Trickster's Chance (MOVED)

Trickster's Chance (MOVED)

by Asviloka

This is now a defunct file: with the inclusion of volumes, new chapters will be added to the main Trickster's Luck story from here on out and the old chapters removed as things are ported over.

Maya Stader's adventures continue!

On a quest to gain attention and eventually reunite with her long lost brother, she remains tangled in the schemes and machinations of the various factions on World 9352, as well as her capricious trickster deity. But perhaps a little high-profile chaos is just what she needs to succeed?

Or maybe she'll keep wandering around the world getting herself beaten at every turn. That is also a very plausible outcome.

But either way, the adventure continues! With old enemies and new complications running rampant, it may not be what she hoped for in an eternal digital afterlife, but it certainly isn't boring.


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Great potential for a sequel!

Reviewed at: 8: Conquest

Trickster's Chance has the potential for becoming the great sequel of the Trickster's Luck (if you have not read that one, check it out!). I found Trickster's Chance and Luck after reading Bloodshard: Stolen Magic, which is a completely different story of great quality showing the authors ability to write different (fantasy) stories and exploring characters and their development.

Asviloka's Trickster's Chance continues some time after Trickster's Luck left us. While world 9352 steadily progresses, relations between old characters are re-established or redefined and new characters make their entrance complicating Maya's life even more, but she will always remain our force of chaos as a true trickster should be. At the time of writing we have not reached the 100 pages yet and plot is still developping. No idea where it is going but I am sure it will be somewhere exciting and unexpected!


If you loved Book One, you'll love this

Reviewed at: 30: The Minotaur's Master

First off, this is a sequel, so if you haven't read the first book - Trickster's Luck - yet, you should. Do it now!

Trickster's Chance picks up where Trickster's Luck leaves off. This is going to be a comparatively short review from me because it's essentially more of the same detailed, adventurous, mysterious, intrigue-filled fun as in the first book. Everything I loved about it, in other words.

The one thing Chance is doing noticeably differently to Luck is that it's focusing down on more of the mysteries set up in the first book, as well as introducing brand new ones. If you've been hanging out for answers to questions like I have, Chance is promising to deliver, or at least make the discovery process as exciting as possible.

This series continues to be one of my absolute all-time favourites on Royal Road and very possibly of all time, and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves complex mysteries and smart, relatable characters against a backdrop of constant fun, discovery and adventure. It is so easy to read and become immersed in this wonderful world. An immense thank you to the author who has given its readers so many delightful experiences through its pages.