The Beginning After the End

by TurtleMe

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation School Life Supernatural Wuxia

King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed through martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, devoid of purpose and will.

Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to relive his life.  Correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge, however. Underneath the peace and prosperity of the new world is an undercurrent threatening to destroy everything he has worked for, questioning his role and reason for being born again.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Start ago
Chapter 1: The Light at the End of the Tunnel ago
Chapter 2: Encyclopedia of Mana Manipulation ago
Chapter 3: Head Start ago
Chapter 4: My Life Now ago
Chapter 5: Let The Journey Begin ago
Chapter 6: Up the Mountain ago
Chapter 7: How I Wished ago
Chapter 8: Questions ago
Chapter 9: The Ones Held Dear ago
Chapter 10: Road Ahead ago
Chapter 11: To and Fro ago
Chapter 12: Meeting ago
Chapter 13: Questions and Answers ago
Chapter 14: What's To Come ago
Chapter 14.5: The Other Side ago
Chapter 15: Next Step ago
Chapter 16: Companion ago
Chapter 17: Family ago
Chapter 18: Peaceful ago
Chapter 19: Proclamation ago
Chapter 20: Everybody Wins ago
Chapter 21: For Them ago
Chapter 22: Royalty ago
Chapter 23: Auction ago
Chapter 24: Aftermath (Rework) ago
Chapter 25: Partners In Crime ago
Chapter 26: Worth Fighting For ago
Chapter 27: Examination ago
Chapter 28: Changes in Dicathen ago
Chapter 29: Sword and Body ago
Chapter 30: Last Leg ago
Chapter 31: Dire Tombs ago
Chapter 32: Dire Tombs II ago
Chapter 33: Dire Tombs III ago
Chapter 34: Rash Actions and Limits ago
Chapter 35: Precautions ago
Chapter 36: A Son, Brother, and Friend ago
Chapter 37: In the Meantime ago
Chapter 38: Introspection ago
Chapter 39: New Winds ago
Chapter 40: I'm Not That Nice ago
Chapter 41: A Ball ago
Chapter 42: A Ball II ago
Chapter 43: Xyrus Academy ago
Chapter 44: You Dare? ago
Chapter 45: Not Quite As Planned ago
Chapter 46: Wiser Than The Wise ago
Chapter 47: Attention ago
Chapter 48: Reminisce ago
Chapter 49: Disciplinary Committee ago
Chapter 50: Classes and Professors ago
Chapter 51: Classes and Professors II ago
Chapter 52: Classes and Professors III ago
Chapter 53: It’s a Pleasure ago
Chapter 54: Match Start ago
Chapter 55: This Is Going To Hurt ago
Chapter 56: Family Gathering ago
Chapter 57: Feelings and Old Memories ago
Chapter 58: First Day At The Job ago
Chapter 59: Confrontation ago
Chapter 60: Romantic Idiot ago
Chapter 61: My Team ago
Chapter 62: Baby Steps ago
Chapter 63: Field Trip ago
Chapter 64: Widow's Crypt ago
Chapter 65: Widow's Crypt II ago
Chapter 66: Widow's Crypt III ago
Chapter 67: Widow's Crypt IV ago
Chapter 68: Widow’s Crypt V ago
Chapter 69: An Unfamiliar Burden ago
Chapter 70: Evolving ago
Chapter 71: A Confusing Day ago
Chapter 72: One Fallen ago
Chapter 73: A Will’s Last Breath ago
Chapter 74: Order Of Power ago
Chapter 75: Manifest Destinies ago
Chapter 76: Good To See You ago
Chapter 77: Allies? ago
Chapter 78: Meanwhile ago
Chapter 79: Meanwhile II ago
Chapter 80: Meanwhile III ago
Chapter 81: At Last ago
Chapter 82: Benefactor ago
Chapter 83: A Greater Scale ago
Chapter 84: Lineage ago
Chapter 85: Elven Kingdom ago
Chapter 86: Winding Down ago
Chapter 87: A Will’s Unwillingness ago
Chapter 88: A Stroll ago
Chapter 89: A Cursed Blessing ago
Chapter 90: The Start ago
Chapter 91: Collapse of Xyrus ago
Chapter 92: Bird’s Cage ago
Chapter 93: Chosen Ones ago
Chapter 94: Arrival ago
Chapter 95: The Calm Before ago
Chapter 96: The Storm ago
Chapter 97: Outcome ago
Chapter 98: Floating Castle ago
Chapter 99: Fellow Captive ago
Chapter 100: Intentions ago
Chapter 101: Visitors ago
Chapter 102: Chess Pieces ago
Chapter 103: Peculiar Congregation ago
Chapter 104: The Great Eight ago
Chapter 105: When Ignorance Is Bliss ago
Chapter 106: Logic’s Biggest Foe ago
Chapter 107: A Grudging Tolerance ago
Chapter 108: Ones Closest To Gods ago
Chapter 109: Snail’s Pace ago
Chapter 110: The Lost Art ago
Chapter 111: Good Night   ago
Chapter 112: Newfound Goal   ago
Chapter 113: To Hunt Prey ago
Chapter 114: Workings Of A Single Step ago
Chapter 115: Predator's Domain ago
Chapter 116: What Laid Within ago
Chapter 117: Steps Forward and Back ago
Chapter 118: The Glass Of Water ago
Chapter 119: Bearer of Grim News ago
Chapter 120: Opportunities to Learn ago
Chapter 121: The Last Mentor ago
Chapter 122: Wren Kain IV ago
Chapter 123: Battles In Various Scenarios ago
Chapter 124: Preparations ago
Chapter 125: The Calm of War ago
Chapter 126: Calm of War II ago
Chapter 127: Washed Up Omen ago
Chapter 128: Necessary Resolve ago
Chapter 129: Concealed Burdens ago
Chapter 130: From Princess to Soldier ago
Chapter 131: Reunion ago
Chapter 132: Drawing Closer   ago
Chapter 133: Beyond The Door ago
Chapter 134: His Return ago
Chapter 135: A Warrior’s Maiden Heart ago
Chapter 136: As Quickly As He Had Appeared   ago
Chapter 137: Arrival ago
Chapter 138: To Right My Wrong ago

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Not bad but overrated

81-107+ are on Gravity Tales for those who are wondering.

As much as I wanted to give 5/5, this story can be summed up as not bad but overrated. The authors grammar and style are better than you can ask for from a web novel. However, The Beginning After the End suffers when it comes to both the story and the characters. 

The characters aren't bad, they're just uninteresting and don't feel real enough. Aside from the main character who we get to see most of the time, the rest of the characters seem like their only purpose is to advanced the plot or make us laugh. The antagonists are even worse. The dwarf rulers who get introduced simply to force the main character to end up training even more, Lucas who is there simply to create tension while acting like the typical Xian Xia young master, Professor who picks a fight with his students and almost gets the princess killed and many more. This is part of the reason why I gave the story 1/5.

Next up we have the story, which is the weakest part of this novel. The worst part about this novel is how the author forces the plot with his characters. Sometimes it is an antagonist that is introduced just a chapter before, others a side character acting out of character. All of this is done in order to advance the plot. This makes very difficult to immerse myself in the story when I see how the author forces his characters to behave unlike themselves simply to create tension. I can't imagine why the author would do this unless he did not plan far enough ahead and forces things to change the direction of the story every so often. 

To make things worse, the story's first arc is far too similar to Mushoku Tensei while the story's school arc is too similar to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei/The Irregular at Magic High School. It's almost like he combined both of them to make the first two arcs. Then to break things up and make it different we get yet another world domination story with the big bads trying to rule the world and the main character has to train super hard in order to stop them. I will never understand why authors feel the need to make everything epic with heroes stopping world domination plots when simply letting your characters develop and act like themselves is enough to create a wonderful story.

Rant over-

TLDR: The story is enjoyable but the author's lack of creativity makes it less so.

  • Overall Score

A well balanced wuxia-like story

The good points:

  • The mc is powerful enough to keep the story going, but not too strong.
  • The new characters are slowly introduced to the story, they don’t pop out of nowhere. You get a chance to get to know them.
  • The information about the power levels and abilities blends right in the story. No infodumps.
  • Romance and friendly relations are not sudden. 
  • Women are part of the story, not just a pair of breasts with legs (like you would often find in chinese wuxia).
  • Logical power-ups, no “mysterious” techniques or “heavenly” items that have this god-of-the-machine feeling. He has one power-up that came out nowhere, basically, but it was from relationship with a character that was introduced to the story (if somewhat spontaneously).
  • Not too many/long flashbacks.

The not so good points:

  • The story at least once goes like this: “He (side character) felt he (mc) emanated the aura of a king”. But it doesn’t explain why. Say, in other stories you read “he gave out a thick bloodlust”, but it was previously explained that it came from countless killings. I expected an explanation about this “kingly” aura, we know he was a king previously, but it didn’t feel right. Something along the lines of “he looked at me as if I was beneath him” or “he carefully stroked his cat, as if I was a subject in his court”. I wanted some insight into the mc’s mannerisms, into his personality.
  • Parents don’t question where did mc learn everything. His father and mother feel stupid, I hope they don’t become characters with a plain personality. [Update: this is slowly improving]
  • [Update] Some qualities of the characters tend to disappear (no more kingly aura)

The hopes for the story:

  • I hope the characters’ personalities evolve according to the circumstances and events.
  • I hope for a realistic ratio of male/female characters. Don’t want a stupidly big amount of females following the ridiculously popular male. [Update: It feels like the male population is just there to highlight MC's qualities, there is no competition, it's like MC is the only male on the universe of the story , the only other male badass is grandpa]
  • Sometimes explain why he decided something (e.g. why did he decide to become an adventurer?), and not just drop the bomb.
  • I’d like a smart protagonist that knows what to hide and what to show other people, one that doesn’t let his emotions cloud his judgement too much (but that’s just a personal preference). [Update: check!, looks like it is going my way!]
  • I enjoy buildup/release cycles in the stories I read. ***SPOILER-ISH*** The fight with the director ended almost as soon as I started reading it (no suspense, no buildup). [Update:  This is situation is improving.]
  • Perhaps a little more world building? We’ve met a small amount of creatures and other species. [Update: The world is rapidly expanding since this last arc started]

I like the direction the story is taking, I look forward for more.

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So far, the author has written 4 total chapters and I am enjoying every bit of it.  The MC and his family have their moments of funniness and it is not forced, IMO.  One thing that has bugged me about many different stories is the horrible grammar many have in them.  This has fantastic grammar and I haven’t noticed any spelling errors or the like.  Keep up the good work!


Update:  Obviously, the author has written many more chapters.  The author has taken criticism of the story in a mature manner and has changed it for the better.  I'm eagerly awaiting more chapters!

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

slightly incoherent story

from this story I have the feeling, that author doesnt have clear picture what he wants to write. It jumps from one style to another. Very inconsistent.

– On one hand MC is supposed to be reincarnated being, who was king in his previous life. On another MC sometimes acts like real brat without any experience.
(example: at one moment he acts like experienced scholar who study seriously, at another he thinks immature stuff “bad people should not hurt mama” GEEZ)

– also I cant accept whole stuff of being thrown across time and space and switching between those 2 lives. There is absolutely no way I am going to believe, that when he returned back to his old life he would say “no, I want to go back to being 3 year old kid  and lets ignore all of my family and friends from my original life.”  (whole life full of family and friends versus 3 years of being baby — not really a choice)

Another problem is the unrealistic interaction with characters.
– adventurer/friend of his father wants to “test”  3 year old kid when in reality he only “wanted to put him into place” and obviously it ended in showing how MC is “awesome” … REALLY? So cliché! Also person who wants to “put 3 year old into place” is not really friend but a big asshole.
– some random side characters says about MC “he shows aura of king” WTF? In this new world kings are some farts who get into their position through inheritance… thats totally different from his old world where kings were the best warriors. So mismatched.
– or “he stroked the cat, like it was a subject at his court” … sorry, but this just doesnt feel right.

this story is also full of stupid cliché. 
– MC is already stronger then adults when he is only 3 year olds.
– No real struggle for MC because he is so strong. And if he somehow gets into big trouble, then some DEUS EX MACHINA saves him. There is no thrill here.
– right after birth he looks at his new mom and she is the most beautiful woman he ever saw…. I dont see any reason why quality of new life depends on how beautful mother is. So lame. (also no woman looks “perfect” right after birth… sweaty hair, tired look, you know realistic stuff)
– stupid parents who cant notice that their 3 year old kid knows the stuff that even adults dont know. 

Overall score:
Apart from that really stupid and cliché stuff its okayish story, I guess.

  • Overall Score
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It was good, but it gets worse

Altho many people pinpointed all the good and bad points of the story, and i should do the same as a reviewer, but i wont. Why? Because fault of the story are not the biggest problem here, its the attitude of the author. You see, pre 40 chapters were good. Best ones were from 10 to 30. But it got worse, oh boy it did. I understand that any good story needs a good worldbuilding, and the best example of that would be Ze Tian Ji, which altho doesnt have a lot of action, with each chapter brings something new. After chapter 40 some part were straight up recycled from previous ones, but this chapter 47 is the one that made me explode. Why? Because its empty. The contents of the chapter are absolute zero, water in its purest form, its not even a filler. The worst written cn/ln i ever read(MGA), even this piece of garbage had never done something so ridiculous. I know how important cliffhangers are for this types of the stories, but you need to at least make them mean something, whilst the last few ones were so anticlimactic that it made me upset. I will try and read a  few more chapters but if this circlejerk will continue ill just drop this story, like any other sane person would. Some of you may say, "But what about foreshadowing? Its also a very important part of the story." Well have you ever read ISSTH? This work is king of foreshadowing, and if you read it you would know that there was only a single attempt at foreshadowing in this story ( another continent) And it failed miserably. The poing of foreshadowing is to show a little bit, to tease the main crew, here it presented in broad daylight with captain obvious screaming in the background. I started reading this story when the very first chapter came out, and was really happy that it got better and better with every chapter, but after a bit it started going downhill, whenn all of that recalling of the day started happening. You know how our mc tell us how he spent the day. Exactly the smae as the previous one. For on and on and on. I just feel like author doesnt know what to write about, but still tries to write about something just to not get forgotten . And that makes me sad. If you need to recollect you thoughts just take a hiatus for a couple of weeks, come up with the plan of a story for the next hundred or so chapters and you are good to go. Rinse repeat untill the end of the story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

If you have ever read Mushoku Tensei this gives off the same feelings of amazingness from the beginning and i hope this becomes a long time running story. Can’t write proper review untill we get to see more content but from what we do have this is a very interesting story and gets you imersed in it really fast. Just wish more chapters were out lol.

  • Overall Score

A well written story with good grammar, an interesting plot line, and good characters. This isn’t a perfect story by any means and some plot devices are a little cliche. The pace of the story is a little all over the place with time skips here and there which can be somewhat annoying when the author could’ve gone more in depth about what happened during that time but instead opted for a time skip. Relatively good power leveling and although OP at his age, the MC isn’t a god by any means. A relatively good character that isn’t impuslive, reckless, or follows his d*** everywhere.

Would I reccommend this? Yes. It’s a very solid story that is engaging and keeps me looking forward to each update and I think you should give this story a try

I hope for some good romance but this story is starting to look like a harem story which is a little off putting considering how harems generally mean less character development and I hope the author manages to pull off the romance in this story well.

  • Overall Score

I'm very much enjoying this story. There seem to be a few story line inconsistencies, but it is still overall entertaining to read.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I personally really enjoy the story so far. I've read up to chapter 50 and most of the story is decent. The characters are reasonable, and you have a decent writitng style.


One main issue you have is you are not reading through your work before you submit it, or if you are, you are not noticing the mistakes you are making in your sentences. My suggestion would be to get someone to proofread your work for you, and only that, don't let anyone change your story, as it is your story. Only you should decide what to change an what not. 


Another piece of advice I would give you is to go through your own story from the beginning and think of what fits and what doesn't, cause you may find a lot of things you liked at first now don't seem too good, because that's what happens when you progress in writing your story, cause things change as you write.


Keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

As a fan of dragons, op characters and the general fantasy setting this story not only  is one of my favorites on RR but one of my favorite fantasy story out of all the numerous novels and stories i have read.

The only thing that I ask as a reader is that you don't make this series short or lacking in environmental detail. more than once i have finished fictions on this site only to wonder more about the world, lore, characters and various factions that are present in a series. 

more than one i caught myself thinking this would be an awesome manga, and even forgetting this isn’t a PDF of a major novel. Seriously keep up the amazing work and this series has potential to be utterly incredible.