Leveling up the World

by Lise Eclaire

After his first college party, Dallion woke up in a small room without doors or windows. Next thing he knew, he woke up as an “awakened” in a small medieval village in the middle of nowhere. Now all he needs to do is figure what the heck is going on. And what’s the big deal with being awakened anyway?!

NOTE! Updates daily in bite-sized chunks (1k words).

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Lise Eclaire

Lise Eclaire

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. You are Level 1 ago
2. Awakened ago
3. A Simple Request ago
4. Within the Ring ago
5. Ring Guardian ago
6. Acknowledged ago
7. A Mother's Hairpin ago
8. Mending Labyrinth ago
9. Mother's Training ago
10. The Arrangement ago
11. Midnight Meeting ago
12. The Awakening Shrine ago
13. Darude Sandstorm Dragon ago
14. Out of the Box ago
15. Crossroads ago
16. Village Bound ago
17. Personal Shrine Trial ago
18. Endless Combo ago
19. The Second Task ago
20. Within the Well ago
21. Realm Mending ago
22. The Pack ago
23. Foul Air Hunting ago
24. Hothead ago
25. One of Many ago
26. Outclassed ago
27. Stars and Moons ago
28. Rock and Cub ago
29. Promise in a Dream ago
30. Types of Awakening ago
31. Inside Oneself ago
32. Level Capped ago
33. The Echo ago
34. The Archduke's Envoy ago
35. Among Monsters ago
36. Awakening Failed! ago
37. Basic Training ago
38. Practice Guardian ago
39. Moment of Glory ago
40. Belt Buckle Meeting ago
41. Thread of Smoke ago
42. The Caravan ago
43. Limiting Echo ago
44. Merchant Tombstone ago
45. Ambushed ago
46. Rushing up ago
47. Preparation ago
48. Battlefield Modification ago
49. Rocket Bolt ago
50. The Chainling ago
51. The Loss ago
52. A name of his own ago
53. The Trip Back ago
54. Homecoming ago
55. Sand Dragon's Return ago
56. The Fifth Trial ago
57. Fighting a Mountain ago
58. The Personal Arena ago
59. Colossal Combat ago
60. Path to Full Awakening ago

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The presentation and storytelling are fine. There is a quality to the story that really draws you in. The world feels alive.

It's too early for an advanced review.

While the premise is intriguing, the story, for the first few chapters at least doesn't really make sense. There is a huge dirve for people to awaken, it takes a lot of effort and for the MC (and some others) they are basically guaranteed to lose their awakening. Despite this everybody still tries to awaken, and nobody take any effort to avoid the imminent disaster, or flee the accursed hellhole. Why sink all the effort here? Why not just leave? how come *spoiled* is allowed to get away with *spoiler* even though literally everybody seems to know what's going on.

Because of that it's hard to relate to the story or care, because it feels so hand-wavy at the start.


The author is challenging themselves to write a chapter a day and it shows.  The characters feel flat, and the plot forced.  The world building is pretty meh as well.   Why do people not leave the village?  They can't go to a city for unknown reasons, so why don't they just make a new village?  Sure it would be a big investment but awakening is supposed to take years of work.  Something that people still put it despite it being well known that the village chief is taking away from people.  Why do people still go to the chief if they know he will make them lose their abilities?  They won't be acknowledged as an awakened, but being an awakened conveys supernatural abilities which they could use to make their own life easier if they never mention it.  The chapter size doesn't fit the story as fights and conversations are usually broken into two chapters as well.  If the story was rewritten with a better schedule I would read it though.


An unclear picture that elicits curiosity.

Reviewed at: 41. Thread of Smoke

I am quite intrigued. There are reasons for it, but even as of chapter 41 the world is still a mystery. How it looks (outside the village and grass hills), how the society and economy work, even what roles the awakened exactly have in it. Part of that is definitely because the chapters are on the shorter side, and the action fast-paced, which leaves little place for detailed descriptions and interactions. But what was shown is enough to gain my interest. I have many questions, which is a good sign, and the story is slowly revealing the answers.

Good thing the chapters are coming up daily.

Also, the story concentrates mainly on the "inner" world - the game-like domain of awakened. A place where Skills have more impact, and most of the fighting is taking place. As of now, that is. Already the MC is on hunt in the real world, and we are learning more about it thanks to that, but still it will be some time before we see what Skills outside "awakened arenas" can do. Not like the MC knows much about awakened powers, I have an impression he (and readers by extension) knows only the obvious basics.

All in all the story feels a little claustrophobic. I hope that the initial information "censure" will disappear at some point, and that the story will shift to elicit more "freedom" and "adventure" feel. This will require more interactions between characters though, so the tone of the story will have to change.


Setting is good ,actual story is average

Reviewed at: 29. Promise in a Dream

The idea of having to fight to awaken items is pretty intriguing to me , and I like the setting. The grammar is good, and the pace is pretty face paced.

I would just say that I dislike the main character, and the choices he makes. I think it is a deliberate part on the author as there are constant mentions of how he is doing something in a reckless way. Yet he keeps on doing it.

Overall I say this is a story where you should  wait for more chapters to accumulate and someone else braver than me to review it to say if it is worth reading or not.


World of magical menders

Reviewed at: 24. Hothead

Magically improve the world by...killing mystical creatures...that live in mundane items...? oh, and level up too! 

Postives: Grammar, story flow are good and don't distract.  Interesting twist of how people "level" up.  The world feels colorful and discriptive. 

Negatives:  A little too focused on new magic system...? Characters are a little flat, including MC. Transmigration intro feels unecessary  ( So far appears to have little impact). The storyline is feeling a little railroaded and the MC is mostly reacting to a series of bad situations. 


Decent, but bizarre metaphors.

Reviewed at: 32. Level Capped

So far this is an interesting enough story. The world building is intriguing, with fairly unique magic system. The story and characters are a bit flat, but reasons for this are possibly offered later in the story. There's enough here that its worth holding out for the mystery being resolved. 

Honestly my only real gripe is the downright strange comparisons. "The contrast was like between yellow and black (not black and white?)", "like scissors through silk" and "The jet of water burst on by him, reaching up to the sky like a truck of mentos falling into a cola lake". Its just odd and immersion breaking for me.


Just did a read through of this entire story up until chapter 25; I'm loving this story so far.  Each chapter makes me want to keep reading and find out what happens next.

Love the originality of the story! Good job so far.

Keep going and I can't wait to see how the story progresses.

10/10 would recommend reading if you're just looking to try something out.  It has a light a fluffy/positive air to it.


For starters, I just want to say that I read all 32 chapters that were available at the time that I'm writing this review in one sitting. This story is very immersive, I find myself not wanting to put it down. Overall, I really love this story, and look forward to reading more. The mystery if the world he finds himself in is just great.

I gave 5 stars for style because the story is written very crisply and cleanly, theres nothing immersion breaking or anything, the blue boxes that are a staple of the LITRPG genre aren't overpowering or anything like that.

I gave 5 stars in grammar becuse the quality of the writting is impeccable, in all my reading, I noticed only 2 typos, in 32,000-ish words.

The story I gave 4.5 stars, because its intriguing and immersive, it makes you want to read more, there are a few weird bits, or little nitpicks that I have, that I can't really get into without spoiling the story, but they are very minor, and I still definitly want to read more.

I gave a 3.5 star score for character because while a few characters have some depth, there are a lot of flat characters, or ones that have the illusion of depth but just haven't been explored, and I have the feeling that they won't be.

Samuel Lebot

The story is not exempted of shortcomings but damn it's original, I don't think I have ever seen a "system" like that elsewhere. Lise's style is awesome and the world seems to hold a lot of mysteries to unraveled. Some characters could take a bit more development and depth but that point will hopefully be fixed as the story goes on. The only real failure i found in this novel are the 2~3 first chapter that I found a bit rushed.

The MC recover from the choc and adapt too fast from my point of view. The early chapters should have a bit more explanation.

It's worth your time, give it a try !


Something new from Lise

Reviewed at: 6. Acknowledged

I am loving Lise's writing style - and so far, a LitRPG from her is everything I could want. Will need more to be certain, but so far it's bloody fun and excellent!

The writing is great, the characters are interesting and the game elements promise exhilarating training/leveling sequences in the future!