The World of Kazeer, a world dominated by Martial Arts, a world filled with countless aspiring martial artists but martial artists are not omnipotent.

Kazeer had more to give than just martial artists, it's a world where demonic beasts run rampant, devils whispers in the shadows, with craft practitioners carrying plague on their backs.

Only with strength could one gain their freedom, walking unhindered in the world. If they are not strong enough then sometimes even an instant death can be a luxury.

With an overall population in each of the five continents... Eastern plane, Western plane, Northern plane, Southern plane, and Central plane being more than 10 billion, there is no lack of geniuses, peerless geniuses, and even Evil Doers that can defy fate and do something beyond common sense.

A continent's strength is decided by the number of Martial Artists at the Martial Venerable stage or above.

Martial Artists are graded in several stages based on their strength, starting from Martial Apprentice, Martial Master, Martial Grand Master, Martial Great Grand Master, Martial Venerable, Martial Ancestor, and finally the stage that only appears in stories… Martial Sovereign.

At the Martial Great Grand Master stage, a persons' body is already at a level that mortals can't kill even if they are allowed to attack them for years without any resistance.

A Martial Great Grand Master can easily live unto 200 years of age.

A Martial Venerable can live up to 300 years of age.

A Martial Ancestor could live up to 500 years of age.

As for the legendary Martial Sovereign, no one actually knows about them but according to the stories they could even live up to a thousand years of age.

In the vast lands of Central Plane…

Iron Wood Forest…

A certain part of the forest was now filled with the smell of blood, the land was filled with more corpses compared to trees, the fertile black soil had now turned red.

Eight men wearing black robe were surrounding a tall man in purple robe from all sides, all of them had their whole body hidden under black clothes, their faces and head were also covered by a black cloth, each wielding a sharp-edged lite saber in their hand and their eyes were filled with killing intent, they looked ferocious as wolves. From a normal person's point of view, the man in the purple robe seemed to be in peril but the irony being that all the corpses on the ground were actually wearing the same black set of clothes.

On the other hand, the man in purple robe similarly had his body covered in a long purple robe, his gloves and shoes were of dark-blue, a silver mask was hiding his face, only showing his two calm eyes and his long black hair tied into a ponytail, his two eyes had no fear of death instead they even carried a hint of playfulness. Although he was covered in blood, his clothes were ripped from many places… there was not a single visible wound on his body.

"Demonic Angel! We suggest you surrender, even with your Undying Body Art and Martial Great Grand Master cultivation base, you cannot go on for more than three days of fighting without rest and food," One of the men on the right spoke in a cold tone.

"It's not worth to die after reaching this cultivation stage at such a young age. It doesn't matter if you are acquainted with the people of Red Hand Legion, they cannot oppose the Silver Phoenix Empire. Our Crown Prince is merciful, handover your Undying Body Technique and surrender he might take you in as his man," The man surrounding him from backside said.

The purple-robed man paid no heed to their words, he didn't even turn to look at them. All of a sudden the man crossed his hands in front of his chest, when he opened his fists there were three black knives between his fingers of both hands.

Suddenly, he kicked the ground and jumped in the air, the formless energy traveled on the ground like a shockwave

In the brief moment, he swung his hand into opposite directions throwing his knives at the enemies on both sides.

All the four men on the side raised their sabers and deflected all the incoming knife attack easily but in the next second their pupils shrunk to half their size, they saw that an almost unnoticeable thin red silk threads were coming out of the purple-robed man's glove fingers and each of them was attached to the ends of black knives.

When the men in black looked at the purple-robed man they saw the look of mockery in his eyes, they had no time to react when the purple robbed man spun his body in mid-air and all the knives spun like a tornado around him, the knives had indefinite trajectory yet it felt like they were being precisely controlled, the purple-robed man was like a puppeteer who was controlling them all with a mere thought.

This time, all the eight black-robed men were in his attack range, they all used their sabers to deflect those knives. Normal knives won't be able to hurt them or even scratch their skin but the black knives weren't normal moreover under the influence of the purples robbed man's Qi, their sharpness had increased by a big margin.

…Clack… Clank…..

Sparks flew in the air whenever the black knives came in contact with the saber. The black-robed men tried to deflect all the attacks but continuous barrage of the attack with no end coupled with their unpredictable trajectory, they were pushed to step back and decided to only protect their vitals.

Butt soon one of them fell to the ground and became motionless.

"Poison? Angelic Demon, do you have no shame? To think you would use such despicable means as a Martial Great Grand Master," One of the men shouted in anger but as his words came to an end, his body fell to the ground and he lost his breath.

During the whole time he spoke, the purple-robed man didn't even bat him an eye much less replying to him.

After witnessing this scene, all six men looked at each other in the eyes and reached a tactic understanding. They all dashed towards the purple-robed man with their last remaining strength but before they could even reach him, they all fell to the ground one by one, when the last black-robed man reached out his hand, it was only a few centimeters away from his silver mask but there was no life left in his body to proceed further, he fell to the ground with hatred filled eyes.

The purple-robed man then looked at the blue sky, there was no intention of escaping or running in his eyes from the very start. He then turned towards the corpses, he seems to be thinking of something when he dragged a corpse by his leg and put it on another corpse, he then dragged another corpse and put in on them. Soon after putting one corpse after another, a shape similar to a big throne began to form.

At this time, four silhouettes riding three horses came from afar. The horses were around half as big as normal horses showing their high breed, the leading horse was white and two black horses were following him on his left and right side respectively.

The horse at the left was occupied by a long-bearded old man, his body was emitting the aura of a Martial Great Grand Master. The horse on the right was occupied by an old woman, she was thin and her face was covered by wrinkles, overall she looked really old. In age comparison, she looked older than the old man on the left, her body was also emitting the aura of Martial Great Grand Master but it was a little pale in comparison to the aura of the long-bearded old man.

The leading white horse had two riders, the one in front was a short young man and the one sitting behind was a beautiful woman.

The old man and old woman were wearing black clothes similar to the people attacking the purple-robed man earlier, the only difference being that their face wasn't hidden. The man on the white horse was wearing a white silk robe with silver thread sewn in it and making the design similar to a silver phoenix.

The woman behind was wearing a one-piece red-colored dress that thoroughly revealed her alluring figure, the cloth around her chest was cut in a heart-shaped design showing her cleavage.

The short young man sitting on the white horse at the front had delicate facial features, he had deep blue eyes, black and shot hairs, his skin was white like it was drained from blood, his body was short yet thin, he elegantly waved the fan in his right hand and managed the horse with other. The young man looked somewhat weak but he had the aura of Martial Master on him.

The woman behind him was an exceptional beauty, she had black eyes and long brown hair reaching her waist, her rosy lips were like an invitation for crime, her curvey body could captivate any men's desire, the outline of her dress clearly showed her plump chest and perky buttocks. At first glance, the woman looked like a seductive beauty but she wasn't normal either although it was faint, her body was emitting the aura of a Martial Grand Master.

At the moment, she was lightly hugging the short man from behind, pressing her chest on his back as she titled her head to the side and took a peek at the purpled robed man who was building his corpse throne.

All three horses stopped a little far away from the purple-robed man, the short man looked at the old man at his left and the old woman at his right then after nodding, all of them jumped down the horses and solemnly looked at the purpled robed man who was completely ignoring him.

"Hahaha… Demonic Angel, look who is standing with me," The short man laughed out loudly as he said that, although he was laughing, it looked forced.

The purple-robed man didn't pay him any heed, he put the last corpse behind throne and completed it, he then stretched out his arms and slowly sat on it. As he sat on the corpse throne, the man folded his right leg over his left leg and looked at them, his eyes landed on the seductive beauty standing beside the short man, the second the woman's eyes met his, she quickly looked away, retreated behind the short man and again lightly hugged him from behind like a little rabbit looking for shelter.

The purpled robed man only looked at her for a second then turned to the short man, there was no change in the look in his eyes. They still carried the playfulness of a fox and ferociousness of a lion.

When the short man saw him looking at him, his heart skipped a beat but the feeling of two soft mounds on his back gave him some sense of comfort, he looked at the two other experts beside him and his courage experienced a big boost on the spot.

"Demonic Angel! This calm façade of yours cannot fool us, your secret right hand Miss Lan has joined our side, she is not deceived by you anymore. After we got information from her, we did our research and now know everything about you, I'm giving you one last chance… surrender," The short man shouted.

The purple-robed man looked at him for a few seconds without saying anything, then out of nowhere, he reached out his hand to his silver mask and removed it.

When the mask was removed, the face of a young man came into view, the skin colour of the man was in a yellowish-dark shade similar to the people living in the desert, his facial features were ordinary, but his temperament had a unique charm to it that affected the people around him, giving them a sense of inferiority. The feeling was similar to when a person faces someone they can only look up to but are still very far away from them.


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