A fine octet of legs

by Rabid Muskrat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Waking up in unfamiliar surroundings after a wild night of drinking is not exactly a novel experience, even for Rita, but when it appears her whole city has gone to hell while she was out cold, well, that has to be a first. And if she wasn't careful, possibly a last.

Now, somehow equipped with four times the number of legs she’s used to, Rita has to get to the bottom of what happened, figure out how to get back to her normal life and somehow survive in a ruined and post-apocalyptic hellscape that she was almost one hundred percent certain wasn't there yesterday.

Right, and stay sane. Which, judging from how pushy her inner voice was getting, might just be the biggest challenge of all…

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Rabid Muskrat

Rabid Muskrat


Word Count (VII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Afraid of spiders ago
Chapter 2 - Nightmare fuel ago
Chapter 3 - Self discovery ago
Chapter 4 - A murder most foul ago
Chapter 5 - Of two minds ago
Chapter 6 - Movie logic ago
Chapter 7 - Ain't no party like an adventuring party ago
Chapter 8 - Spider shaped stain on the asphalt ago
Chapter 9 - Hide and go seek ago
Chapter 10 - Shock and cannibalism ago
Chapter 11 - Eww, it's got cooties ago
Chapter 12 - Don't step on me, Snek ago
Chapter 13 - Rumble in the rubble ago
Chapter 14 - Nemesis ago
Chapter 15 - Settling in ago
Chapter 16 - Dropping in for a visit ago
Chapter 17 - Uninvited guest ago
Chapter 18 - A civilized conversation ago
Chapter 19 - Rita phone home ago
Chapter 20 - First Contact ago
Chapter 21 - A whole dump of info ago
Chapter 22 - Meet the neighbours ago
Chapter 23 - A new kind of fanclub ago
Chapter 24 - Popping your murder cherry ago
Chapter 25 - A priest by any other name ago
Chapter 26 - Between a rock and a hard tree ago
Chapter 27 - Significant other ago
Chapter 28 - Miles and miles of bloody big top ago
Chapter 29 - Childhood/Impact trauma ago
Chapter 30 - A human pyramid human ago
Chapter 31 - Escalation of aggression ago
Chapter 32 - Sudden death ago
Chapter 33 - Daddy issues ago
Chapter 34 - Crescendo ago

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She is probably one of the mobs in a fantasy world that recycles post-apocalyptic realities or something.

The protagonist(s) is an arachnae (think spider-centaur) and wake up in the post-apocalypse to an unpaid electrical bill, a dead phone and bad case of xenophobia.

Tone is light without being infantilizing, the writing is good, the adventure is novel and not just a rehash of a tutorial, if you like non-human fiction this is worth checking out. (It's so far been exactly what it looks like, which I like, but if you don't like it from the start I doubt you'll change your mind much)


I was on the edge of my seat for the last, like, 8 chapters. Bunch of cliffhangers, but the really steep ones seem to be about done at the time I'm reviewing (which is also the time I found this, so dodged a bullet there, lol).

It hardly needs to be said that this is a well-written story; I wouldn't be so invested otherwise.

Above Average Assonance

I'm not even going to bother breaking things down. Almost everything is perfect, the setting is interesting and somewhat original, the story is good, the other characters are great, but for some reason, the protagonist has to be the most awful character ever conceived. She can't (and doesn't want to) recognize the reality of her present situation, despite all the shit she goes through, has zero basic competence (like breaking important shit for little to no reason, ADHD, lack of foresight and planning, no basic reasoning, etc. etc.). The key point here is she doesn't adapt, she doesn't change, she never stops acting like a petulant child, rather than the grown adult that she is, apparently, all while Alice is constantly trying to save her life. To make things worse, the entire book thus far is basically a series of Rita's massive blunders that Alice has to clean up, or that Rita herself survives due to mega ultimate plot armor. This is just plain horrible writing. Honestly, I think the worst aspect is her naivety, it's my major pet peeve and boy, she is probably the most naive character in any fiction I've ever read, and this includes that awful YA schlock. Eugh.

The direct equivalent to this dreck, would be watching a really good zombie movie from the perspective of cannon fodder who panics and screams the moment they get a hint of a zombie, never fights, and borderline deliberately gets everyone killed and has to be bailed out, again and again by the cool awesome real protagonist (Alice). Fortunately, in most such movies, they're minor side characters promptly die and we all move on, but here, we can't escape Rita's incessant whininess and retardation. I think Alice's presence makes things worse, because Rita never listens to her extremely reasonable and rational self, and goes about doing absolutely stupid shit that even some 70 IQ retard wouldn't think to do. 

I can't in good faith recommend this to anyone because the author doesn't see Rita's perpetual ADHD, childishness, and ridiculous level of stupidity as an issue. As such, the author is taking a big steaming dump on a pile of gold because he's so damn blind. It's a shame too, everything else is perfect, and it could easily be fixed promptly by either killing off Rita's personality and having Alice take over or merging Alice and Rita asap and getting rid of her. Until (if) things change, a well-deserved 2 stars.


Relatively unique, nothing groundbreaking- but it doesn't have to be. The MC is an Arachne who wakes up after what appears to be a post apocalyptic or world fusion event. The premise may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it's good and the characterization plenty makes up for it. They all feel like more then cardboard cut outs and have a good dynamic.

The story style doesn't seem like it'll change too much, might be different if she integrates into some society. But if you don't like the first few chapters you probably won't like the rest 


Craig Ryba

+Arachne <3
+Unique monster and skills/spells mechanics
+No blue boxes :)

After reading Isekai stories, it's nice to have a starter that doesn't involve the MC being so readily accepting of an insane situation. Having witnessed multiple personality disorder due to traumatic stress before, it's fun to see how it will play out. As of chapter 21, I feel we are just leaving the introductory arc. Very good read so far, I will update review later in time.


Naïve and hysterical MC with good voice in head

Reviewed at: Chapter 19 - Rita phone home

I started to hate MC and cannot reasonably judge. Making her so insane that her common sense decided to develop thoughts of her own was good, but tolerating snowflake behavior in her situation is painful.

The world itself is intriguing, but so far it's mostly unknown.

From the last chapter direction of the plot goes into some cliche

First contact results in being taken to an institution to study her(because she is not aggressive monster)

Anon Lv703

Imagine you wake up in your flat and your city turned into a postapocalyptic hellscape overnight, alright seems like a bad day but  we can deal with that oh I forgot to mention you'r abdomen was replaced by a spider's body welcome to the life of Rita the heroine of this fine story.

The story is still in its beginning stages so in order not to spoiler anything I'll keep it to a quick rundown of what this story delivered so far:

Actually interesting monsters straight out of your nightmares. 

Decent side characters.

Good pacing,

A good balance between comedy and seriousness.

A pretty unique protagonist or rather two of them. (Split personality done right in my opinion.)

And decent / interesting worldbuilding.


As of Chapter 17 a clear recommendation. 


I like this. It's an odd adventure, with a young woman waking up in her destroyed apartment with a few too many legs and an endless series of questions to figure out and horrors to avoid. The action is fast-paced and appropriately frantic for the MC Rita, who's still trying to come to terms with the hellscape that's around her. The other perspectives are cautiously professional while providing hints at the organization of the outside world. All in all, it makes for an engrossing world and takes a quick step away from the usual progression for an isekai'd monster MC.

The setting is fairly grim, but has occasional moments of juxtaposed humor tucked inside of it. Less in the telling of jokes, but more in the sense of witnessing something odd enough that you almost have to chuckle. Avoiding spoilers, there isn't much to say, but it keeps the story from feeling overly dark despite the content. The characters are distinctly different and each has a unique voice, especially the protagonist.

Overall, if you're looking for a story full of magic, monsters, and strange fantasy creatures, this will probably scratch that itch. At the moment it isn't clear if the MC will wind up being an overpowered monster crusher, or just a new entrant into a strange society, but it's definitely snagged my interest.



I love this story. It is an interesting take on a lot of tropes that are common on this site. It is somewhat of an isekai, somewhat a party based story, somewhat post-apocolyptic.

The thing I love is that there is mystery and it clearly is going somewhere. Why did the protaganist wake up like this? Why is she different? There are lots of questions that we dont know about, but as the story progresses it is clear that they will be answered. The world slowly unfurls before us.

This author is a master of the cliff hanger and I mean that in the best way. You get to the end of a chapter and you yearn to find out what happens next. This is the feeling I got the first time I read A Storm of Swords (the best of GRRM in my opinion).

Style: Quite good, workmanlike prose. It isn't a work of art but I like it.

Grammar: For me grammar is all or nothing. Either I notice it because it is terrible and it breaks me out of the story, or I don't notice it, and I can stay immersed. There is nothing terrible here, and certainly nothing a little copy editing couldn't fix.

Characters: This is where the other reviewers have been the harshist so I want to address some of the criticisms here. I somewhat agree that the main character acts somewhat undrealisticly for the circumstanse she finds herself in, but it also makes sense.

Light spoiler follows: This will spoil some plot points from the first few chapters. The main character has had her brain split in half from whatever trauma led her to the circumstanse she is in currently. Rita is the dominent personality, and Alice is somewhat like a subconsience at first. Alice got all of the common sense and survival instincts. It makes sense that Rita doesn't have those things, Alice has them!

My main criticism for characters is that they don't interact enough so far. My feeling is that good characters are made through their interactions with other fully realized characters. Rita has a communication problem that makes it hard for her to interact, so this hasn't happened much yet. I hope that as the story picks up she can actually interact and the characters can become more than one dimentional.


An excellent and intruiging start to what appears to be a well thought out and imaginative world.

I always enjoy a good reborn as a monster story, as should we all, and this fits the bill so far. The character's unbalanced mental state is well portrayed and I'll be interested to see how the story develops as we learn more about the setting alongside her.

Just wish there was a couple less legs.