Chaos Of The New Era

by ProDis04

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The changing of eras are wrought with chaos. A magic utopia was almost annihilated in the changing of the past eras, and weaker than ever before a new era emerges. The geniuses of the new generation will decide the fates of millions as chaos and turmoil ensue in the Kingdoms and Empires. The ancients of the previous generations will awaken once more in the face of the era.

Viran Idicium is the only son of a Marquess in the South of the Fortunis Empire. Despised and solitary, his life will change with the appearance of a new brother. The arrival of an unwanted brother would serve as an omen for the constant changed in Viran's life. With no support from his Father or his surroundings Viran will have to struggle in order to find his own happiness, and a reason to continue on the hard path he had chosen.

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