Split Souls

Split Souls

by Mad Sadie

When twins are born their souls are braided together.

When tragedy strikes, when one is lost, their souls are split.


How can one convince people the other isn’t dead?

How can the other survive in a harsh world?


This is a story about family, friends, pirates, a cat and cat-obsessed dinosaurs.

Sarah’s story updates on Fridays. Sam’s story updates on Tuesdays.

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Mad Sadie

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A story, that really caught me off guard at first, but in a  pleasant way. The author, clearly has put a lot of thought into this piece, and as the title implies it was a pleasurable read. A refreshing change of pace I think. Lots of stories try to be a lot of things, and this one has a very pure essence, that I greatly apprecaite.


Style: The Style for this piece, is simple, in its basic elements. Simple is by no means a slur. A chocolate chip cookie is simple, but still entirely delicious. I get that same sort of feeling from this piece. Its construction contains only what is essential. Nothing feels superfluous, or overwrought and so unburdned of anything it doesn't need.

Story: I'll admit, off the title and initial prologue and first chapter I thought I had a bead on its direction. It cauht me by surprise though. Its a straightforward adventure, with clean growth arcs, that avoid any needless complexity. I don't know if it would win any awards for most anything, but I don't think you always have to.

Grammar: I saw this author, use a semicolon properly. No body does that. I stopped checking for errors after that. Solid.

Character: Keeping with the story's simplicity, while the characters are not straight cliche, they're not far from textebook, by my reckoning. They core pair are good foils, elementary cast calculus, but at the same time, it's used for a reason. Past writer commentary, They seem pretty fun, and I enjoyed my time with them, I suspect I'll spend more.

In summary, This story isn't the most complex, nor does it have to be. Its good sometimes to find something that's just a joy to read, and this, I think will hit that spot. It did for me