Age of Charon

by Eneid Elisor

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Rebirth was not something that he had thought possible. Perhaps, he had had some vague hopes of reincarnation cycles as the more desirable option to afterlife. But being reborn in what he believed to be a fictional universe had only seemed as the premise of stories.
Waking up to a void of nothing, no light, no body, no feeling, and then being thrown into the midst of what had once seemed a mere fantasy— it was too much.
As an A.I., how much could he change? Could he save Tony? Could he save the world without his sacrifice? Or should he not do anything? What if his existence was the butterfly that would destroy the timeline, and with it, the universe?
Was this even a choice? Was he to play the villain? So the timeline could remain intact?
Could he even do that?
"You doing ok, kid?" Tony asked him.
"I'm fine, Tony, really."
No, no, he couldn't.

Disclaimer: The MCU universe and its characters do not belong to me. I only enjoy playing in this world once in a while.


Due to my schedule, updates will be 1 chapter per week. They will be posted regularly. If you want to support me, and check my backup stash of future draft chapters in progress weeks in advance, you can find them here for early access:

However, chapters will still be posted here, once proofread, without fail every week, for free, so no worries! 

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