Warrior of Fang

by Megagirl

In the darkest times when the world was in ruin, a chosen one gifted with the light to vanquish the darkness is born. A never ending battle with the eternal dragon is fought throughout time, through generation after generation, guided by the talismans of old, an ancient awakening and a forgotten goddess.

Alex Fang, a young Feles warrior, the new generation against the darkness has yet to discover his true family linage against the darkness, but it has already set its plans into motion to stop the light from winning

His struggles shortly started after he receives his talisman passed down through his family at his sixth birthday, coming in contact with Dumah who carries a dark essence which corrupts those week to its influence.

This dark influence slowly changes the kind-hearted king, creating conflict within the lands of Panthera, the darkness seeping into the land.

Alex works hard to grow in rank to protect the one who he would give everything to protect from this darkness - princess Tigra.

When his true awakening happens, he discovers the world seeped in a deeper darkness than he could have ever imagined, but will he succeed in vanquishing the darkness from his home.

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