Chapter 14

[A few months later]

In the open training ground, Amon was plunking with a giant boulder on his back. His muscles looked as if they would come out bursting. As he was sweating fountains.

On the giant boulder, there were around 70 [Jet-Dial: Timer Version] placed on the left side of it. As time was lessening from 04:59 Minutes.

This was hard training, a very dangerous one too. He was trying to master [Tekkai] and since, like always, he doesn't know the actual way to learn the technique, only by doing these strangest things may he master the technique. Or if lucky, he can even unlock [Armament Haki].

He's been like this, plunking for 5 hours now, with only around 5 minutes left for the hour of revelation. There were also many tribesmen around him, waiting to see if he can actually succeed or not.

If he can last 5 minutes, the [Timer-Jet-Dial] will release its great wind pressure enough to toss the stone above him, very far away, without him receiving any injury. Obviously, Amon has already tested this before with other situations, or there were many things like miscalculations that might cause his death.

Not to forget, many people were just around, so the danger is close to non-existent. Even then, Amon didn't want to die. So he was trying his absolute best. He wanted to give up mid-way, but at this point, he's just stuck.

With the 500kg stone boulder on his back, Amon only had around 2 minutes…




It was a breathtaking time for everyone, many also prepared to rush if Amon fails and the boulder crushes him like a cockroach.

However, [00:00] *Beep!*.

*S-sha* *Boom! Boom!*

The boulder, as if a piece of paper got sent flying far away, with a few jet-like sounds from the dials.

Fortunately, nothing got crushed by it.


"*Gasp*... Haaah!...." Amon fell on his face while taking deep breaths. He was bathed in his own pool of sweat, as he almost lost consciousness.

"Hey, Amon! Are you alright?"

People ran towards him, with Wiper being one of them.

This time, unlike all the previous times, he doesn't have any look of hostility or annoyance in his eyes. Rather, his eyes widened, with determination to grow stronger, and a sense of respect hidden deep within.

"Haaah… Wiper, you idiot. Huff…. Don't just look… bring me water." Amon said as he flipped he barely flipped his body, now lying on his back. "Do you want your big brother to die of dehydration?"... Still huffing profusely, Amon said.

Wiper then ran to bring water. He didn't realize it, but his legs moved automatically.


[A few days later]

It was night time, and Amon was inside his hut, sitting on his bed. As a few sheets of paper were spread on the bed in front of him.

Amon had a frown on his face and droplets of sweat were dripping from his head. "Damn…" He rubbed his temple. "I never thought intercepting a language would be this hard… Ugh."

Amon revealed his frustration as he fell on his back on the bed. Only the same old ceiling was there to help a little to calm down.

Amon had paper spread around his bed, the same paper which is very rare in the Sky, especially in the Shandia tribe. So Amon wasn't supposed to have them unless he stole them from somewhere. Or, thinking optimistically, he just asked the chief for it.

Even then, the chief wouldn't have given him any, unless it was something important. Fortunately, it really was something important as Amon asked for permission to learn the ancient language of Shandora, the language craved on the stones and golds of the city of gold.

Likewise, the papers in front of him contained that exact language, and Amon was trying his best to learn it. Obviously, Amon wanted to learn the language when he was a child, nothing to do. That way, now he wouldn't have to waste his training time to learn this.

However, the ancient language isn't really that important to the tribe at this Era. So, it's all right if only a few people knew it since they don't really use it to talk, or write anymore, instead just use the knowledge to read the history left by their ancestors. So for this job, which isn't necessary for everyone to learn, one has to reach a certain age, and achievements(like mastering weapons) to get permission to learn them.

Now, that Amon met both requirements, he's finally trying to learn them. How, he wasn't able to solve, let alone learn even a measly of the language.

The paper contained:


Although to the outside world, the language might seem completely unknown, to the Shandia people, these are very gracious, as it is the language of their honorable ancestors.

However, even then, most of them don't have the knowledge to interpret their own ancestor's language. For whatever reason, the ancient Shandorians' didn't want information on the War of 800 years ago to be spread everywhere. Regardless, since they also didn't want to destroy their own city which had history carved in stones and golds, they had to do something more tricky.

Like changing their whole language for example!

...Which they did, and it actually worked. As of now, 800 years later, except for the Chief, only a few specific individuals could read this language. Worse, now since they aren't in the Upper-yard, there are also not many ways to learn the language, except for these few papers that are written and translated from the knowledge of every generation's chief...

Releasing a sigh, Amon thought, 'I've been doing this for a few months… But since I don't have any kind of basis for this language, I didn't achieve much even after a few months have passed.

The obvious choice would be to request Chief to teach me the ancient language… However, he is busy most of the time. There is only Viper and Isa left… Viper is a no-no. But, as the daughter of the chief, Isa, also has quite a bit of knowledge on this. Obviously, she did help me, but even that was not enough for me to intercept much. According to my assumptions, I have around 30% understanding of the ancient language of Shandora.


|1 Month later|

–General Pov–

"And after many of our great warriors' sacrifices 800 years ago, the ones left were bestowed to protect the Poneglyph." The chief said in his old voice. "We've been doing it until the City of Shandora was shot up in the sky, and after Kalgara died fightin-Hey are you even listening to me?!"

Currently, Amon was in the chieftain's house, while he was telling him about the ancient history of Shandorian's City of Gold, for the umpteenth time.

"Yes, yes I'm listening. Continue, I'm just checking myself in the ONLY mirror that the tribe possesses!" And so the chief continued telling his story while he kept observing myself in the mirror…

Eight years of age. 1.6 meters in height, with a not so skinny body. Abyssal black hair reaching the shoulder. Large red-colored eyes and soft white skin along with a cute face. The child with a girly face, Amon, looked at the mirror.

{A/N: Literally the guy in the Cover, but younger along with long hair, and white wings… Click Bait.}

Amon sighed. 'I already accepted this… Well, doesn't matter anyway. There is that guy named Cavendish who was drawn like a girl, to begin with, as stated by Oda. And I'm sure everything will be fine after I grow up…'

"Haaah." Amon released a long breath. 'Let's not think about this anymore.'

Amon looked at the chief, and asked, "Oh, by the way, how's been Isa doing with Bob? I can't believe our dial man Bob always liked Isa, not only that, who knew he was courageous enough to confess to her in front of everyone?"

After that day's feast, many people came to confess to Isa. Even Bob the builder himself came and confessed to her. Surprising the tribesmen, Isa accepted Bob's confession.

'I obviously wasn't surprised though.' Amon thoughts. 'Since, the only reason that I decided to intervene with the timeline, and quicken Aisa's birth, is that I am SURE that Bob is the one who is most likely to be Isa's husband in anime…

"Huh, are you trying to run from hearing the great stories?... Sigh, fine. I guess I'll let you go since you already know these stories... Anyway, Isa and Bob are doing fine." The chief scratched his cheeks, creating a thinking expression. "Actually, I was surprised too, Bob is a shy man after all. But I guess marriage depends on fate. Here is the thing, Lil' Amon, I'm happy if my daughter is happy. Hahaha!" Saying this, the chief started to laugh…

Amon ignored him, and kept looking at himself in the mirror.

He's been working with Bob for more than 2 years now, so he knew in-depth about his personality, he can never be sure if there was no monster hidden inside his nice-guy outer look. This world is not as light-hearted it seemed after all.

Amon started to think. 'I have no idea who Isa's husband was in the canon timeline. So, I could have let things go like before, and (not counting the butterfly effect)when I would have turned 13 Isa would have naturally gotten a husband and Aisa would have been born. Even then, that's too long. I want Aisa a few years earlier than before at least, so I needed to find the husband soon.'

Nonetheless, 8 years is a long time to search for a single man among 120 people, after all. So, he eventually concluded. But, even if the chance is slim, I might come out wrong. But… there are always solutions.

That's the reason why he proposed the marriage deal to Isa now, instead of doing this a few years ago which would have been more beneficial to him. Amon then thought. 'In the end, Bob is a pretty good guy... But I hope I get Aisa as soon as possible.'

A few minutes passed like that.

Suddenly, Amon chuckled. Making the chief confused. Amon ignored him and left the hut.

It was time. This was his 8th year in this world. Time to pay his long kept debt to his favorite uncle.



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