A Ten Pound Bag

by Emmeran

Original ONGOING Action Historical Sci-fi Time Travel
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A serial saga with short chapters published each and every morning to read over your coffee or tea.  This is a "versus life" story with no great evil to face just life in a hard place during a hard time.  Our hero and his companions get catapulted back in time and must find a way to not only survive but prosper.

This story is definitely "R" rated maybe even NC-17 but don't expect explosions, blood and orgasms at every page turn.  Bad words and uncomfortable topics are addressed in this story, this is not for every reader.

This is a technical story and develops slowly at first, full technical details, maps and research are available over on Patreon.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I am.


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Word Count (12)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0.5 - Downfall ago
Chapter One – Sudden Change ago
Chapter Two – Life in a Bottle ago
Chapter Three – A wakeup call named Matilda ago
Chapter Four – Interlude ago
Chapter Five – The Big Reveal ago
Chapter Six – Getting down to Business ago
Chapter Seven – Planned Preparations ago
Chapter Eight - Trailer Time ago
Chapter Nine – Leeches ago
Chapter Ten - The Enigma ago
Chapter Eleven – A Trailer and a Trip ago
Chapter Twelve – The Bitch called Mila ago
Chapter Thirteen – Road Trip Night One ago
Chapter Fourteen - Flagstaff ago
Chapter Fifteen – The Abigail Interlude ago
Chapter Sixteen - The Abby Interlude ago
Ch 16.5 - Abby ago
Chapter Seventeen – Building a Library ago
Chapter Eighteen – Sante Fe ago
Chapter Nineteen – Next Stop, Texas ago
Ch 19.5 – Midnight with Matilda ago
Chapter Twenty – Fun in Texas ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Oklahoma City ago
Chapter Twenty-two – Mara, Money and Michelle ago
Ch. 22.5 – An Evening with Michelle ago
Chapter Twenty-Three – A day at the Gun Show ago
Chapter Twenty-Four – Lunch and Tennessee Whiskey ago
Chapter Twenty-five - A town called Rulo ago
Chapter Twenty-Six – Enter Tom ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven – A Proper Family Dinner ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight – Buying the Homestead, Episode One ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine – Chain Lightning ago
Chapter Thirty – A Stitch in Time ago
Chapter 31 – Confirmation ago
Chapter 32 – Hangover Games ago
Chapter 33 – Kronos ago
Chapter 34 – Blame it on Luna ago
Chapter 35 - Frustration and Angst ago
Chapter 36 – Finding Balance ago
Chapter 37 - Contact ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Instant Family ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine – Historical Fiction ago
Chapter 39.5 – Matilda Episode 3 ago
Chapter Forty – The Egg Crisis ago
Chapter Forty-one – Best Friends ago
Chapter Forty-two – We have an Egg! ago
Chapter Forty-three – Visitors ago
Chapter Forty-four – The Trial ago
Chapter Forty-five – A New Day ago
Chapter Forty-six – Shock and Awe ago
Chapter Forty-Seven – A Night at the Movies ago
Chapter Forty-Eight – Baby needs new shoes! ago
Chapter Forty-Nine – Back Home in old Kentucky ago
Chapter Fifty – Saturday Night ago
Chapter Fifty-One – Lazy day, Sunday afternoon ago
Chapter Fifty-Two – Rainy days and Mondays ago
Chapter Fifty-Three - Road Work Ahead ago
Chapter Fifty-Four – Surprise! ago
Chapter Fifty-five – Aftermath ago
Chapter Fifty-Six – Situation Normal ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven – Starting to Build ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight – Fasteners ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine  –  One Month ago
Chapter Sixty - Smoking it Up ago
Chapter Sixty-One – On the road to Omaha ago
Chapter Sixty-Two – Neighbors ago
Chapter Sixty-Three - Mr. Gruff and His Wife ago
Chapter Sixty-Five - Modern Memory ago
Chapter Sixty-Six – Thunder ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven – An Inch Deep and a Mile Wide ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight – An evening with the Pawnee ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine – Fire Honey ago
Chapter Seventy – Night Ops  ago
Chapter Seventy-One  -  Pawnee Territory ago
Chapter Seventy-Two – A Feverish Interlude ago
Chapter Seventy-Three – A Feverish Interlude–II ago
Chapter Seventy-Four – A Feverish Interlude–III ago
Chapter Seventy-Five – Stranger in a strange land ago
Chapter Seventy-Six – Matrimonial Bliss ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven – The Taming of the Shrew ago
Chapter 77.5 – The Cumming of the Shrew ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight  –  Party Prep ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine  –  Pawnee Debutantes ago
Chapter Eighty  –  Enter the Mouse ago
Chapter Eighty-One  –  Settling the Flock ago
Chapter Eighty-Two  –  Something about Mary ago
Chapter Eighty-Three  –  The Dam Breaks ago
Chapter Eighty-Four  –  Morning Sunshine ago
Chapter Eighty-Five  –  On the road with a caravan ago
Chapter Eighty-Six – First Profit ago
Chapter Eighty-Seven – The good ship Lollipop ago
Chapter Eighty-Eight – A few good men ago
Chapter Eighty-Nine – Population Explosion begins ago
Chapter Ninety – Supplies and Livestock ago
Chapter Ninety-One – Packing day hell ago
Chapter Ninety-Two – Rollin’ on the River ago
Chapter Ninety-Three – Be it ever so humble ago
Chapter Ninety-Four – Drama and more Drama ago
Chapter Ninety-Five – Story Time Again ago
Chapter Ninety-Six – The start of a Village ago
Chapter Ninety-Seven – Sketching out a Plan ago
Chapter Ninety-Eight – What’s love got to do with it? ago
Chapter Ninety-Nine – Sorting Sonya ago
Chapter 100 –  Enter Banshee ago
Chapter 101 – When the cows come home ago
Chapter 102 – Introductions all around ago
Chapter 103 – The Rules of Rulo ago
Chapter 104 – Waking up alone ago
Chapter 105 – Going to a party ago
Chapter 106 – Politicking ago
Chapter 107 – Everybody wants ago
Chapter 108 – Gone Fishin’ ago
Chapter 109 – Back to work ago
Chapter 110 – Planning out a shopping trip ago
Chapter 111 – Just another work day ago
Chapter 112  –  Working man ago
Chapter 113  –  Preparing for a trip ago
Chapter 114  -  Retraining Amos ago
Chapter 115 - Morning on the River ago
Chapter 116 – St. Charles ago
Chapter 117 – The Confluence and St. Louis ago
Chapter 118 – Max to the Rescue ago
Chapter 119 – Banking on the Frontier ago
Chapter 120 – The Auction ago
Chapter 121 – The Auctioneers Song ago
Chapter 122 – A New Side Profession ago
Chapter 123 – Selling People ago
Chapter 124 – The Teacher ago
Chapter 125 – Networking for the Simple Minded ago
Chapter 126 – Two Journeys North ago
Chapter 127 – Hopes and Dreams ago
Chapter 128 – Aunty and the Shoemakers ago
Chapter 129 – Banker Warriors and the Key to Wealth ago
Chapter 130 – New Friends and Old Times ago
Chapter 131 – Finally Relaxing ago
Chapter 132 – Wheeling and Dealing ago
Chapter 133 – Bankers and Blacksmiths ago
Chapter 134 – Mellow Yellow, Cinnamon and Spice ago
Chapter 135 –  Warp Speed through the Storm ago
Chapter 136 – The Marine House ago
Chapter 137 – Last Minute Preparations ago
Chapter 138 – Matrimony and Motivation ago
Chapter 139 – The Huddled Masses ago
Chapter 140 – One Tin Soldier ago
Chapter 141 – Hell Broke Loose ago
Chapter 142 – Damn the Torpedoes ago
Chapter 143 – The Twilight Zone ago
Chapter 144 – Back in the Saddle ago
Chapter 145 – The Power of Titles ago
Chapter 146 – The Lash ago
Chapter 147 – The Tree ago
Chapter 148 – St. Charles and Beyond ago
Chapter 149 – A Night at the Riverfront ago
Chapter 150 – Hiccups ago
Chapter 151 – Summer day afternoon ago
Chapter 152 – Rub a Dub Dub ago
Chapter 153 – Dreams and Visions (or Down the Rabbit Hole) ago
Chapter 154 – Do you remember when ago
Chapter 154.5 – Strange Avenues ago
Chapter 155 – Wasn’t that a party ago
Chapter 156 – Pushing On ago
Chapter 157 – Injuns and Puppy Love ago
Chapter 158 – Kansas City Star ago
Chapter 159 – One Dyin' And A Buryin' ago
Chapter 160 – The Cock of the Walk ago
Chapter 161 – Blooded ago
Chapter 162 – Home Again ago
Chapter 163 – Helter Skelter ago
Chapter 164 – Sweet Matilda ago
Chapter 165 – Urkel and the Princess ago
Chapter 166 –  Sweet Corn ago
Chapter 167 –  Setting the wheels in motion ago
Chapter 168 – Mary ago
Chapter 169 – Practicing the new role ago
Chapter 170 – Practicing the Hangover again ago
Chapter 171 – Patent Plans ago
Chapter 172 – Engineers in Toy Land ago
Chapter 173 – Slicing up the Land ago
Chapter 174 – Back into the Game ago
Chapter 175 – Long Shot ago
Chapter 176 – Cordite in the Air ago

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Not a bad slice of life story ... Until chap 145

Reviewed at: Chapter 145 – The Power of Titles

A so so slice of life of a man sent back in time  

The twist being the MC goes back so loaded with supplies and support characters the only way it could have been even more extreme would be if he went back with the contents of a Costco warehouse.

Add in a harem subtheme and it's clear this is wish fulfillment  territory that is as also a time travel story  

However, the writing's not bad and the characters are more or less consistent  with decent grammar... until we reach a line in the sand for myself  

We have MC, a white man, explain to a black man, that he (the black man) will face racial discrimination in the southern US during 1800s America. This is after they both attend a slave auction.

Maybe this is a story for you, but this strikes me as being insensitive to race issues and is not a story I can recommend because of it. 


I love time traveling kingdom builder stories, and there aren't a lot of them out there. If that genre is your jam, you should definitely check this one out. The writing isn't bad and the author creates some good moments. Honestly, though, I think you'll enjoy the story more if you literally use the table of contents to start the story at Chapter 30. Up until that point, you get a little bit of character development and a lot of contrived reasons for the protagonist and his party to accidentally end up back in time fully loaded with everything they could possibly need for survival. While I appreciate the author trying to provide that justification, it took a ridiculous amount of story space to do it. 

Note that there are harem elements in this book, and the story suffers from a lot of the same issues that infect most harem books. One notable difference is the lack of extreme lovey-dovey reactions from the participants. Instead, this story takes an almost 180 degree different tack where there is an almost complete lack of emotional connection between any of the characters.

The biggest problem I had with the book is that the protagonist came across as unlikeable to me. Honestly, he's a bit of a jerk, and I don't understand his goals and motivations.

The story really picks up, though, when you get to the meat of the story. There's still the harem crap and the jerk character, but I liked the kingdom building aspect enough to keep me reading. When I got to the end of the published chapters, I was dissappointed that there wasn't more available, which says a lot!

A couple of genre nitpicks, though:

1. The characters never worry about the timeline. In most books of this type, the characters either deliberately set out to change things or worry about the butterfly effect that their actions might have. This story had no discussion of potential consequences and only the vaguest of hints that the protagonist has some kind of plan. Instead of withholding information from the reader, I think the author would have been better off having the protagonist lay out his plans and discuss the merits and problems. As it is written, the character's actions ring false.

2. The characters give lip service to hiding their advanced technology but then recruit a bunch of people and display it all openly. I don't get it. Is their technology being discovered a problem or not?


Was mediocre, boring, and nothing I expected. Felt like I was reading a quick journal entry in the form of bullet points. It's mostly goes here does this and that's about it... What makes me not want to read this anymore is not only the fact that its written like a bullet point draft, but also questions that are not answered to keep you enthralled and create suspense? Made me literally say GET TO THE POINT and Im pretty patient, but 15 chapters of character creation broke me.



para pessoas que gostam de histórias lentas, isso é bom. bom desenvolvimento, muito realista com caráter bem desenvolvido.

MC é um cara normal, sem poderes e não é inteligente, aceita que precisa de outros personagens para fazer as coisas.

Estou gostando até agora, espero que você possa ter uma longa e boa história.