The two Martial Great Grand Masters and the short man was surprised when they saw that he didn't even have a single scar on his face or any deformity. The person known as Demonic Angel was a big mystery to anyone, almost everyone knew his name on all five continents but no one knew anything about his appearance.

There were rumors that Demonic Angel always hides his face so people believed that he suffered from face deformity and didn't like to show his face but now that they saw it with their own eyes they realized that this wasn't the case at all.

As they stared at him, the man also stared at them with a smirk on his face, he seemed like he was looking at monkeys in the zoo.

The woman behind the short man tapped on his shoulder, he snapped out of his daze and shouted at him again.

"Demonic Angel! You are taking us as fools… Looks like you don't believe my words Demonic Angel or should I saw Lancer Kayros…" The short man extended his words by the end of the sentence while observing the purple-robed man's expression to see any change but was disappointed to see only his calm expression, and continued "Lancer Kayros, the youngest prince, the 9th prince of late Red Tiger Kingdom when it was still under the rule of Royal Kayros Family, the genius who was born with high intellectual abilities but was later regarded as a failure for not having the suitable body for cultivation.

Although you weren't suited for cultivation, you invested time in learning about herbs and practiced the art of herb cultivation to become a successful Herbalist, later your efforts paid off and you became the most famous Herbalist throughout the land. At the time of your success, Lagvania Family rebelled and overthrew the rule of Kayros Family overnight, becoming the new ruler but to do so they schemed against a certain famous Herbalist, the plague they used to throw the kingdom into chaos during rebellions was blamed on you, isn't it Lancer!"

After the short man finished speaking he looked at Lancer again, who was looking back at him in amusement. The short man was furious, he gritted his teeth and continued.

"With the help of remaining forces of Kayros Royal Family, you managed to escape, Lagvania Family didn't put much effort in chasing you because you didn't have the talent for cultivation but… a decade later, a WitchCraft Practitioner appeared in the Red Tiger Kingdom, that vile practitioner brought a plague with him that became the reason for the downfall of the whole royal and all noble families of the Red Tiger Kingdom in a single night.

I know! That Witch Craft Practitioner was you, Lancer, later you were somehow able to become a Martial Artist who rose in fame rapidly in the last hundred years with the name… Demonic Angel, a twisted psycho who could do anything depending on his mood, a Demon who claims to have principles by completing all contracts fairly…" When the short man spoke that much, he sensed the purple-robed man's eyes becoming cold and abruptly stopped for a moment before continuing.

"I know how you obtained the talent for cultivation, it was because of your Undying Body Art right? I say again, as long as you hand over the Undying Body Art, I will spare you. You should be already tired by now, right now you cannot fight two experts of the same stage alone. Hehehe... And if you are thinking that your undying body can save you then think again…" The short man coolly sneered and signaled the old man with his eyes.

The old man nodded. He took out a long silver dagger hidden in his robe, the dagger looked like it was made of pure silver, and pearl white crystal was embedded in its handle, its sharp edge was emitting a chilling cold aura that could freeze the hands of a mortal on mere touch.

"Demonic Angel, Crown Prince has got the permission of Emperor to use the Cold Meteor Dagger. This old man had once admired you and your fame, if you accept defeat and hand over the Undying Body Art then I won't embarrass you too much," The old man said in a hoarse voice.

"Lancer, Miss Lan has already told us that Cold Attribute weapons are the biggest weakness of your Undying Body," The short man laughed.

Lancer's slightly frowned and looked at the woman hiding behind him.

"Boss, don't blame me for this, being a Vice General in Red Hand Legion is nothing compared to serving the future Emperor. It's better for you to surrender to Crown Prince and join us, you have served as a General in Red Hand Legion for so long, what have they given you? Someone like you should serve the future Emperor, you will have a great future ahead with no fear of anyone," The woman said hesitantly yet coquettishly.

The purple-robed man deeply sighed then finally spoke.

"Tell me something, you want my Undying Body Art right?" The man said in a calm but cold tone.

The short man quickly nodded, with surprise-filled eyes.

'Did he agree? Yes, once I have Undying Body Art it can make up for my talent, Second Brother won't be a hindrance anymore as for this Demonic Angel, he is a danger, this damn lecher is not only eyeing my Miss Lan but can also spread Undying Body Art to others, I can't let someone else have it.

I will find a way to kill him later wait… I can still use his strength to easily become the Emperor at that time I will be able to order the Royal Assassination Force and can use them to finish him off at the same night when he is least expecting it,' Several thoughts appeared in his head all of a sudden but then he saw Lancer sneering at him.

Lancer stood up from the corpse throne and walked towards them.

"If You Want My Undying Body Art Then Why're You Spouting So Much Nonsense? Come And Take It," Demonic Anger shouted as he dashed towards them.

"Protect the prince," The old man shouted. He leaped forward to intercept Lancer. He raised the silver dagger in his hand and slashed at the incoming enemy.

Unexpectedly, Lancer didn't dodge and let him slashed at his shoulder.


The second the slash succeeded, the old man felt his dagger cutting the enemy's hard skin and was delighted but his joy was short-lived, he noticed that although the red flesh was visible in his body, not a single drop of blood came out, moreover before he even finished his swing, he saw the root-like veins grew from his flesh and sewed it, instantly healing the wound in a flash.

The old man was horrified, he raised his head to look up and saw the Lancer who was smiling at him like a devil.

Lancer raised his hand and clenched a fist. The old man had no time to retreat so he hastily crossed his hand in front of his chest while still holding the dagger to defend, but in the next moment, he sensed the rising red aura of the man in front of him and was dumbfounded.

"You're… Martial... Venerable!" The Old man shouted in horror but it was too late to regret.

Lancer swung his fist diagonally at lightning speed, he didn't target the head but… neck.


The old man had no way to resist against a Martial Venerable, the second the fist struck his neck, his death was certain, the force threw him several meters away, making him crash into the tree. After breaking two trees in the process, the old man's dead body touched the ground never to rise again.

Demonic Angel then looked at the old woman.

The old woman noticed it and snapped out of the shock, she didn't think about fighting anymore, she was fully aware of the result of fighting a Martial Venerable.

'Fighting is useless, it's important to save the prince's life, I need to escape with him… Hu?' The old woman made her decision in an instant. She decided to escape but just at this time she felt cold in her chest, when she looked down she found out a big needle-like weapon coming out of her chest, the weapon didn't look much dangerous but the blood coming out of the wound had turned dark black showing the lethality of the poison it carried.

"Whaa..t Miss...Lan, What're you,… You Traitoorr!!" The short man shouted in panic.

The old woman lost all the strength in her body, she only heard the shocked voice of the short man before going into eternal sleep.

The woman retracted her needle from the dead body before she looked at the Demonic Angel and smiled.

"Mission Complete, Leader!" She said as she lazily stood up.

Lancer didn't pay any heed to her words and stared at the short man.

The short man's eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the woman holding the black needle.

"Lan! You Slut, You Betrayed Me For A Damn Gener…Ahhhh" The short man shouted with the top of his lungs. But before he could complete a sentence, a black knife flew by his head, slicing off his left ear.

The short man screamed in pain as he looked at Lancer in fear.

The woman smiled at him then walked beside Lancer, she then leaned on his shoulder as she looked playfully at the short man.

"Idiot! Do you only think of using that thing between your legs? you still don't get it? I am the General here, as for him, hehe Ta~ Da~ presenting the one and only founder of Red Hand Legion and my only boss, Demonic Angel," As the woman spoke, the aura around her body surged from Martial Grand Master and became one that of Martial Great Grand Master.

The short man's pupils shrank to the size of a pea, his thought process wasn't able to keep up with the development in front of him.

At this time, Lancer turned towards the lush purple trees and slightly smiled.

"Took you long enough," He said.

When the other two heard this, they turned to look but there was nothing there.
Suddenly a figure hidden in the branches jumped out and showed himself.

It was a man, the man was quite handsome, he had long and black hair, his deep black eyes carried an invisible charm that attracted others towards him, he was around the same height as Lancer, but his body was somewhat bulky, he looked like the type who would fight at the front line, his body was emitting the aura of Martial Great Grand Master.

When the short man saw him, his eyes shined it was like he had seen hope.

"Second Brother! Second Brother! Help, these scoundrels killed Third General and Fourth General, He is Martial Venerable Brother. Quickly call for Rienforcme…." The short man dashed towards the long-haired while shouting but just when he was close enough, the long-haired man moved and kicked his chest.

…Kha... Cha... Pu Tong…

The short man's body flew back like a broken kite, when he landed, his ribs were already broken. He looked at the men in front of him with wide eyes, when he opened his mouth to speak, a gush of blood flowed out and he died.

The man then looked at Lancer and placed his right hand on his chest while clenching a fist, it was a salute in Red Hand Legion.

"He had created some trouble to keep me occupied so that I cannot help and take the credit of killing Demonic Angel," The man said.

"What a bad man, killing his own brother. Boss, I say take his position as Supreme Commander and give it to me, how?" The woman covered her mouth and frowned as she said.

Lancer ignored her words and spoke to the man in front of him "Now, there is no obstacle in you becoming the Emperor. The old Emperor will die on his own in a few months so there is no need to make any rash movements,"

"I understand," The man respectfully said.


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