Reborn! A Thief's Greed in a Fantasy World

by SoulCube

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Due to a few mistakes and stepping on a few too many toes, Keith Manowar, a career thief, and self-proclaimed "heist artist" is given a choice. die for good or be reborn in another world! However, he asks for one specific thing in this new world, magic. <-- Join! 

Updates 3-5 Chapters a week

Art Credit to the artist on Pinterest, send me your info if this infringes your copyright so I may cite your work!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Fresh Start? ago
A New World ago
A Discovery ago
Learning Curves ago
Sharing is Caring (Part 1) ago
Sharing is Caring (Part 2) ago
The Chest ago
A Demonstration ago
Creeping About ago
The Temple (Part 1) ago
The Temple (Part 2) ago
The Temple (Part 3) ago
The Crystal ago
Advertising and Undead ago
A Wall and an Idea ago
A Few New Tools ago
Training and Testing ago
Family Sparring (Part One) ago
Family Sparring (Part Two) ago
Back to Basics ago
Enhancement Fails ago
Lies and Punishment (Part One) ago
Lies and Punishment (Part Two) ago
Theory Crafting ago
Family Sparring Redux (Part One) ago
Family Sparring Redux (Part Two) ago
Family Sparring Redux (Part Three) ago
Birthday's and the Capital (Part One) ago
Birthday's and the Capital (Part Two) ago
Birthday's and the Capital (Part Three) ago
Travel ago
It's Good to Be Back! ago
Robbing the Bazaar (Part One) ago
Robbing the Bazaar (Part Two) ago
Tragedy (Part One) ago
Tragedy (Part Two) ago
The Orphanage ago
The Gruesome Test (Part One) ago
The Gruesome Test (Part Two) ago
New Beginnings ago
Join the Discord! ago
Initiation (Part One) ago
Speak of the Devil ago
Plots and Schemes (Part One) ago
Plots and Schemes (Part Two) ago
Initiation (Part Two) ago
Initiation (Part Three) ago
Initiation (Part Four) ago
Interrogation ago

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Pretty good so far. The Grammer dips in quality sometimes but nothing so bad that it'll mess up the story.

The MC is likable enough and following along with his thought process makes for a fun read.

The side characters aren't very developed but the don't need to be right now. The author gives just enough personality to them to make the story work.

The background is also fun to read. I'm glad the author gives just enough info to the background without it feeling like you're being suffocated by info dumps.

But speaking of info dumps the magic system is all info dumps. It gets a bit too much at times and I found myself skipping a few paragraphs of explanations.

Overall good read. The only major downside I can think of is the super short chapters. Magic experiment info dumps + short capers = not enough time for the plot to move forward. Also if your like me and skipped a few paragraphs then the chapters become even shorter.

So. Good story so far but I'll have to see what the release schedule is like.