Leveling up the World

Leveling up the World

by Lise Eclaire

After his first college party, Dallion woke up in a small room without doors or windows. Next thing he knew, he woke up as an “awakened” in a small medieval village in the middle of nowhere. Now all he needs to do is figure what the heck is going on. And what’s the big deal with being awakened anyway?!

Arc 2: The Adventure Arc starts at Chapter 85

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Lise Eclaire

Lise Eclaire

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. You are Level 1 ago
2. Awakened ago
3. A Simple Request ago
4. Within the Ring ago
5. Ring Guardian ago
6. Acknowledged ago
7. A Mother's Hairpin ago
8. Mending Labyrinth ago
9. Mother's Training ago
10. The Arrangement ago
11. Midnight Meeting ago
12. The Awakening Shrine ago
13. Darude Sandstorm Dragon ago
14. Out of the Box ago
15. Crossroads ago
16. Village Bound ago
17. Personal Shrine Trial ago
18. Endless Combo ago
19. The Second Task ago
20. Within the Well ago
21. Realm Mending ago
22. The Pack ago
23. Foul Air Hunting ago
24. Hothead ago
25. One of Many ago
26. Outclassed ago
27. Stars and Moons ago
28. Rock and Cub ago
29. Promise in a Dream ago
30. Types of Awakening ago
31. Inside Oneself ago
32. Level Capped ago
33. The Echo ago
34. The Archduke's Envoy ago
35. Among Monsters ago
36. Awakening Failed! ago
37. Basic Training ago
38. Practice Guardian ago
39. Moment of Glory ago
40. Belt Buckle Meeting ago
41. Thread of Smoke ago
42. The Caravan ago
43. Limiting Echo ago
44. Merchant Tombstone ago
45. Ambushed ago
46. Rushing up ago
47. Preparation ago
48. Battlefield Modification ago
49. Rocket Bolt ago
50. The Chainling ago
51. The Loss ago
52. A name of his own ago
53. The Trip Back ago
54. Homecoming ago
55. Sand Dragon's Return ago
56. The Fifth Trial ago
57. Fighting a Mountain ago
58. The Personal Arena ago
59. Colossal Combat ago
60. Path to Full Awakening ago
61. Dallion's Echo ago
62. Old Proposals ago
63. Clash with the Chief ago
64. The Village within the Village ago
65. Village Guardian ago
66. Offer Rejected ago
67. Weak Spot Found ago
68. The Chief's Awakening Room ago
69. Metal Thorns ago
70. Final Offer ago
71. Aspion's Story ago
72. Aspion's Story - Dherma Village ago
73. Aspion's Story - Drafted ago
74. Painful Recollections ago
75. Sealed Destiny ago
76. The Glory of Luor ago
77. New Dawn ago
78. Two of a Kind ago
79. Wish of the Well ago
80. Critical Wounds ago
81. Companion ago
82. Past Wrongs ago
83. The Gift ago
84. The Last Goodbyes ago
Adventure Arc. Chapter 85. Journey Through the Wilderness ago
86. Inn with an Elf ago
87. The Icepicker Guild ago
88. Entry Test ago
89. Guild Rookie ago
90. Dinnertime Mending Orders ago
91. Harpsisword ago
92. Library Training ago
93. Blue Quartz and Armor ago
94. The Thread Forger ago
95. Guild Selection Trial ago
96. Starting Party ago
97. Dungeon Crawling ago
98. Combat Preparation ago
99. First Level Guardian ago
100. Level 1 Cleared ago
101. Shadow Guardian ago
102. Aim for the eyes ago
103. Copyettes ago
104. The Imprisoned Species ago
105. Music Duel ago
106. Into Darkness ago
107. Second Chances ago
108. Back to Basics ago
109. Twelve Suns ago
110. Guards and Gorgons ago
111. Holster Boots ago
112. Lesson and Favor ago
113. Guild Jobs ago
114. Item Exploration ago
115. Devoted Perfectionist ago
116. The Firebird ago
117. Mother-of-pearl ago
118. Horror from the Past ago
119. MIrror Widow ago
120. Nox in Action ago
121. Celebratory Feast ago
122. Shield Search ago
123. Scuffle at Drunkard's End ago
124. The General ago
125. The Shield Dryad ago
126. Future Apprentice ago
127. Weapon Neglect ago
128. Guild Emergency ago
129. Crackling Fear ago
130. Seventh Level ago
131. Creatures of the Star ago
132. Water Equine ago
133. Hidden Threat ago
134. Bloodlust ago
135. Chainling Faceoff ago
136. Ray of Loyalty ago
137. Doubt and Gear ago
138. The Harpsisword ago
139. Miscalculation ago
140. The Mirror Pool ago
141. Grey Harbor ago
142. Barroom Blitz ago
143. Conditional Help ago
144. Guardian's Fear ago
145. Lucky Break ago
146. Second Crossroads ago
147. Realm Linking ago
148. Echo, Guardian, and Crackling ago
149. Halls of Destiny ago
150. Paradox Cube ago
151. Return of the Self ago
152. Hidden Reward ago
153. Future Options ago
154. A Night to Remember ago
155. The Captain's Parcel ago
156. The Quiet Noble ago
157. Forging Skills ago
158. Flameforge Celebration ago
159. Challenge and Offer ago
160. Four Percent ago
161. A Fury's Visit ago
162. The General's Bargain ago
163. Time of Testing ago
164. Slashing Through ago
165. Gift of Battle ago
166. Dallions Galore ago
167. Copyette's Nature ago
168. The Atypical Guardian ago
169. The Root of Evil ago
170. Combat Limitations ago
171. Combat Splitting ago
172. Out of Darkness ago
173. The Thank You Gift ago
174. Old Complications ago
175. Catching up ago
176. Guild Trials ago
177. Two Emblems ago
178. Performer's Plaza ago
179. Mandolin and Ringchord ago
180. Stone Garden Awakening ago
181. Gremlin Settlement ago
182. Harp Wound ago
183. A Two and a Five ago
184. The Sword Expedition ago
185. Hidden Fears ago
186. The Ancient Trio ago
187. Army of Fear ago
188. Chainling Creation ago
189. Inner Revelation ago
190. Practical Lessons ago
191. Being too Good ago
192. Rock Scouting ago
193. Terminal Wounds ago
194. Semi Plan of Action ago
195. Talk with a Shield ago
196. Lady Marigold ago
197. The Real Thing ago
198. Flight and Combat ago
199. Cracks and Priorities ago
200. Advanced Splitting ago
201. The Return ago
202. Realm Sharing
203. Job Offer ago
204. Complicated ago
205. The Gilion House ago
206. Ticks and Cracklings ago
207. Bog Attack ago
208. Elite Combat ago
209. Chipping In ago
210. Purple Moon ago
211. Tough as Nails ago
212. Up the Mountain ago
213. Secret's Protector ago
214. External Consequences ago
215. Planned Surprise ago
216. Old and New ago
217. Forging Apprentice ago
218. Private Performance ago
219. A Debt Prepaid ago
220. Vermilion's Tears ago
221. Guardian Unchained ago
222. On the Loose ago
223. Lifetime of Bad Habits ago
224. Attempt at Sixteen ago
225. If Words Can Kill ago
226. The Choice ago
227. A Close Friend ago
228. More than a Coincidence ago
229. Festival Tournament Challenge ago
230. Application ago
231. The Path Onward ago
232. Water ago
233. Future Rival ago
234. Belaal's Drum ago
235. The Gauntlet ago
236. Mage Impact ago
237. The Spectral Shardfly ago
238. Final Dagger ago
239. Artifact Prize ago
240. Echo Network ago
241. City Guard Visit ago
242. The Overseer ago
243. Final Warning ago
244. Dragged Down ago
245. Maze of Emotions ago
246. Three Killed, Three Remaining ago
247. Slime Bolts ago
248. Shadow in the Crowd ago
249. General Confrontation ago
250. Bidding War ago
251. Uncertain Reversal ago
252. The Final Round ago
253. Pure Skill ago
254. Felygn's Boon ago
255. Seer ago
256. The Overseer's Strength ago
257. Suspicions ago
258. Hidden Gem ago
259. The Abandoned Hamlet ago
260. The Bladeler ago
261. Scarred ago
262. Sudden Celebration Plans ago
263. Invitations ago
264. Best Laid Plans ago
265. Consequences ago
266. Fighting a Cook ago
267. Into the Frying Pan ago
268. The Field Marshal's Request ago
269. Return to the Drum ago
270. March's Mission ago
271. In the Mirror ago
272. Obsidian Dragon ago
273. Missing Achievement ago
274. Altering the Deal ago
275. Shield Link ago
276. World of the Aura Sword ago
277. Provisions ago
278. Sanctuary Prison ago
279. Guardian Minions ago
280. The Petrified Guardian ago
281. Ten Temples, Eight Moons ago
282. Remains ago
283. Statue with a Note ago
284. The Minotaur ago
285. Fragments of Emotion ago
286. Plains of Despair ago
287. Second Battle ago
288. Expedition Temps ago
289. Star Fears ago
290. Echo Practice ago
291. The Minion ago
292. Familiar's Assistance ago

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The presentation and storytelling are fine. There is a quality to the story that really draws you in. The world feels alive.

It's too early for an advanced review.

While the premise is intriguing, the story, for the first few chapters at least doesn't really make sense. There is a huge dirve for people to awaken, it takes a lot of effort and for the MC (and some others) they are basically guaranteed to lose their awakening. Despite this everybody still tries to awaken, and nobody take any effort to avoid the imminent disaster, or flee the accursed hellhole. Why sink all the effort here? Why not just leave? how come *spoiled* is allowed to get away with *spoiler* even though literally everybody seems to know what's going on.

Because of that it's hard to relate to the story or care, because it feels so hand-wavy at the start.


The best part of this story is the intriguing magic system. Despite that, there isn't much to stay around for.

The setting has been minimally fleshed, though there is a reason for it. The story itself is pretty basic and there isn't much character interaction. The high points of the story are when the MC interacts with his peers. The author doesn't focus on this strenght though, instead focusing on exploring the awakening magic of the world, mostly alone. 

Overall, the story is interesting, but not engaging.


Setting is good ,actual story is average

Reviewed at: 29. Promise in a Dream

The idea of having to fight to awaken items is pretty intriguing to me , and I like the setting. The grammar is good, and the pace is pretty face paced.

I would just say that I dislike the main character, and the choices he makes. I think it is a deliberate part on the author as there are constant mentions of how he is doing something in a reckless way. Yet he keeps on doing it.

Overall I say this is a story where you should  wait for more chapters to accumulate and someone else braver than me to review it to say if it is worth reading or not.


Very slow progressing unique isekai

Reviewed at: 224. Attempt at Sixteen

Style: Its pretty unique as isekais go, very interesting concepts that are thoroughly explored but start to become quite stale later on.

Grammar: Fairly decent with spelling and gramatical errors being not too prevelant to be a big issue

Story: Very slow paced, even quite tedious to read at points (had to skip a few chapters myself). The story begins quite nicely but as you progress through the chapters it becomes instantly noticeable that the story is stagnating and becomes a chore to read.

Character: Probably the most infuriating protagonist to ever exist because he never learns from his mistakes. What makes no sense is the author never takes into consideration the protagonists mental age from clearing the items and realms and for some odd reason he never seems to mature or progress as a person. This by far makes it the most tedious thing about this whole story.

Overall: Very slow paced, unique isekai fiction that will probably never have you on the edge of your seat or frothing from the mouth in anticipation, unless of course you like this type of stuff. I just wish the author would make the character more likeable and stop shitting on him and everything he does.


The author is challenging themselves to write a chapter a day and it shows.  The characters feel flat, and the plot forced.  The world building is pretty meh as well.   Why do people not leave the village?  They can't go to a city for unknown reasons, so why don't they just make a new village?  Sure it would be a big investment but awakening is supposed to take years of work.  Something that people still put in despite it being well known that the village chief is taking away from people.  Why do people still go to the chief if they know he will make them lose their abilities?  They won't be acknowledged as an awakened, but being an awakened conveys supernatural abilities which they could use to make their own life easier if they never mention it.  The chapter size doesn't fit the story as fights and conversations are usually broken into multiple chapters as well.  If the story was rewritten with a better schedule I would read it though.


World of magical menders

Reviewed at: 24. Hothead

Magically improve the world by...killing mystical creatures...that live in mundane items...? oh, and level up too! 

Postives: Grammar, story flow are good and don't distract.  Interesting twist of how people "level" up.  The world feels colorful and discriptive. 

Negatives:  A little too focused on new magic system...? Characters are a little flat, including MC. Transmigration intro feels unecessary  ( So far appears to have little impact). The storyline is feeling a little railroaded and the MC is mostly reacting to a series of bad situations. 


The main problem is the MC.  He is stupid, full stop.

The world has a lot of potentials to be entertaining and the characters have budding personalities, but the freaking MC is just soo stupid in nearly every single decision, it borders on amazing.

Grammar and such can use work but it isn't even close to bothersome, just lets you know English wasn't the first language.

Honestly without the MC, the story would be a solid 4 IMO


A fresh approach to leveling

Reviewed at: 113. Guild Jobs

A fresh apporach to characther leveling, the story uses a system where charachters and items improve through the completion of challenges inside personal zones. Events inside these zones can last for months but only take a second in the real world. Its a fresh idea but how it interacts with the world set out by the author is questionable. For instance, its alluded that people who upgrade items will typically upgrade mutiple a day and are even employed to do so. This is despite the fact that this one day of labour can easily equate to weeks worth of work. 

Outside of the system, the story is solid and the characthers are relatively interesting. There is 'brain-screwery' throughout the story which will likely make it very unappealing to some. 

My one bit of feedback for the author is that the story lacks anything to really get invested in outside of the unique system. The MC is just an averagish person, there is as of yet no greater call to arms, and the side characthers whilst diverse are just living their lives. 


The writer of 'Quod Olim Erat' has challenged themself to a daily writing story while working on Quod's second sequel. At first glance LUTW seems like a light hearted and typical LitRpg, but the world is anything but typical, and the stakes for the character ramp up fast. I keep trying to predict what happens next, and I keep failing. All in all, an entertaining read. 👍

Lance Wheeler

A very different take on the system

Reviewed at: 50. The Chainling

This story goes in a very different direction from other system books. It is refreshing and well done with that system. It has its slow parts and it takes a while to get the background out, but it is worth the wait. Keep up the good work Lise Eclaire! And give it a try to see if it is something you like.