Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

by Arkusar

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

When not THE Apocalypse strikes, but all of them together, where will you be? What will you do?
As Humanity faces its hardest time a playful god shows mercy(?)
Follow Seth on his journey to somehow survive in whatever has become of his world.
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Word Count (16)
1st Anniversary
Top List #1500
Table of Contents
564 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
The World ended? ago
2. Spirit Blacksmith ago
3. The Spirit Smithy ago
4. Grinding! ago
5. A long Night ago
6. Preparations ago
7. Leaving home ago
8. Burning the Midnight Fuel ago
9. First Quest? ago
10. What worked twice... ago
11. Into Dark Woods ago
12. Starta Village ago
13. World´s Changes ago
14. The Choices ago
15. Night in the Plains ago
16. Wasteland of Death ago
17. Old Faithfull ago
18. Somewhere else ago
19. Safety? ago
20. I´m Home ago
21 Rainy Days? ago
22. Rainy Days (2) ago
23.Rainy Days (3) ago
24.New days ago
25.Final Preparations ago
26. Leaving Home, again. ago
27. Snake Pit ago
28. A horrible Night ago
29. Like a Viper ago
30. Snakes in a Barrel ago
31.Pulling the plug? ago
32.Night on the Water ago
33.Simon of the Lake ago
34.The Choice ago
35. Denied!? ago
36.Touring the Town ago
37. A new Journey ago
38. New Horizons ago
39.Dinner and Desert ago
40. Blood and Sand ago
41. Guild and Dungeons ago
42.Guild Log ago
43.Cheese for Everyone! ago
44. The Holy Beast? ago
45. A little Break ago
46. Last Words ago
47. Zhiqe ago
48.Zhiqe(2) ago
49. Zhiqe(3) ago
50. Becoming an Adventurer ago
51. Grumpy Hunter? ago
52. The Bazaar ago
53. A Deal? ago
54. Library and Karfunkel ago
55. Explanations and Excuses ago
56. First Dungeon ago
57. First Dungeon(2) ago
58. Aftermath ago
59. A Day in Zhiqe ago
Ancient Bronze ago
61. Guild Master ago
62. Joint Dungeon Dive ago
63. The Reach ago
64. Ivicer ago
65. Pet? ago
66. Exprimenting ago
67. Revisit ago
68. A good read ago
69. River Tour ago
70.Oriekot ago
71. Arrival ago
72. Oriekot ago
73. The Arcane Emporium ago
74. Desert Dragon Pavilion ago
75. Rank up ago
76. Charon´s Obol ago
77. Burning Savage ago
78. Hunt ago
79. A new Quest ago
80. Rina ago
81. Spirit Forging ago
82. Good byes ago
83.Ora ago
84. Parting Ways ago
85. New Beginnings ago
86. Performance Test ago
87. Ivicer's Name ago
88. Meeting Again ago
89. Party Play ago
90.Party Play (2) ago
91. Bloodslaves ago
92. Cerberus ago
93. A Workshop ago
94. Settling some Debts ago
95.Setting up shop ago
96. Before the Exam ago
97. Before the Exam (2) ago
98. The Exam ago
99. The Exam (2) ago
100. The Exam (3) ago
101. Somewhere else ago
102. The Exam (4) ago
103. The Checkpoint ago
104. What they did not tell ago
105. What they did not say (2) ago
106. What they did not say(3) ago
107. Additional Income ago
108. Small Break ago
109. Reaching Tora ago
110. Leaving Tora ago
111. Halls of Stone ago
112. Halls of Stone (2) ago
113. City of eternal Night ago
114. Vathon Stonechiseler ago
115. The Task ago
116. Running the Shop ago
117. Puffles’ Appetite ago
118. Celestial Bronze ago
119. Running business ago
120. Visiting Nädel ago
121.Fulfilling Promises ago
122. Keeping Promises(2) ago
123. Santa Seth ago
124. The Training Begins ago
125. Training ago
126. Reunion ago
127. Surprising Encounter ago
128. New Shop ago
129. Ding! Ding! Ding! Headache ago
130. Crawling the Dungeon ago
131. Crawlers in the Dungeon ago
132. Greatest Dungeon Crawler ago
133. Crawling out of the Dungeon ago
134. New Ballad ago
135.Lich in a Bottle ago
136. A Pickle ago
137. Looking for Group ago
138. Happy Birthday ago
139.Calm Days ago
140. Burden of Peace ago
141. Somewhere Else(2) ago
142. Down the Rabbit hole ago
143. Return ago
144. Zarkon ago
145. Zarkon(2) ago
146. Outpost ago
147. Koku City ago
148. Mark Baker ago
149. City Y ago
150. Y City (2) ago
151. Y City (3) ago
152. Epic ago
153. Auction House ago
154. Epic (2) ago
155. Can I really have this? ago
156. Auction ago
157. Auction (2) ago
158. Oddball Leader ago
159. Joint Dungeon dive ago
160. Third Hospital ago
161. The Other Side ago
162. Empty World filled with danger ago
163. Not all who wander are lost ago
164. The taller they are, the harder they fall ago
165. Nowhere to hide ago
166. Chase ago
167. Foggy Night ago
168. What are you doing here? ago
169. Taking a break ago
170.Strength of a Soul ago
171.Some Peace ago
172. Some Peace (2) ago
173 Some Peace (3) ago
174. Squashed 1 ago
175. The Diviner arrived ago
176. Ambiguous Divination ago
177. Finish Up ago
178. Gear Up ago
179. Power Up ago
180. Tear up ago
181. On the way ago
182. Arigiri ago
183. Evee Edmonts ago
184. Evee Edmonts(2) ago
185. Evee Edmonts(3) ago
186. Heads stuck together ago
187.The smaller Problem? ago
188. Popping the Problems ago
189. Evee Edmonts(4) ago
190. Revenge is a meal best served hot ago
191. Raid on the Raiders ago
192. Blessed by the Gods ago
193. On the Way back ago
194. The Index ago
195.Goodies on the Way ago
196. Goodies on the way (2) ago
197. The Present ago
198. Return to sender ago
199. Back “home” ago
200.Present beyond imagination ago
201. The Tailor and the Blacksmith ago
202. Stocking up on Blingbling ago
203. Second Auction ago
204. Second Auction (2) ago
205.Second Auction (3) ago
206. New Companions ago
207. Party assembled! ago
208. Delivery Arrives ago
209. Testing Equipment ago
210. Grinding Levels ago
211. Grinding Levels (2) ago
212. MVP out ago
213. Visiting the city in disguise ago
214. Are you serious? ago
215. Entering the Weasel’s Den ago
216. Reaching lv.40 ago
217.Sparring ago
218. Somewhere Else (3) ago
219. Departure? ago
220. Departure! ago
221. An unexpected Encounter ago
222. Sticks and Stones~ ago
223. Let’s break some Bones! ~ ago
224. And continue our journey~ ago
225. For we are jolly travelers~ ago
226. With Blades of Iron~ ago
227. And Hearts of Gold. ago
228. Tower of Tom ago
229. I think i know ago
230. Tower Defense ago
231. Squatting the Spire ago
232.Mine! Mine! Mine! ago
233. Party Arrived ago
234. Caravan Arrives ago
235. Receiving Guests ago
236. Settling in ago
237.Settling in (2) ago
238. Settling in (3) ago
239. Willis or Willisn’t ago
240. The best Journey ago
241. Takes you home. ago
242.Exploring Home. ago
243.Energy of Friendship ago
244.Growing Family ago
245.Willisn’t ago
246. Morning Mood ago
247. Farewell ago
248. Victory Break ago
249. Ballads and Epics await ago
250. Bard College ago
251. Flyte or Flight Reaction ago
252. Flyte or Flight Reaction (2) ago
253. Working! ago
254. Music Mantis ago
255. Grinding the Etch ago
256. Grinding the etch (2) ago
257. Grinding the etch (3) ago
258. Voice of Smith ago
259. Building A Workshop ago
260. Days of Development ago
261. Days of Development (2) ago
262. Days of Development (3) ago
263. Neeco Boos ago
264. The Future is now ago
265. New Class ago
266. Cheater ago
267 Jonah’s Bling ago
268.Preparations for the Exam ago
269. Mina’s Gear Solid ago
270. Somewhere Else (4) ago
271. The Exam Registration ago
272. Mina’s bling ago
273. The Exam Preparation ago
274. Ode to the Queen ago
275.Stumped ago
276. Spending Time with the Family ago
277. Little Demon ago
278. The Lords of Minas Mar ago
279. The Tournament ago
280. The Tournament (2) ago
281.Increasing the Difficulty ago
282 Third Round ago
283. Somewhere else (5) ago
284. PVP-Tournament ago
285. Champion of Vitzliputzli ago
286. Surprising Finale ago
287. Theocracy of Chains ago
288. Weighed, Measured, Judged ago
289. Days as a Slave ago
290. Managing without ago
291. Days as a Blacksmith ago
292. Days as a Blacksmith (2) ago
293. Days as a Blacksmith (3) ago
294. Days as a Blacksmith (4) ago
295 Growing Guild ago
296. Olympian Enchantments ago
297. A special Hat ago
298. Soul Armaments ago
299. Soul Armaments (2) ago
300. Unique ago
301. Gear up ago
302. Ready, Seth- ago
303. Go! ago
304. Somewhere Else (6) ago
305. Seth on the Prowl ago
306. The Dungeon ago
307. Sand in the Gears ago
308. Making a Plan ago
309. Making a Plan (2) ago
310. Things that go thump in the night ago
311. Eventful Night ago
312. Nothing good happens past 2 am ago
313. Of Angels and Demons ago
314.Predatory Caterpillar ago
315. Through the Fire and Flames ago
316. Somewhere Else (7) ago
317. Taking over the Place ago
318. Dealing with Stuff ago
319. Through the Grapevines ago
320. Hello Forest my old... ago
321. old Fiend ago
322. Blacksmith who cried Wolf ago
323. Unexpected News ago
324. Fleischwölfe ago
325.Excessive Leaf Blowing ago
326. Scorched Earth ago
327. Losing Home ago
328. Last Wishes ago
329. Deltan Again ago
330. Rolling in the Mud ago
331.Muddy Bonanza ago
332.Tangled ago
333. A Snake won’t give birth to a Dragon ago
334. Here be almost Dragons ago
335. The Expanse ago
336. Clouds at the Horizon ago
337. A Blacksmith can be late sometimes ago
338. Not a Wizard after all ago
339. When the Hammer falls ago
340. Virtue ago
341. To Hope ago
342. Snake Magic ago
343. Misleading Name ago
344. Snake Oiling ago
345. Dealing with Evil ago
346. Dealing with Evil(2) ago
347. Worse than Children. ago
348. Staying behind ago
349. Backstab ago
350. Champion of Zarkon ago
351. Don’t kill? Fine. ago
352. Smoke Signals ago
353. Know your place ago
354. Catching up ago
355. I will excuse myself ago
356. More than just a way home ago
357. Northern Mountains ago
358. Stone Giant Chrysopras ago
359. Class Advancement ago
360. Coming Home ago
361.The Vessel ago
362. Captain of Team 3 ago
363. Golem Artisan ago
364. The Canvas ago
365. The Picture, the Heart ago
366. Beta ago
367. Beta (2) ago
368. The Burrow ago
369. The Burrow (2) ago
370. And the silver Spoon ago
371. Al’s Shuttle ago
372. The Cradle ago
373. The Cradle (2) ago
374. Everybody’s gone? ago
375. Fruitful Growth ago
376. Colossal Grounds ago
377. Somewhere Else (8) ago
378. Realization ago
379. New Directions ago
380. Miner’s Delight ago
381. Stone Chewer ago
382. New Things ago
383. Golem Golem Golem ago
384. Though the souls keep rollin’ ago
385. Keep them Golems growin’~ ago
386. Stone Hide~ ago
387. Freaks and Monsters drink together ago
388. Hell bent for the tether ago
389. Wishin the Bard was by my side ago
390.Anything you’re missing ago
391.Good vibes ago
392. Work, and gushing~ ago
393. Wait at the end of my Work~ ago
394. The Hustle ago
395. Foot Loss ago
396. The Twist ago
397. Freestyler ago
398. YMCA ago
399. Soul Music ago
400. Back to business? ago
401. Running Man ago
402. Giant's Meteor Rod ago
403. Slimy but Satisfying ago
404. Faer ago
405. Somewhere Else (9) ago
406. Chrona ago
407. Chrona (2) ago
408. Show your strength in a different way ago
409. Battle at the Buffet ago
410. Star Breaking Kick ago
411. Keväti Kuinen ago
412. Keväti Kuinen (2) ago
413.Homestuck ago
414. Catacombs ago
415. General’s Abode ago
416. The Administrator ago
417.Somewhere Else (X) ago
418. Doing his Job ago
419. To Akhaz ago
420. The Cavalry ago
421. The Ocean ago
422. Muddled Abomination ago
423. Akhaz ago
424. The Deal ago
425. Blood Sun: First Wave ago
426. Blood Sun: First Wave (2) ago
427. Blood Sun: The Wave ago
428.Somewhere else (11) ago
429. Blood Sun: The Wave (2) ago
430. Golem Madness ago
431. An Ace ago
432.Pushy Pursuit ago
433. Free City of Abad ago
434. Aburth ago
435. Disturbance in Chrona ago
436. Island Piercer ago
437. Field of Ruins ago
438. The Mission ago
439. Pandora’s box ago
440. Senior White ago
441. Offering Home ago
442. Wyvern? ago
443. Undead Escape ago
444. Triple Hero ago
445. Bagged as Proviant ago
446. Fallen Silent ago
447. Those we Control ago
448. Broadcasting Again ago
449.Seriously, A dragon? ago
450. Is that all? ago
451. Phase Two ago
452. My Turn ago
453. Big Farmer ago
454. Big Momma ago
455. Came in like a wrecking ball ago
456. A shame ago
457.Dragon Curse ago
458.Reinforcements Arrive ago
459. Brunch ago
460. Meeting the Losers ago
461.Deals’n Shares ago
462. Joining Depravity ago
463. About Ithildin ago
464. Somewhere Else (12) ago
465. Messengers ago
466. An Audience ago
467. Good Days ago
468. Trinity Temple ago
469. Temple and Tasks ago
470. Awards and Evasion ago
471. Vestiges of History ago
472. Vestiges of History (2) ago
473. Vestiges of History (3) ago
474. Spirit Smithy ago
475. Somewhere Else (13) ago
476. Tingling through the Temples ago
477. Welcome Back ago
478. Floating Delta ago
479. Baiting ago
480. Sorting things out ago
481. Certificate ago
482. Expansion of Tree ago
483. Expansion of Tree (2) ago
484. Developing Weapons ago
485. Progressing ago
486. Lover's Cave ago
487. Golem Knights ago
488. Twin Rocks ago
489. Brethren ago
490. What are you two doing? ago
491. Idol Couple ago
492. Pest Control ago
493. Stymphalian Birds? ago
494. Harvest Festival ago
495. Permit of Hades ago
496. Rented Golems? ago
497. Golem Forge ago
498. Labrys and Sagaris ago
499. Vepar of the Deep ago
500. New Function ago
501. Rag-Tag Golem ago
502. Tough-Scale ago
503. Mountain Tree ago
504. Back Home ago
505. To get a Discount ago
506. Buying in Bulk ago
507. Buying a Boss ago
508. Accursed Asterion ago
509. The Gate Keeper ago
510. Not just Pipedreams ago
511. Mining ago
512. Makes Sense ago
513. Polyarkanate ago
514 Elemental's New Body ago
515. Ancient Magic ago
516. Sudden Additions ago
517. Soul rending ago
518. Angelic Soul ago
519. Somewhere Else (14) ago
520. Ravenous Sog ago
521. Scarred Earth ago
522. Nuckelavee ago
523. Memories ago
524. 24th Ethnarch ago
525. A Blacksmith's Instruments ago
526. Collecting Souls ago
527. The Wards ago
528. Calculated Risk ago
529. Sicily ago
530. Somewhere else (14) ago
531. Superstition, Fear, and Arrogance ago
532. A little harsh? ago
533. Dawn City ago
534. Once Again ago
535. Arrival ago
536. Seth's Lullaby ago
537. One of the worst Crimes ago
538. Quest Rewards ago
539. Eos ago
540. Sister's Sorrow ago
541. Genevieve ago
542. Idyllin Mo ago
543. Vampire Territory ago
544. The Beyond ago
545. Propaganda makes the Dream work ago
546. Tower of Trial ago
547. Another Lullaby ago
548. Field of Flowers ago
549. Break ago
550. Boys will be Boys ago
551. Reunion ago
552. Plans and Suspicions ago
553. Somewhere Else(15) ago
554. Now you see me ago
555. Now you don't ago
556. Coming Home ago
557. Coping ago
558. Curse of Materials ago
559. News Arrive ago
560. The Fairy and the Cat ago
561. Second Dose ago
562. Shade Territory ago
563. Tano'Mol's Soul Emporium ago
564. Goat and Soul ago

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Make a Wish: Adventure Game!

Reviewed at: Ancient Bronze

The Following review may contain spoilers up to chapter 50!

The story starts with a really short and on the point tutorial. The numbers by which only 12% on humanity  chose to take said tutorial are kinda unrealistic? And only 0.5% of these 12% manage to lucky strike a goblin.

Unclear: it may say only 0.5% managed to onhit it.

The MC got an unique crafting class, which is nice!

What is rather confusing:

he seems to be the only surving human. (No others found till now / he ist looking for them) 

No know-how about smithing found. All system-based. -> pure game logic. 

Is a better fighter than pure fighting classes ?!!!! 

No struggle?

Pretty early on, he is confined to a house, and the big flood is taking hold of the vicinity. He is producing weapons and is trying to grind a skill. Not because he knows of the monsters outside. Not to escape the water. 

To escape he just jumps in the lake and starts collecting stuff that swims. 

He doesn't even try to use his class to build a ship. 

I expected a crafting novel, but got a adventure-game novel. Whose protagonist is coincidentally a Smith. 



a Videogame Character

Reviewed at: 72. Oriekot

Gave up on Chepter 72.

Its a videogame character. I want to get stronger! so: lets do the same thing for a few weeks (not joking). Than im strong,so lets loot for a few days. sell stuff, get more stuff and skills, loot, than go to next world to loot more and learn more. No feelings\character development (beside skill\ability\atribute gains.)

Its a bit like popcorn. Kind of fun to read but very forgettble. 


Kind of a misleading and needs a new title

Reviewed at: 65. Pet?

An interesting setting but execution left a lot to be desired. (spoilers like to chapter 65 so youve been warned)


The story starts off neat if a little rushed, I fully expected a post apocalyptic story of a smith crafting tools, armor, and weapons to help him survive as he moves through the ruins of the old world as it twists to a fantasy nightmare. Instead he jumps into a fantasy world and goes for sidequest after sidquest picking up a fairy companion and most recently a pet. This isn't an apocalypse story about a smith at all this is a "chosen one" story about a MC who happens to have smith related powers and is handed everything on a silver platter which he just so happens to melt down later. Up until he jumped through the portal I liked the story but after than it was all downhill. 

Grammer wise it is fine but the style of writing could do with a good about of polish, 

TLDR: Story needs either major changes or a title swap, character is a little plain, and the early chapters are intresting to read and the early setting is nice if a little confusing. After a point it all goes downhill.


I told myself I won't leave a review before reading chapter 10, and decided to read a few more after that just to make sure. It was a chore.

Let's get the simplest problems out of the way. The grammar is actually way better than it seems. The writing style just makes me feel that the grammar is also horrible.
As for the writing style, at this point I'm conditioned to expect exclamation marks at the end of most sentences. "When had this happened!" is just one stupid example. And this is just the most obvious problem with the writing style. Maybe you don't mind it, but I had to force myself to continue reading.

Let's go on to characters. Or character, since there is only one so far. The main character, Seth Smith, the blacksmith. And that's about all we learned about him in 12 chapters.
He only mentions his family when he talks about their stuff he found in his home. Once he nearly remembered his parents, but quickly stopped himself so we still know nothing.
We know nothing about his personality, his past, his family, his friends, his talents, his skills, anything at all (besides his eating habits). I guess all those exclamation marks might hint at his personality? I'm probably giving the author too much credit with that one...

And finally story. Did I see some reviews speak well of the story? What the heck changed in the later chapters?
I will try not to spoiler anything after chapter 2 but it might be difficult.
So, the first two chapters is mostly the setup with the tutorial. In short, it's the most bullshit tutorial and OP main character explanation I remember on RR.
The basic thing is, that the author tried to make us believe that the MC is not just lucky that he got a rare class, but he earned it. By reacting without thinking, and killing a goblin in one strike...
Might have even worked, if we knew anything at all about the MC at that point. If we knew he had any experience with fighting for example, this could have worked. (Maybe.) But as mentioned before, even at chapter 12, we still don't know anything about him.
In short, the tutorial just boils down to "Congratulations! You are one of the top 2 among the top 0.5% among the top 12%! Wow, how special you are!"
Sure, I understand. The basis of the story is that the MC has the Spirit Blacksmith class. But wasn't there any less stupid way to do that? Just make him choose between a few basic classes and a completely random one. No need for this. Or just have fun, and say the system chose the class based on people's names. With a name like Seth Smith, there's no way he could get anything but Spirit Blacksmith.
Don't worry, the story doesn't get better after this. The MC decides to leave his safe and secure home. Why? Because he saw 3 people brutally murdered out in the open without any chance to defend themselves. Yes, that was actually the reason he went out. He already knew about the danger before that, and he also knew that the system protects him until he leaves. Please don't look for logic in this one.
Now, with a title like this, and a class like this, you would expect the MC to solve his problems by forging and crafting, right? You would be wrong. One of the abilities of the MC also included a weapon of mass destruction in the fine print. Sure it was meant to help in forging, but it's still perfectly capable of killing hordes of enemies, and destroying everything around him.
The world building also has countless little things that just don't make any sense. I will not be listing them here both because of spoilers, and because this is getting really long.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of positive reviews left after 50 or so chapters. So it either improves, or only people who don't mind these problems reach so far and actually leave a review.
I won't find out which, since I won't be reading more of this.

ed.: Just a few more (13 and 14), since it seemed like something might actually change after he found other people. All in all, it was the same. The grammar got a bit worse, nothing improved.


A wishy washy protag, and derailed story

Reviewed at: 123. Santa Seth

Apocalypse hits earth. System initialised, we're now connected to the multiverse. But all the apocalypses are based on our culture, so we've got some insane shit the multiverse isn't usually prepared for. 

Very interesting right? Too bad. The protagonist doesn't give a crap about earth or anyone on it. Like, at all. So the second he can, he goes on holiday to a different world in the multiverse. Abandoning all the cool stuff to go be a scrub in a different world.

So basically all ground work and intrigue we has at the start where it seemed like he was given an OP start for the world? Completely gone. Its like a completely different story.

There are hints we'll go back, but I think this has kinda derailed some of the best bits about the story (the crazy shit going down on earth and the multiverse reactions, our protag having to be some sort of mad survivalist) and I don't think it'll recover. Now the protagonist is just kinda floating about not really exploring or committing to anything in particular about from advancing his crafting.

Maybe I'll pick it back up in a few months and see how we do, but I don't feel a great urge I'll be honest.



Needs a fair amount of work

Reviewed at: 6. Preparations

Way too many exclamation points! When every third sentence ends in an exclamation point, it gets annoying! So! Many! Exclamation! Points! 

Now that I've made that point, let's move on. The statistics at the beginning are absurd. Only 12 percent of people decide to do the tutorial and only .5 percent of people complete it, which is literally only killing a goblin. I call BS. If you're going to come up with garbage like that, at least give it a reason why so few people managed to do so. I'm so harsh on it because it's the basis of why the MC is special. He's special because he's part of the .5%. It's even called a "special reward". That's the basis of why the MC will soar to greatness. 

Next issue; our MC is mentally challenged. His apartment is located next to a field boss, and instead of staying in his room (which is a safe room that vanishes once you leave) like an intelligent person would, he decides that leaving would be the better course of action. Or at least that's what I assume, I dropped the story there. I couldn't read a story where the MC acknowledges the fact that grinding blacksmith exp in his room is the safe, smart option but decides against that anyways. 

Last issue, and this is more of a personal preference rather than anything I would say really detracts for the story, is the system. It has too much personality aimed towards the MC for something so omnipotent, especially with what a "system" itself means. Oh, and the way the MC talks and thinks to himself is weird. It feels like he's thinking at himself, instead of just having thoughts like a normal person


Everyone is brain dead, including MC

Reviewed at: 17. Old Faithfull

I can't keep going. The premise is interesting, but the execution makes me wish my own noose was coming next.

As others have commented, the main character gets a unique and powerful class right from the start, after demonstrating he's one of the tiny, less than 1% of the Earth's population who can one-shot a goblin with a sword magically thrust into their hand and pointed in the right direction by the helpful System.

"Hit that thing!" is an amazing accomplishment according to the System. "Wow! Good job! Have a huge reward! Do you like all these exclamation points!? Good, because you'll be seeing a lot more for no apparent reason!" is the outcome.

The MC bumbles between one success and the next, with strategies on par with "I'll try spinning! That's a good trick!" I might like him a little more if I knew how many times he was dropped on his head as a child. I don't know the count, or really anything else about Seth Smith. He's the Mister Bean of magical blacksmiths, arriving in the story as he is, doing things almost at random, and then coming out the other side through miraculous success. If only we got to experience some slapstick comedy or any sign the writer was in on the joke along the way.

The author either isn't a native English speaker, or has gotten their writing inspiration from poorly reviewed, badly translated Japanese light novels. Maybe both? I don't know which, but it makes the grammar, character conversations and clumsy attempts at exposition painful to read.

Barring a full rewrite, if you're considering this go read some Twilight slash fanfic instead. You'll find more depth of character, better plot and proofreading, and might learn something you never needed to know about werewolves.


Story:  This is a post apocalyptic crafting LitRPG.  It follows a blacksmith MC as he attempts to survive, grow, and craft.  There are a number of inconsistencies with the actual growth system, but they are minor and can be ignored for the most part.  The story follows logic for the most part and there is minimal deus ex machina interference (without cause) to derail things.  The actual crafting can get boring, even for someone who enjoys it.  This gets a little worse later when multiple in a row chapters do not progress the story, but are instead dedicated to one side characters new gear.

Style:  The MC is the primary POV. The world is a sort of parallel Earth type, with some fun naming to help the reader identify some pop culture references.  The world is brutal without being overly dark, and although sex is an element, it uses the fade to black method to not make it too overt.  This is not a harem novel, but the characters are pretty free with what they do.  The crafting system is odd and unbalanced (apprentices making epic gear), so this is an issue in a crafting story.

Characters:  The MC is a bit of a selfish prick throughout much of the story, and weighs every decision as to whether it will benefit himself.  This is consistent so far, and I agree with most of his decisions.  That being said, he is a decent guy and I enjoy his take on things.  The primary surrounding characters are fleshed out pretty well without diving into massive multi-chapter POV swings to explain everything they do.  I appreciate this and hope it continues.  

Now the issue.  The actual MC of this story is the Spirit Forge.  It has more background. Seth Smith has no real life before the story begins, so it makes it hard to understand him.  Next, the forge has more minion and boss kills than the MC by a lot.  It is basically powerleveling our blacksmith out of pity.  Finally, it makes more sense than singing to the metal to enchant it.  

Grammar:  The grammar and syntax is bad.  Misspellings, poor word choice, or poorly formed sentences are common.  Rereading a sentence multiple times to try and figure out what it means happens multiple times a chapter.  Additionally, the presentation of stats and titles is inconsistent.  It is very frustrating, and much of it would be fixed with any attempt to spell/grammar check it.  Adding an editor to this series would help quite a bit.

Overall: I did enjoy this series and may continue to follow it.  With the cancellation of the Magic Smith, I was hoping this would fill the crafting/adventure spot it left, but it is fallign pretty short.

Edit: I am probably dropping this as the crafting is getting more obscene (Legendary difficulty is easy for a Journeyman), and I think i am on the fifth straight chapter of mindless crafting with no story.


Interesting premise, poor execution

Reviewed at: 61. Guild Master

The world ends and the survivors get gameified/system integrated.  MC gets a spirit blacksmith class.  Interesting premise poor execution.  The crafting is stupidly simplistic and is mostly just written as a training montage or grinding session where the MC spends days smelting down scrap and making shit knives.  Overall it's just a simple story but just disappointing.



I read quite a few of these chapters, and the MC never evolved beyond a glutton. The author has put him in a few situations that should have forced some sort of character development and we got nothing. After 300 chapters all I can tell you about the MC is that he is a glutton, and possibly a sociopath/psychopath. See a little girl crying because she just watched someone close to her get killed, the MC thinks it's to much effort to comfort the child, but that child is now a great friend because... yes. MC goes on a killing spree because... yes. Lets kill this pack hunter that holds a grudge if you kill one of the pack and will try to hunt down and kill the group responsible because the MC needs that soul.

The MC also seems to have the favor of the system and is granted just an absurd amount of things. Here is a lost metal. Here is this completely OP thing that just so happened to be here for you. Here is another OP thing. Take this one as well, and don't forget the one you just walked by.


There is no antagonist for this story that I read. There are sometime ones, but at best they are the main ones two chapters before the MC destroys them by accident. I think when I stopped reading (chap 300 or so) there might have been something like an antagonist, but I wouldn't hold my breath. There is also no motivation for the MC to get better at smithing beyond wanting more money.

I did like that people who are introduced to the system on average are stronger per level than people who are born into the system. That said, it is something like a 20 level jump in power. The MC was taking a test for people who needed to be Level 50 when he was level 25 or lower.

Grammar and Style:

Style is bad. POV shifts with out notice, can be hard to tell who is talking at times, and the exclamation points. For! Every! Last! Thing! There is some shift from 3rd to 1st person and back again. Grammar is fairly basic, with very used a fair amount, when alternatives could be used to help describe what is happening.