The Devil's Dark Remnant [An Urban Progression Fantasy Saga]

The Devil's Dark Remnant [An Urban Progression Fantasy Saga]

by authorwriterbard

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Hell is real, and that means a lot of bad things for Seth Blackwell.

It means powers he never asked for. It means showdowns with deadly monsters. It means the only way to survive is to get a whole lot stronger.

Will the dark void growing inside him be that source of strength, or will it consume everything he is?

He’ll face down liches, shamans, wendigos, necromancers, armies of the undead, a bloodthirsty vampire queen, an eldritch deity, and if all of that doesn’t kill him… Hell itself.

His power will grow, but will it be enough?


Note to readers: this is a long series. Set up takes place through chapter 20. If you don't like slow starts, there's an action sequence 13-15, and the inciting incident that kicks off the fantasy world is chapter 16. Up to that point, there is plenty of action. Just putting this disclaimer here.

Discord here: Bardland

See Author Page for status of series and planned release schedule.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1- Soulless ago
2- Reunion ago
3- New Girl ago
4- Old Rival ago
5- Round One ago
6- Investigation ago
7- Showdown ago
8- Victory and Doubt ago
9- Answers ago
10- Crash ago
11- Waking ago
12 - Entrance ago
13- Arena Part 1 ago
14- Arena Part 2 ago
15- Arena Part 3 ago
16- Aftermath ago
17- The Chase ago
18- Hangover ago
19- Road Trip ago
20- Safehouse ago
21- Class Seven ago
22- Stormfall ago
23- Wipeout ago
24- Stand ago
25- Fire and Movement ago
26- Fever ago
27- Augment ago
28- Split ago
29- Crosscountry ago
30- Descent ago
31- Sacrifice ago
Epilogue ago
1- Dreams of the Void ago
2- Once Again ago
3- Trust ago
4- Shrink ago
5- Half of the Truth ago
6- Gifts ago
7- Return ago
8- Line of Questions ago
9- Selection ago
10- Records ago
11- Meetings ago
12- Goodbye ago
13- Approach ago
14- Flight ago
15- SOS ago
16- Distraction ago
17- Outlets ago
18- Bad Memories ago
19- Interlude ago
20- Grudge Match, Part 1 ago
21- Grudge Match, Part 2 ago
22- Drinks Among Friends ago
23- Evaluation ago
24- Homecoming Day ago
25- Homecoming Dance ago
26- Homecoming Crashers ago
27- Reinforcements ago
28- Parlay ago
29- To Honor the Goddess ago
30- Shakedown ago
31- Tiberius ago
32- Base ago
33- Recon ago
34- Secrets ago
35- Negotiations ago
36- Range ago
37- Probation ago
38- Hunters ago
39- Mouse Trap ago
40- Order of the Maligned Faith ago
41- New Moon ago
42- Dawn ago
43- Bound to the Goddess ago
44- Wards ago
45- Witch Hunt ago
46- Rescue ago
47- Recovery ago
Epilogue ago
--Son of Freyja-- ago
--Summit-- ago
1- Hell's Ward ago
2- Hallucinating ago
3- Magic Missile ago
4- Departure ago

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Commander Kane

In my opinion, this is one of the best stories I've read on Royal Road. And I've read many.

Grammar and Style

There are few noticeable grammar mistakes. The style isn't bogged down by overly flowery prose nor is it so plain that you're left wondering if you're reading an essay. It's straight forward and to the point.


I've only read up to book one so far but it's been an absolute masterpiece to experience. I loved the beginning despite its seemingly standard YA origins. Seth's struggles with his girlfriend and his karate were incredibly well-written. I wouldn't have minded if the entire story was about his old life!

And yet, the transition to the more supernatural elements was handled just as smoothly! We're given information as necessary, led along by the hand one second only to be decked by incredible plot twists the next.


The characters really bring the story to life. The main character is refreshing; he has realistic flaws that he has to overcome. He's not made dumb just to move the plot forwards. It goes and he has to keep up. This isn't a bad thing by all means, though - in fact, it makes running alongside his journey all the more fun with the wild hurdles has to cross.

The side characters make it even more entertaining. They have real, engaging personalities that make them memorable. They aren't just cardboard cutouts for Seth to oggle, face-slap, or cripple their cultivation base. They have purpose and goals - just as any good character needs.

Final Thoughts

RR is a haven for litRPG and gamelit stories but that doesn't mean other genres can't shine from within. This is just one example of those outside-of-the-box fictions that deserves its praise.

If you're looking for cool urban fantasy with fun characters and great plot, TDDR is your pal.


Read If You Like Urban Fantasy!!!

Reviewed at: 42- Dawn

The Devil's Dark Remnant is a twisty-turny urban fantasy adventure that keeps maintains page-turning tension and features elements like mysterious organizations and high stakes betrayal.

Our MC is Seth, a high school senior trying to graduate. His main hobby is martial arts and he's a sweet guy who tries to do the right thing...but he has one problem.

Something in side of him doesn't want him to do the right things. Seth knows that there's a peculiar rageful emptiness inside of him, but he doesn't start to question or explore it until his head caves in and he's marked brain dead...but makes a miraculous, unexplained recovery. From that point on, Seth finds himself embroiled in a wild chase hiding from goons with guns and following a mysterious lich across the United States. Seth learns real quick that if he can't put his fighting skill to violent use, the one dead is going to be him, accelerated healing or not.

What I've described so far is really only the tip of the iceberg. Important to note is that the book takes a hot minute to get into the urban fantasy stuff. In the beginning, we get the setup and see Seth's high school life. But trust me, when the shit hits the fan, everything from that point on is a wild urban fantasy ride.

One undercurrent of the whole series so far (books 1 and 2) is that Seth doesn't know what kind of supernatural hybrid he is. In a world full of classic urban fantasy creatures like witches and werewolves, Seth continues to search for a straight answer, but none are forthcoming. He realizes that he might be something rarer and more dangerous than he could have ever imagined...and that someone, or something, is out for his blood.

Will Seth graduate? Will he manage to keep himself from being sacrificed on a bloody altar? Will Seth survive hunters, witches, and werewolves all out for blood?

One thing's for sure: he's going to have kickass friends by his side along the way.

The prose of the story is great, very not in your face and clean. Feels highly professional and polished. Could easily imagine it on the shelf at a brick and mortar store.

Highly recommended!

Experiment Zero

I am going to split my review into the different categories - but for those who don't want to read the whole thing, here's a summary: Solid grammar, interesting characters, slow to start on the magic but by no means a slow pace - action and fighting right from the start. Some clever foreshadowing too (if I'm not mistaken). 

It's not necessarily a story in RRs preferred genre, which is a shame as this story is a gem. 

I am not great at writing reviews, but I will give it a go as this definitely deserves one! 

Let me start with grammar, boring topic but oh so important for an enjoyable read. I wasn't actively trying to find mistakes so I won't promise that there aren't any. But I certainly don't remember tripping over any weird sentence structures or shifts in tenses etc. As far as I am concerned, the grammar is spot on. Which is rarely the case with self-published stories on RR. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into productive high quality writing. 

Grammar and style are closely linked, so let's move to that. The narrative is spot on. The prose is not completely over the top, but it does feel closer to trad books - a combination of word choices and the clear grammar I suppose. I'm not really in a position to judge this. The way the chapters are written leave me wanting for more and I will certainly continue to read.

The story itself is solid too. The first chapter was slightly confusing (but I was also really tired when I read it) because it's from a different POV - someone who already has some sort of supernatural powers. I generally dislike prologue like chapter ones however  this one really worked and I can't wait to see how the character will rejoin the story. The pacing has been good, I don't really want to stop when a chapter is over. The supernatural stuff has yet to start, and yet I'm glued to the plot and people.

The characters are probably what makes this story so appealing to me though. They feel like real and memorable people with their own personalities, history and flaws. I don't know how the author does it but I am genuinely invested in the mc.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book. 


This is now the second book I've read from AuthorWriterBard, and simply saying he sucked me in again. 
It's such a rare find on RR to be able to come back to an author and get completely envoloped in a story once again and I cannot be happier.

The expertise in martial arts shows through the writing but he never leans on that solely, it's more of a hat tip to a large knowledge base, but never overtakes his phenomenal story telling. 
Authorwriterbard has gained a fan for life.


The Devil's Dark Remnant

Reviewed at: 3- Birthday

Great Start, 

I couldnt stop reading the first few chapters, Honeslty kept me up all night. Cant wait to continue it with a good cup of coffee. The chacater developlement was increadable including the fights!  Cant wait to see what the rest of the boook has to offer. Happy Reading !! 

Keep up the great work.


We find a complete story that has been edited and proof-read before posting. What a dream find on RR as many authors don't seem to care what they put their name to. 

To publish a story takes finnese. A decent plotline, writing, grammar with fine editting and spelling. I commend this author for all of this. He even has two plus more books to follow this [and a schedule to make it so.]

We have Seth the MC presented as a kick-ass martial artist who gets sucked into someone elses 'world.' Nicole is not who she seems to be yet is badass herself.

They both end up fighting for the truth to come out and the destruction of the bad guys. 

Don't expect me to tell you the it and enjoy each chapter as it posts three times a week as of this posting.

Read this fun fantasy and smile yourself.

Johan Persson

I very rarely write reviews, because i am lazy and ungrateful, but i felt i had to write one for this.

I've read pretty much every popular series on RR, and more progression fantasy and LitRPG then is probably healthy, and this is one of my current absolute favorites. I have no idea how this is flying so low under the radar, the quality of writing is solid, the plotholes are few, and the grammar and spelling is some of the best on RR. It's not perfect, of course, but it's an absolute travesty that it's not yet trending higher, but it will be.

Read this book. You will not regret it.


Good if you like teen drama shows.

Reviewed at: 25- Homecoming Dance

Look the story is well written, its easily readable, great english and has a great ease to create an atmosphere. 

But it's not for me. I tried reading it but god. It's so frustrating. Theres too much drama. And not the great kind nor the one I like. It's so teen. Theres no other word than teen drama. 

Tge characters are well written, the interaction feels lifelike. But they are all so stupid and cringe. (Save for Andrew, a great side character). Also so far , out of the 9 female characters introduced, 5 has or wants to have sex with the MC.  

The mc has anger issues that makes sense in univers but it make him do such stupid thing its yeah stupid. 

And the MC has suffered great trauma, but everyone that knows just ignore it and had on to it. Hell, he goes to see a psy but she also shits on him. 


Theres a military group that know of his trauma and the fact hes dangerous and unstable and they just leave him be ? Hell he killed a few of them and the military did actu6shoot up a bunch of innocent and kids at a party.  Makes no sens that hes not being forced to therapy ect

The fact that he suffered so many trauma yet is treated exactly the same by the people that knows what he went through is just stupid. But is ground to lot of drama and tension. 

Theres a character that cheated on the MC and then accused him of doing it and spread rumours. Then he get hit by a car and suddenly shes woried. And then mass shooting he disappeared and officially was in a coma. And the first thing she does is restart his torture by spreading the rumours and dating his bully and stuff? In univers it doesn't make sense.



On to atmosphere,  the author really knows how to put a setting and create tension. But as you can see in chapter one. The atmosphere can and will make you cringe from some edgy darksasuke scene. Especially Nicole's  character , heck the MC also now that I think about it.

Tye fight scene are amazingly written especially hand to hand. Gun to hand scene didn't make a lot of sense. But the hand to hand is amazing, mainly because the author might know a lot about it. But the story will focus heavily onto hand to hand scene. I believe theres a fight scene every 3 chapters ? Which does start to get old especially because of the MC personality.


The tension and psychological side of the story is also well done. 

All in all, its fantastically written, but the drama keeps it from being great and makes it emotionally exhausting. 


I would recommend onlyy to those that like unnecessary drama 



Okay so I found this story via a recommendation in author notes from author Asviloka. Initially this story didn't really grab me, the first few chapters while well written kinda just felt a bit slow, and I had this question in the back of my head like; why should I care about this character? Where's the tension? 

Then the challeneges atart to crop up, it all started to build and then click and the story went from 0-100 real damn fast,  and im loving every bit of the ride so far. 

The characters are exposing themselves piece by piece, growing and adapting, and getting better and better. Im now binging chapter after chapter. I want to know more about Seth and Nicole, I want to see what he is capable of and how he resolves some of the challenges he is facing. The writing is pretty damn good, the pace is building, its a promising first book for this series.

All in all this is turning out to be an energetic and enjoyable read, quite different to most of the litrpg, fantasy or scifi I've been reading online, and all the more engaging for it.

There are a lot of writers out there putting up content that's fun to read, this one is that but with a quality to it that I wasn't expecting. Im pleased I started reading at Asvilokas suggestion and this is now in my favs/follows for sure.


My review title says it all. Few grammatical. Well though story line and characters. I am in love with action.

This is might be my first review on this site and I have read alot of stories on this website since 2016. Amazing job authorwriterbard and keep it up. Well done!!! 👍🏾😊😍