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"The future that never was" is an action-driven science-fiction book series borrowing from different sub-genres such as space opera, space western, cassette futurism and cyberpunk. Its different stories focuse on a unique and deeply retro universe. Because, in this uchronia, the Soviets planted the Red Flag on the Moon in 1955. Since then, mankind has relentlessly pushed its colonies to the ends of the solar system. It devotes all its scientific and industrial resources to it. Thereby, its cultural codes seem frozen in an alternative timeline where Floppy disks are kings and David Hasselhoff is the ultimate galactic superstar; robots do all the work and the packs of cigarettes are cheaper than ever! Yet, as humanity is expanding through the Kuiper Belt and the New Worlds, the overly consumerist society is slowly collapsing because of the never-ending corpo-wars and the blatant technocratic corruption.





The Empire of Japan and the other Axis powers were defeated by the Allies in 1945 at the start of the Atomic Age.


Despite American efforts, the top German scientists were taken to the USSR, and by 1955 the Soviets walked on the moon; starting the race for the stars.


Devoting all its scientific and industrial resources, a divided mankind quickly gained access to fusion power, quantum computers, AI, systemwide communication networks and nutrigel.


But with all eyes on the Free World vs. Communists conflict, then later the solar system’s colonization, society’s cultural evolution slowed as humanity opened the gates of a very strange future almost frozen in time…


A future of a unified technocratic government, Martian megacorporations and outer worlds orbital colonies.


A future of disco cyborgs, flying chrome plated Chryslers and David Hasselhoff’s outstanding political career…


A future that never was.




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