The Sorcerer

by Eyeeric

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

This is a fanfiction based on Harry Potter, written by JK Rowling. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, as fan fiction isn't what royal road is known for unless your book is called Borne of Caution, hear me out. 

This is based 200 years into the future. Hogwarts will be very different, and besides some references, we will follow no characters from the book. In my opinion, this is more of a new, mature, and more realistic version of that universe. If we want to put an analogy to it, I'm borrowing the house, but it's my furniture and things on the inside.

Synopsis - 200 years since the battle of Hogwarts. The muggles know - magic is no longer a secret. Wizards and witches show their magical traits much later in life now, their powers weaker than previous generations... and to make matters worse, there is a steady decline in the wizarding population. Follow along as Lux, a muggle-born, shows the world what one determined young wizard can do.

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to do

Feels disjointed.

The first few chapters focus on worldbuilding, and they do this through conversation, but it comes of as shoehorned into the story and just isn't very interesting to read. The conversations just don't come off as ones that normal human beings would have with each other.

The MC, as a muggle-born, is somehow completely oblivious to even the most basic information about wizards, which is explained away as being due to him having been born in a time where wizards existing is the norm and because schools are limited in what they can teach on the subject, which on a surface level seems to make sense but falls apart when you think about it for more than 3 seconds. The idea that a subject that undermines the very understanding of the universe that modern scientific thought relies upon to exist would be ignored in schools or by anyone who isn't an idiot is kinda baffling. Especially since the MC is supposed to be a nice, technically minded guy.

The worst thing is that when he's being introduced to magical items he's amazed and all, but apparently had no interest in them before now? I mean the internet exists, unless he lives in a dystopia where all information is monitored and censored by some AI there's no way to stop information about magic from spreading. Not to mention that while technology doesn't work near magic, magic still works fine near technology, with the whole world that knows about magic the idea that magical items and knowledge about them wouldn't diffuse to the wider public is laughable.


Great start (as of Ch 3)

Reviewed at: Chapter 3

A very good start to an already loved fandom, making changes that seem reasonable with the worldbuilding established.

The MC and introduced characters already have a solid foundation for their personalities, giving slight hints of backstory that could play into future development, and the story touches on vast changes to the world that leave me eagerly awaiting the next chapter so I can learn more about what happened.

Grammar is very solid, with no obvious mistakes on first read-through, and the author has quickly responded to comments on the story so far. Great usage of vocabulary, no awkward wording. 

Stylistically, the story flows well, feels light, and reads very quickly 


Set pretty far into the future of the HP universe, which helpfully avoids any major relience on existing characters (pretty much always a detriment to fanfics). Characters established so far are believable with no major issues. Intrigue and conflict exists, both with a logical basis. We're not far enough in for a proper review, but it looks promising. 


When us Muddle discover Magic

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

This is the story of someone like any of us (or the majority, if some Wizards are reading it...) that receive a Letter for Hogwarts. Not as Harry that was from an already established Wizards family, with some celebrity, but a pure Muggle discovering the magical world, a world where magic is drying up, and wizards less powerful at each generation.

After WW3 (a resource war, with nuclear launchs, but not full destruction of humanity), Wizards are now part of the rest of the world, even if they still are a secretive community. Like any humans, they forgot the past lessons, and discrimination from some Pures (the Wizards Family) against the Muggle Borns appears.

Really interesting so far, we discover what can (will) happens to our world in the future, and what can happen if there is really wizards somewhere... 


A must read Harry Potter fanfic

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

I think this is a great twist on a Harry Potter fanfic, the time change adds a lot of flexibility to the story. So far the character and world building are great and I'm intrigued in each chapter. It's in the early stages and you can tell the author is fleshing out every character in the world to be unique, instead of just focusing on the MC. The world has obviously changed drastically and the author has already touched on it but I'm excited to see the muggle and wizarding worlds interact, especially how it effects his family and his future back home during the summer. It will be interesting to see if there are more magical locations created by the author since so much time has passed and what has survived the ravages of time from the original. The house dinamics could have changed; there are plenty of things that can grow from the original and so far I believe the author has done a great job circumventing the limits of the original content with a futuristic setting like with the dueling ring.



The protagonist isn't a cookie cutter genius and has depth which I hope I get to see more of! The actual writing is also well done and everything seems to flow well. The story has just started and I'm already looking forward to the changes at hogwarts and what merging with Ivymore has brought to the table. I hope to see some new innovations or spells and see the MC actually work at magic instead of like other fanfics I've read where the MC is like 4 years ahead at 11. I like how you explored the connection he felt within himself instead of with the perticular wand, maybe something special about the MC or maybe nothing. Overall stunning work author


A great start, and a hopeful future

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

Now I don't usually write reviews as of now, but this is one of the first stories that I've found at the start of their life and that starts out with such a bang, already at chapter five I'm captivated by the expansion on the already established universe and the differences that exist, with the main character already being introduced to the viewer so that you can understand his motives and personality. The author has also already started to show some of the interesting story to come.

Overall a great story so far, and a great addition to the follow list, going so far to interest someone like me who is only mildly interested in the main series


Normally when you think of fanfic it's a self fellating story that relies on nostalgia rather than character and world building. This story isn't anything like that, outside of borrowing some familiar elements it stands as its own story on its own merits. Pretty good read, I definitely recommend giving it a shot.


Before You leave => Stay.

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

It's a fanfiction, yeah. It's the universe of Harry Potter, yeah.

But it's something different and enjoyable. It is really well-written and you can feel that the author knows the original's lore more than enough to make an attempt at this (compared to some other trash out there...).

The story is still in its 'infancy' as of ch.18 and not that much has happened. Things are being introduced.

For one thing, the characters are engaging.

I gave it a shot due to the 'before you leave' in the intro and, to be honest, I have no regrets. It was worth my time. And I plan to come back for more.

Thank you Author for sharing the story with us.