Just like that, another week flew by. Honestly, not that much happened. I still haven't beat Amethyst in our sparring, I feel like everytime I make some progress, she pulls out some flip or trick to bring back a win. I'm not going to lie, if I didn't love her so much it would be a little demoralizing to constantly be getting my ass literally whipped by what's considered the weakest of the Crystal Gems before Peridot arrives. It kinda still is, but the fun outweighs the damage to my pride. Even if by a little.

My training has been going well, but nothing too drastic. I've upped my 50 pushups and sit ups to 100 to make it a bit more of a challenge, but kept my running the same. Each day I believe it'll be easier than the last but proven wrong as I have to crawl my way home. So, it's official, I just hate running. Both in this life and the last, I just can't stand the damn activity. I have no idea how people could consider the sport even remotely fun.

Obviously I've been practicing with my powers also, and I've made steady progress. My reach with my shield has improved just as expected. I can now move it up to 7 feet away from me and still have control. I have noticed more difficulty with said control as it gets further and further away though. Not so much as it's hard to push it to 7 feet, once I've accomplished it once, it kinda just comes natural to do it again. No, it's the finesse I have over my shield that struggles to keep up. Something I will have to keep trained just as much as the others if I'm going to use the thing up to its full potential.

The only real change to my daily activity is me trying to summon a second shield. Or summon Steven's bubble. Or literally anything, but even after an entire week I've made absolutely no progress. These powers just don't make any sense sometimes. How does the power system work? There's no transfer of energy or any sort of real concentration to summon my weapon, it just appears when I want it too. So why don't my other abilities do the same?

I sigh outwardly as I get up from the sand. Amethyst has just gotten done kicking my ass again, and the frustration of not being able to use my powers properly and another loss must've shown on my face because she places a hand on my shoulder hesitantly with a strained smile. She must think I'm getting angry at her.

"Hey dude, why don't we take a break today? Working to become better is great and all but it won't be worth it if we start getting too frustrated." the gem says with a pat on my shoulder. It did kinda make me feel better. She's just too cute to actually be upset with, and it's not like it's really her fault anyways. "I know! We should go get some bits! Those things always make you feel better and we haven't just chilled in a while y'know?"

Bits? Bits of what? Is this some kind of prior knowledge Steven should have before the show began? Well shoot, I guess I gotta roll with the punches, can't be acting too much out of character. I'm surprised I haven't gotten a talking to about the changes I've made already. Has no one noticed?

I tell her sure and follow her lead across the beach. It wasn't until I started to see a store in the distance do I have to stop myself from facepalming. Ahead of us is a blue restaurant with a giant french fry sign that reads, "Beach Citywalk Fries". What I couldn't stop was the chuckle that came out for me being an idiot. This prompted the purple girl a little ahead of me to look back and laugh before running towards the fry place. Of course, I followed with a bunch of manly giggles behind her.

Duh! I'm so dumb! How the hell could I forget THE Bits! I've been so focused on surviving Steven's Life and everything that he will eventually have to go through that I kinda forgot about everything else. Preparing for the road ahead is all fine, but I shouldn't forget that I'm a kid again. I shouldn't squander it.

"Hey Fryman!" I say running ahead of the purpllette. "Give me The Bits!" was my demand. But despite my divine decree, I was left to groan in bemoaning as he lifted a red sign slightly to his left. It of course read that the place was closed for business.

"Sorry Steven we're closed." he says with a slight frown. Now I'm not really a little kid, I know how it feels to work everyday to pay the bills. He probably just wants to lay down and get off his feet, and I understand that. But unfortunately for him, the script was calling to me. I just knew what I should do and say, and I couldn't help but give in. Being Steven Universe is just so fun sometimes.

"Give him The Bits!" my partner in crimes exclaims at my saddened look. She slams the table with her statement, making her point that as a woman / gem on a mission, she will not leave until her objective is complete. "The Bits!" She begins her chant. Each with a slam. I follow my compatriots lead whole heartedly, for I shall not allow her to go into battle alone.

"The Bits! The Bits! The Bits!" I repeat the motto. Bits or Death! I slam the counter in rhythm with her, and while I do feel a little bad by annoying this man while he's technically off the clock, man it feels way to fucking fun to be a kid sometimes. With each indigent slam as I wait for The Bits I deserve, I realize that growing up sucks hard.

"Okay, okay, take it easy on the counter will you?" Fryman asks in surrender before going in the back to retrieve our spoils of war. I look towards Amethyst with a big smile. On this day we have achieved victory for Bits lovers everywhere!

""Yes!"" we both shout before doing an epic high five. While putting The Bits into the bag, he dares asks us if we would want...normal, full, fries instead. I almost shivered at the heretical thought. "Just The Bits please." I ask, finally deciding to show the Herald of Fries his due respect. I thank him as he hands us the bag and begin to scarf it down immediately as we walk.

Amethyst was right, this was exactly what I needed. Just a couple of minutes where I'm not worried about improving or dodging a dangerous whip coming towards my face. I should take this break as a chance to truly explore Beach City for myself. Well I would, if I didn't realize something soon after the first couple of Bits land in my mouth. I had a script. Just then, I let my body do the talking and lines came out. Which means I'm in an episode. An episode with Amethyst, Fry Bits, and….

"Huh, it's about time the second episode got here." I whisper to myself. Apparently not low enough however.

"What'd you say?"

"Oh? Nothing. Just noticing the giant eyeball in the sky. We should probably do something about that."




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