medicine to all the people lying on the ground, he climbed at the peak of the bodies.

'I improvised the ‹Undead Being Revival Ritual› I obtained from Devil Sovereign all these years, I even thought of transforming the contract and draw it on the body itself to increase its effectiveness, I used the devil's power instead of Qi now if I can't succeed even after doing all these things then this is as far as I can go… I guess,' Lancer took a deep breath and prepared himself.

He tapped his chest and started a chant, while doing that he controlled the red energy and guided it into the ‹Undying Flesh Seed› on his chest, he had turned the seed into the contract's node. The red energy drilled into the emerald greed seed and soon its colour changed from emerald green to crimson red.

The red energy was then further transferred to all parts of his body which caused him immense pain but Lancer greeted his teeth and hanged on. When all the muscles on his body swelled and turned into a shade of red, the red line patterns all over his body glowed.

Lancer then raised his hand, the muscles around his hand tightened and sharp nails grew out of his fingers. In the next second, he slashed the throat of the man below his feet.


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