Magical Fantasy Land

Magical Fantasy Land

by Tigersight

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

"I wish I could just get whisked away from all my problems to live happily ever after in magical fantasy land. Who doesn't? ...What do you mean it's not all it's cracked up to be?"

Yumi just wants to get by and maybe eke out a little bit of happiness, but the world around her seems intent on stopping that. Then, a little twist of fate gives her a new chance, in a new world. An awesome fantasy world where she can finally be free and live happily! Who cares if she doesn't know the language, there's some endless war, racists, threats of slavery, and the magic is nothing like she imagined?

It couldn't possibly be any worse than where she came from, could it?

Note: Contains System stuff with stats and levels and all that.

Warnings: The content warnings are there for a reason, this one can get extremely dark/raunchy in a few places.

Contains explicit 18+ scenes and other adult content.

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The character growth in this story is slow. This doesn't mean it's bad it just means it isn't for everyone. It's 300 pages in and the improvement of her mental... issues may seem insignificant for that number of pages.(Though I don't think it's insignificant at all. More in spoiler but it spoils parts of the story, you've been warned)

The mc is a suppressed girl. From a young age, she has been shouldered by her family's expectations. Never really given freedom. She got stuck in a loop of doing things she doesn't want and only does because people tell her too and she could get out because of the career she made out of other people's choices. She was a slave already before she got shackled. 

She fears freedom after being completely dependant on other people. The thought of having to make her own decisions scare her. Though not in this extreme this type of dependency isn't as uncommon as you might think. 

Her mental issues are definitely justified as what was dealing is a very real problem a lot of children like her deal with. Extreme yes, but she is in an extreme situation. Even worse it's an entirely new situation for her.

She is improving and considering her type of issue, this situation, and a time period of half a year at most(not really sure) it's already a significant improvement if she improved at all in this time. These types of issues don't tend to get fixed quickly in the real world and not in this one either. Actually, if she started to improve faster it would start to be unrealistic.

But her mental condition improves gradually. The problems she's having are dealt with one at a time and it really takes time and effort for her to change/improve. This makes even the smallest improvement a major victory. Any change in the right direction even small is savored, it's rewarded. 

The system complements this perfectly, or at least her class does. The way she has meticulously craft/synergized spells sometimes even for for hours for that spell to finally go off. Even there isn't really a lot of power in the spells the accomplishment of that what others consider a somewhat empty achievement is for her an explosion of victory which is pretty much a mirror of how her character development works. That it took so many mental calculations to cast, or that it's not so powerful for the amount of effort isn't the point, not to her, and to the people who understand where she's coming from/who she thinks it's a major achievement.

The world she finds herself in is rich in people and history. The way the discrimination works with the otherwolders is well done and the different home countries from the different places create a great contrast. And instead of what the reviews say I don't think that the slavery/rape thingy is forceful. 

She is forced into a culture that views her race as enemy/trash and her race is actively enslaved. The way she became a slave and stayed a slave is realistic in that culture. When I read the whole debt slave thing I was initially somewhat like...urg.  But then it actually got explained and it clicked. And a lot of the things happening seem to just fit perfectly in that culture with that history. The fact that it feels like it could be real, save for the magic and stuff makes the culture a whole lot more believable, it makes it richer.

I have not a lot to say about grammar the sentences flow well. And I can't remember reading any spelling errors so they aren't significant enough for me to be bothered by it. 

The style fits the speed at which the story generally progresses but somehow it feels like the characters and the story/world progress at a different speed. Mostly because the number of outbursts and dialogue she has can make it feel overwhelming. And with the amount of attention given to the mc internally gives a strange sense of time. But it isn't really that big of a difference. But noticeable enough for me to point out.

The story is pretty much character-based and other than feeling slightly out of sync with the world around them there's nothing wrong.

But whatever, other than that and the frustration of the outburst seeping through the pages it's enjoyable. I recommend you at least try this one or the author's other story if you like slow burns.





An Interesting Read

Reviewed at: Hygiene

With a title like "Magical Fantasy Land", you don't expect much from the read. But after reading through the available content, I can honestly say that the title doesn't do the novel justice.

What starts out as regular drabble changes in ways I would not have expected. The issues that the protagonist faces are deep rooted and instinctual - having to fight the views of herself and others just to survive. With an in depth magic system and bits of world building supporting the protagonist's struggles, the novel has all the structural support necessary for the novel to explore ideas not too commonly touched. 

I look forward to what the author will do with the story in the future, and I hope that they don't drop the novel due to unsavory topics. 

Fair warning that the author's warnings are not to be taken lightly, however.

I shall write a more in depth review once there is more content.

I look forward to what happens to Yumi once Liina inevitably dies. 



Started off good, like the style of the writing and dialogue. However, starts to take a turn with the forceful slavery and sexual things. I would recommend adding a warning for slavery specifically. Normally fine with the other stuff but not into sex slave, harem, etc stories cause they gross me out and a lot of other people are the same way.


A fresh take on the isekai genre

Reviewed at: Caravan

It's actually nice to see a different outlook on the "I went to another world and got myself a slave" trope, since here it's the isekai'ed MC who become a slave, and not in a complete torture, horror et bullying kind of way.

It's actually a (if maybe not accurate, i wouldn't know) quite different take to usual slave tropes, and the social awkwardness of the MC is very well transmitted, wich makes the whole situation feel natural, rather than a forced trope so that the author can one or another fetishe in the story or write about an edgy revenge story.

Also i like the system, and the way the MC deals with it, nothing special there, but well done in my opinion.


Cool System and World, Awful People

Reviewed at: Caravan

I like the system that you use for classes and stuff. Every race is tied to a celestial being, and they're all a little different. I think that makes sense in a way, and it's kinda cool to think about expanding on over time. I just really don't like the main character, or any of the characters for that matter. It's so angsty and she's basically super intellegent and is amazing because she like building min maxed characters for video games. Then she's basically incompentant at everything else, and apparently everyone is terrible to other races. They explicitly say that otherworlders can't be slaves, but then just handwave it away because she has to have more kinky furry stuff in there? I just don't like it. If you're into stories with slavery and rape and stuff, then this might be more up you alley.

Paula R

Interesting start

Reviewed at: Debt

Interesting premise, I'm finding the mc annoying. Not a story for me because of that and because there aren't that many chapters yet.. Keep writing it, I can see loads of promise for the future. I'll give it another shot when there are a couple hundred chapters to binge read to get past the annoying mc characterisation.  :)


Very mixed feelings

Reviewed at: Home

The story is well-written, but there are certain story elements that may make people want to steer clear.

Specifically, some kind of warning for involuntary slavery and abusive relationships would've been appreciated.

The story skirts dangerously close to promoting the perpetuation of an abusive relationship because the MC was abused in the past.