Web of Secrets [Modern Cultivation]

Web of Secrets [Modern Cultivation]

by David Musk

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Mana Artists rule the world, and the path to power is a well-kept secret, restricted to state-approved programs and universities.

Akari Zeller will never be a Mana Artist. Not if society has its way. She's a Bronze with no money, no family, and no connections. But technology is advancing too. And to a skilled hacker like Akari, no secret is safe forever. The dark web holds the keys to true power, advancement, and her only chance of survival.

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David Musk

David Musk


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Map and Characters ago
Chapter 1: Mana Arts ago
Chapter 2: Life as a Bronze ago
Chapter 3: Elegan High ago
Chapter 4: Secret Meetings ago
Chapter 5: The Reign of Golds ago
Chapter 6: The Outside World ago
Chapter 7: Space and Time ago
Chapter 8: Cerulean Beach ago
Chapter 9: The Dark Web ago
Chapter 10: Out of Mana ago
Chapter 11: Staying Alive ago
Chapter 12: A Proper Missile ago
Chapter 13: The Sight of Blood ago
Chapter 14: Into the Tunnels ago
Chapter 15: Battle Tactics ago
Chapter 16: No Middle Ground ago
Chapter 17: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 18: Midwinter Break ago
Chapter 19: Deception ago
Chapter 20: Apprentice ago
Chapter 21: A Safe City ago
Chapter 22: White Vale ago
Chapter 23: Beyond Gold ago
Chapter 24: A Flock of Birds ago
Chapter 25: Bounties ago
Chapter 26: The Contested Area ago
Chapter 27: Target Practice ago
Chapter 28: Life and Death ago
Chapter 29: Martial Interrogation ago
Chapter 30: Risks ago
Chapter 31: A Dying Flame ago
Chapter 32: Back to Elegan ago
Chapter 33: A Gold's Demand ago
Chapter 34: Something Greater ago
Chapter 35: Unbreakable ago
Chapter 36: Choices ago
Chapter 37: Beneath the Ice ago
Chapter 38: A Perfect Nightmare ago
Chapter 39: Bloodline ago
Chapter 40: Graduation ago
Chapter 41: Escape ago
Chapter 42: Fugitives ago
Chapter 43: Rebel Base ago
Chapter 44: The Peak of Bronze ago
Chapter 45: Into the Prison ago
Chapter 46: Cell Thirteen ago
Chapter 47: Pinned Down ago
Chapter 48: The Grandmaster ago
Chapter 49: To the Sky ago
Chapter 50: Keylas ago
Chapter 51: Silver ago
Chapter 52: Never Hesitate ago
Epilogue: Family ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1: Castaways ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2: Costa Liberta ago
Book 2 - Chapter 3: Grevandi ago
Book 2 - Chapter 4: Falling Leaves ago
Book 2 - Chapter 5: Civil War ago
Book 2 - Chapter 6: The Nature of Dreams ago
Book 2 - Chapter 7: Last Haven ago
Book 2 - Chapter 8: Synthesis ago
Book 2 - Chapter 9: Left Behind ago
Book 2 - Chapter 10: Survival Instincts ago
Book 2 - Chapter 11: Catacombs ago
Book 2 - Chapter 12: The Dragonlord ago
Book 2 - Chapter 13: The Unmarked ago
Book 2 - Chapter 14: Blade Arts ago

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This is a well written cultivation story with a cool post-apocalyptic world.  I love the idea that knowledge has been lost and there might be a wider world out there  Still early days yet, but good characters and so far the plot arc is great.  I just want more of it written :)


It's quite good so far. The characters feel sufficiently distinct and interesting, the prose/grammar is good. Nothing to complain about, really.  The dialog is the second best aspect of the story so far - it feels very organic and it's quite entertaining.

Why five stars though? Because, the world building and magic system is really freaking' cool! Unlike most stories on RR I'm actually interested in learning more. 

I definitely recommend you check this one out.


Cultivation on Mysterious semi-modern Island

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: Target Practice

The story starts focused on a female MC in foster care who has it tough. She is determined to cultivate beyond her 'bronze' category and unlock the potential within herself. Setting-wise, she is on an island with an exciting mix of modern and cultivator-style technology, including chi-missle wands and computer hacking and surveillance.  

The story continues away from the very interesting MC by introducing more about the setting and switching perspectives to other cookie-cutter characters (like the wealthy young master alchemist). The author is driving a 'what is outside the island arc' full blast forward when I am interested in the original female MC's struggle to move from 'bronze' to 'silver.'

While I enjoyed the first 15ish chapters, I increasingly believe the story I want to read and the story the author wants to write are different stories.  Since I once followed this, leaving a review as thanks and encouragement.  May come back and try reading again with new expectations if this project finishes.  


Similar to Cradle but in a modern setting

Reviewed at: Chapter 39: Bloodline

I had a blast reading this story. The magic system is cool, the author spends time to build up the characters, and there is a huge mystery component that drives the plot forward. The protagonist goes through a lot of hardship but continues to push forward makign her easy to root for. Overall, a good time.


It starts a little slow on the mana channeling but once that starts then things start happening quickly. I highly recommend this one and I hope he continues with the story. Thanks for what you have written so far..It still wants more words so I'm going to ask for more info on the enemies they are fighting, the spiders. Do they move like normal spiders? 

Ethernet Storyhunter

When I say rebel I mean it. She seems to loathe the system she is in. 

The problem is that she is still stuck following the pathways put before her. Our girl is jumping head first for her dream that is likely to backfire so massively it's inconceivable that in some small way she doesn't see where this is going. Though she would push on anyway.

Is the world building good? Not really. This is from a first person perspective though. By seeing the world through the eyes we are using we don't know much. The mc is still in highschool essentially. The power systems of the world are secret and buried. Only those who seek find the old ways but who leaves the olds ways to be so easily found. 

Character, she's an unreliable source of information. Emotional, hormonal, basically a teen pissed at the world who lost her parents. Well done, it seems there are still aspects being suppressed in her personality. 

Style limmited first person. To write a review at this point is a bit criminal for the style. This author needs around 50 chapters to get what they need out. The complications built into these post civ city states always have a great deal of hidden intrege. This is still to early to get even an idea as to what is going on

Worth the read? I would say wait until chapter 30. Stick this one in your read later and keep an eye on it.


This is a very interesting beginning to what I assume is a very interesting story.

Right off the bat, Akari is the underdog, which readers can relate with and appreciate. You're introduced to her character, her motives, and the world quickly and precisely, which can also be appreciated.

The worldbuilding is clear right out the starting gate. Three ranks and three distinct lifestyles, which are shown immediately with such a simple line of: "She even spotted a cluster of Golds lounging on the benches, taking up twice as much space as they needed." With that line alone, the reader just knows the type of people most Golds are, and I liked that a lot.

The only thing I'll comment on with these first two chapters is the first chapter dives straight into Akari's motives without allowing the reader to understand her motivation. Chapter two quickly shows you the why but following chapter one, it seemed out of order. I think I would've almost liked chapter two as chapter one and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it's still an interesting start to a story, allowing the reader to see the world and the character immediately, giving a character the reader can root for and relate to, showing a world not so different from our own.

I would also like to comment on the narrative voice. The POV is third person; however, the style and voice make it seem like Akari is the one narrating, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. It was easy to read!

The first chapter will definitely hook you. Give it a read for yourself!


The story is good, it lacks a bit in world building but other than that, it has been a good read. I would recommend fleshing the world more and explaining more about some words. The characters are rather interesting. The mc is feisty and likeblabe, even the side characters are interesting in their own way.


I love stories tht start with the MC at the bottom and crawling their way up. The difficulty of the training also makes this good for me. I will be adding this to my favorites so i can follow along. 


The world so far has an interesting build with a grand secret and little ones that the MC finds out along the way. The martial systems hasn't been fully explained yet but the mystery is part of the fun.


Not that far into the story so far but from what I've read so far I like the style of it. Well described, we know who we are reading about and it's easy to follow.

I'm liking what I'm reading so far. I particularly love that we learn things with our MC as we go along so it forces true engagement with the story. A bit slower than I expected but I think that will pick up shortly. I'm also liking the world the author has established thus far and there's still so many things to learn. I'm just hoping that it doesn't take too long to learn. 


Grammar has been pretty good so far so that helps in having an easy story to read. 

Interesting MC thus far, maybe her motivations could be more established, hopefully we get some more insight into her past just to be more in tune with her but I like her so far. 

The other characters still need some fleshing out but as the story goes I'm positive we'll have that but nothing to complain about so far. 


Overall, a nice cultivation story to read that's not based in more historical like settings. Not entirely unique but definitely its own story. Give it a read! :)