Hunter Or Huntress

by Tigra21

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A human engineer named Tom accepts a deal to travel to a Fantasy world with the mission of changing it forever. He is given a week to prepare before setting off. Once on the other side, he is greeted by a fantastical world and its inhabitants. his original mission to change this world and have some fun while doing it quickly turns into him making a home for himself and defending it and his new family against whatever ends up coming their way. The story will also follow the POV of Sapphire a local woman who Tom encounters early on in his travels to yield a closer insight into our local population.

The story focuses mainly on the interactions between the characters with intermittent action, romance, and the technical side of trying to bring a medieval-high-fantasy people up to speed with more or less modern technology. There will be discussions of mental illness, immense loss, and joy, ranging from the truly heartbreaking to the properly heartwarming. 

The first chapters are on the short side but eventually escalate to the 3000-5000 word range. especially the early chapters suffer from poor grammar and I am sorry. they are slowly going to be brought up to spec.

The story is originally posted on Reddit r/HFY 

If you can't remember a character or just wanna see what's what. there is also the wiki here: 

Cover art by the amazing Uwnycorn:

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Picking Up The Pieces. ago
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Tom The Huntress ago
Don’t Tell Lorax ago
Otherworldly Encounter ago
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Homebrew ago
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How I Grew Up ago
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Proud Warrior ago
Gods of death ago
Beware the Ears ago
The Agreement ago
Last Laugh ago
Justice Expedition ago
Uhm Who Is In Charge? ago
Drinking, Shooting, and Balloons ago
A Fine Art ago
How to Wash Your Dragon ago
How’s it Going? ago
Well This Is Awkward ago
Good Times ago
Proper Proceedings ago
You Have a What? ago
Revelations ago
It Gets Worse ago
Recon ago
That Can’t be Good ago
Hope Once Lost ago
How Does That Even Work? ago
Drawing Up Plans ago
Bravo Six, Going Dark ago
Murphy's Laws of Combat ago
Breach And Clear ago
Licking The Wounds ago
Under Siege ago
Breakthrough ago
Knight In Shining Armor ago
Speed, Power, and Tea time ago
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Interesting plot harmed by very bad grammar.

Reviewed at: Recruit

Grammar, it is always the grammar. I am at chapter 20 I think? and the grammar from chapter 1 has barely improved.

The problem is with punctuations, like misplaced commas and no commas where there should be one. Same with full stops. Sometimes a single paragraph is just one huge sentence. I have not seen many errors with tenses, subject-verb agreement, and such. But oh boy does the misplaced or missing punctuations make this a chore to read.

I want to immerse myself in the story as the story itself seems good enough, however I just fking can't mate T.T

Like, imagine the scene being an important one about innovating a new product, but there is only a full stop every 3 sentences. Dialogue asking questions not ending with question marks. The context is all over the place cause a misplaced comma made it seem like the people in the scene are talking about Subject B, when they are actually talking about subject A. This is just an example scene of course (meaning it isn't in the story), just to let you guys know exactly how confusing the missing commas make the read. 

This masterpiece of an example is from chapter 2-3, "he had en over-under he had had since he was 15"

“if you want to question this thing he needs attention that doesn’t look good, I’ll live for now. also, I think it's bleeding red?”

Also, there are MANY MANY instances where dialogue quotations do no start with capital letters. It is jarring.

Welp. I'm still gonna read it. I do see some improvements. Hopefully, by chapter 80 they will all magically disappear. 

Other than that, the worldbuilding is fine. The storytelling style isn't bad, but you gotta decipher it behind the atrocious grammar. Characters act illogically sometimes but hey, the story is interesting enough to cover for that.


So I originaly ran into this story on reddit when the author asked if it was ok if they used a few of the ideas from my story. Since like all writers, I'd taken many ideas from others as well, I was pleased to say of course. 

Despite having a several month long head start, Tigrs quickly blew past my word count, writting like a madman, (or madwoman? I never asked. 🤔) trying to give form to the breath and scope of of the word they'd envisioned.

While I can't say the grammar is always perfect, I can say the passion is real. Give it a chance, you might like what you see! 😁


Spoiler warning!

My mother language is not English so sorry if review badly written.

I love this story, I binged 84 chapters in four days.

The MC of this story is not an OP, he has modern equipment and engineering knowledge, but this only gives him an advantage in certain situations. He tries to use what he has now to help others, even if he does not have general knowledge about this world (for example, the biology of his allies, possible differences in physics, etc.)
Another review mentions that the MC ignores magic, I think it would be strange if he could quickly learn this without the help of a system or a dedicated magic teacher in a reasonable amount of time. The author mentioned that natives get an idea of ​​their magic at 20+ years old, but our hero just pulls his magic out of his ass and starts shooting every enemy with a fireball? Ritual magic is expensive (ingredients) and probably requires preparation to work. I agree that he could learn some magic he could use now but maybe it isn't fast or cheap to learn and maybe it could be no better than what he could do with the tools he creates with modern knowledge.
There are not many descriptions of whow magic works to say that the MC should take the time to learn it, instead of creating what he could, with an almost guaranteed result. And the magic that the locals can use doesn't world changing(depends on magic?), it helps you do your job better or gives you some benefits like perfect hearing or better vision, but telekinesis, for example, helps you aim arrows, but not throw stones at the enemy.

His allies have different moral values, which leads to many awkward situations. Like a modern man who travels back in time to the Middle Ages, where most of the population is knights with idialistic honor. Even if his first encounter with intelligent natives is not very plausible in human society (what would a person do if they just met another intelligent race?), but to the natives, he is just another intelligent race. I also find amusing his problems with the color of the fabric and the opinion of the locals about it.

The author explained well why MC does not want to create weapons for the natives, and his reaction to the fact that he was almost unable to save the life of his friend. MC is a soldier and he has seen what war is and what will happen if the locals are presented with modern weapons. There are not many descriptions of the social values ​​of the natives, at the beginning of the story they resemble hunters with simple religion and honor as the main value, but later other characters appear that hints that they can be as complex as humans. I would describe it as a fringe settlement with lot hardships, leading to a more honest and simpler society.

There is a mention of a magic academy and dedicated teacher\researchers in the last chapters, and I hope this author mentions more about how magic works or how the natives study it. It would also be interesting to describe in more detail the structure of the natives' society. 


Great work with just a handful of minor flaws.

Reviewed at: Under Siege

Okay, so by looking at the picture, and tags you must be thinking that this is some furry degeneracy. Wrong. Sure, MC gets isekai'd into a world that has no humans. Sure, only possible romantic interest can be one of the locals. Not only most of this story is very wholesome, the romance is not even a factor until decently deep into the story, and does not feel forced.

The action scenes, world-building, character development and larger plot are all of very high quality.

What minor flaws was i talking about? Initial interactions can be seen a little bit unrealistic, but in the end they can be chalked to cultural differences, that are quite significant, as we can see later in the story.

There is an overlooked physics component when describing handeling of a Quad-bike in low gravity environment (Reduced traction is not accounted for, so some stunts should not have been possible)


A realistic adventure to another world. With Magic

Reviewed at: Knight In Shining Armor

First impressions and TLDR - If you've read Conrad Stargard (The Cross-Time Engineer), A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Mark Twain. Or the more recent and popular Cast Under an Alien Sun (Destiny's Crucible Book 1). You know what this is about.

If you liked those you'll like this. They follow similar themes.


Give it a try anyway there is a good bit to chew into.



To a longer review.


Character/Story - It's a good story with a decently flawed MC. You don't get the feeling there is a self-insert or wish-fulfillment.

We see the MC (Tom) go to an Avatar (Blue People) like world of floating islands where dragonettes (bipedal dragon humanoids) live and we get Toms POV and a native's POV for most of the story.

One gripe I'm sure others will have if they are hard sci-fi fans is the aliens are 'near human' in their behavior. That means they seem like a separate culture rather than a different species. Personally, I don't mind they are different enough to feel alien.


Grammar - The sticky point in 99.9999% of novels. There are problems. Just full stop, do not proceed if you need a novel on RR to be perfect.

I don't think the problems that bad. Especially if you've read other novels on RR this shouldn't pose a problem to you. As someone who's read a ton of crappy CN's that seem to be translated by someone who can only type with their face, it's easily readable.

If this was on kindle id be disappointed but not enough to get a refund. Let that be a good standard.

Before this was published it needs to go through an editor's hands.


Overall a good story and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story takes us.





Vitaly S Alexius

A fantastic story hampered only by grammar

Reviewed at: How Do We Respond?

A fantastical tale of an isekai solder who is transported into a world full of dragon people and dragons, floating islands and magic. I greatly appreciate stories about engineers such as this one who are trying to improve society all while grappling with concepts of superweapons such as nukes.

There is some romance here and it took 70 chapters to get to it, which is frankly far too damn long but worth it.

The story has a lot of filler, but also a lot of wonderful, adorable and pure moments which feel alive: such as when the hero takes care of kids, protects others, teaches dragonettes to swim and admits he's in love.

All of the characters feel realistic and have solid backstories and flaws.

Author, get a patreon going and hire an editor on fiverr or try live writing with fans in a google doc or something, because there is far too many small errors all over the place like missing words or commas, etc - the story would have gotten a far better rating and way more readers if it wasnt for this minor issue.

The only reason I can ignore this is because English is my 2nd language and I read pretty quick to bother paying attention to such.

update: grammar got better by the most recent chapters.


Grammar issues and stream of conciousness writing

Reviewed at: Departure

the idea is quite intruiging and a story i would like to get immersed in, sadly the first two chapters are filled with run on sentences. There would be entire paragraphs with only a single period at the end. It is difficult at times to differentiate between inner thoughts of the protagonist and third person viewings of their actions. The character's actions seem all over the place, which is compounded by the previously mentioned run on sentences. I'm adding this to my read later list in hopes that the author comes back to their early chapters for some much needed editing. As for the story, i couldn't get far enough to properly judge that, but since i like the idea of it i hope i can come back to this at a later time.


Plot force is extreme. (Spoilers present)

Reviewed at: No Pushover

Character interaction feels unreal, even if I compensate for the weird other worldly values.

(Spoilers present)

Forced civilization building, (MC goes and says here is my gun and here is my bike forget about the magic(he ignores magic) I will teach you how to grow suger cane so you primitive people will trade metal for my machine's.

I only found one 2 instances of magic, healing to show there is magic, and a ritualistic translation to continue the plot so MC can understand some shit.(I stopped at 19 Ch).

MC's background is of military, and he also is a mechanical engineer and also have a lot of experience but none of it is present in his action's. He wanted adventure but ignores magic why! .He doesn't even show curiosity about it.

Because civilization building by MC's engineering degree needs the sacrifice. Seems stupid any scientist, engineer normal person would definitely be more interested in any new phenomenon (magic in this case).

The plot and characters both feel forced to fit the story.

One more thing, the gravity was low compared to earth, our MC should be able to jump high, lift more weight, his punch force and how much he can push should be weaker(friction and weight), we could ignore this and say new world rules, but our MC will still follow same earth physics for driving his quad and for climbing the mountain and also when he fell from the heights. I won't go more as any of this is not much of a problem it could be easily solved with few explanations.

Try the story probably it will improve in later Ch, I am dropping this(at 19 CH, no pushover) can't continue too many things that irritate me.

Zenopath (AEV)

This story deserves more followers.

Reviewed at: Scared Yet Brave

I found this novel to be extremely enjoyable. I'm a little surprised it doesn't have more followers. I think that it suffers a bit from a slow start. The MC gets to prepare for his isekai trip so it feels like he's going camping at first. When the first action scene starts he ends up being rescued by a medieval magic using tribe of alien wyvern people depicted on cover. That's the real start of the story, and after that there's a long puase until the next action scene and we get introduced to the villains. 


I think a lot of readers might just lose patience, but if you are willing to keep reading you will find that the character are engaging, the story is well told, and I highly recommend you give this a chance despite a bit of pacing issues at first.