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Authors note: Good news, from now, until the end of the Writathon challenge, I'll be upload one chapter every three days. It'll be tough, but I want to test myself and see if I'm a competent writer.


The story of Tempered Edge takes place in an alternate version of present day earth, where science and technology have launched mankind many years ahead of the earth you know.

Kiochi Suzuki is the captain of a black ops unit who serve a secret organization known as the council. His job is to preserve the order the council is working so hard to maintain.

However, things take a drastic turn when Kiochi's men are slaughtered by strange dark beings during a routine mission. Kiochi somehow manages to escape and he must now seek out the truth of those dark beings.

Volume 2 Update!!

Mankind's day of reckoning fast approaches and Kiochi must find a way to prevent it at all costs. But just how deeply embedded are mankind's sins? Is mankind able to steer away from it's dark yet integral nature?

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