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Currently on hiatus due to struggles in my relationship. I promise to pick this back up as soon as I feel that I can maintain my set schedule. - Cedrych (03-02-21)

An archaeologist by the name of Søren Quinn wakes up elsewhere after boarding a plane for Iceland. Now he has to come to terms with a significant loss of recent memory and his apparent death and rebirth, provided he can survive the rigors of the Tutorial on Gateway Station and whatever waits for him after the Tutorial.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday @ 4pm US Eastern

Author's Note.
Gateway is a portal/isekai style LitRPG novel, but it has two main lead characters and will eventually have a small cast of minor lead characters to support them. There will be elements of base building / kingdom management added as well over time.

Gateway really is a slow burn that takes some time to get going unfortunately, but I hope you find it's worth the wait.

I have thirty years of experience with various rpg's, crpg's, wargames, boardgames, and too many mmo's to count and hope to leverage that knowledge, years of reading GameLit/LitRPG novels, and personal experience to create a work of fiction that I hope you will enjoy reading.

Thank you!

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Cedrych Skye

Cedrych Skye

Castellan of Castle Black

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - The Tutorial (Part One) ago
Chapter 2 - The Tutorial (Part Two) ago
Chapter 3 - The Endless Void is... Endless ago
Chapter 4 - The Tutorial (Part Three) ago
Chapter 5 - The Tutorial (Intermission) ago
Chapter 6 - The Tutorial (Part Four) ago
Chapter 7 - The Tutorial (Stage Two) ago
Chapter 8 - The Tutorial (Introspection) ago
Chapter 9 - The Tutorial (Stage Three) ago
Chapter 10 - The Tutorial (Beyond the Door) ago
Chapter 11 - The Gateway ago
Chapter 12 - Into the Gate ago
Chapter 13 - Avatar Creation (Part One) ago
Chapter 14 - Avatar Creation (Part Two) ago
Chapter 15 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part One) ago
Chapter 16 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Two) ago
Chapter 17 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Three) ago
Chapter 18 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Four) ago
Chapter 19 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Five) ago
Chapter 20 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Six) ago
Chapter 21 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Seven) ago
Chapter 22 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Eight) ago
Chapter 23 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Nine) ago
Chapter 24 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Ten) ago
Chapter 25 - Kill Ten Hordelings (Part Eleven) ago
Chapter 26 - The Monarch. ago
Chapter 27 - Need Before Greed (Part One) ago
Chapter 28 - Need Before Greed (Part Two) ago
Chapter 29 - Need Before Greed (Part Three) ago
Chapter 30 - Restoring Caisleán (Part One) ago
Chapter 31 - Restoring Caisleán (Part Two) ago
Chapter 32 - Restoring Caisleán (Part Three) ago
Chapter 33 - Restoring Caisleán (Part Four) ago
Chapter 34 - Restoring Caisleán (Part Five) ago
Chapter 35 - Restoring Caisleán (Part Six) ago
Chapter 36 - Restoring Caisleán (Part Seven) ago
Chapter 37 - Sehro's Tutorial (Part One) ago
Chapter 38 - Sehro's Tutorial (Part Two) ago
Chapter 39 - Sehro's Tutorial (Part Three) ago
Chapter 40 - Traveler Con (Part One) ago
Chapter 41 - Traveler Con (Part Two) ago
Hiatus Announcement ago

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Lance Wheeler

No Idea where this is, but base building? I am in.

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Traveler Con (Part One)

The MC is underdeveloped but the world and story are strong. I would like to see a little back story on just who the MC is, or what he is like, to flesh him out more.

World building so far is a good mix of mystery and fighting as we really start to get into the story and what is around.  A lot of questions as to where, when, and what is going on are still hanging out there waiting to be addressed.

Starts off with the MC in total confusion in a world of hurt in a tutorial setting. Get strong quick or die painfully is the motivator with only a few hints as to what or why it is happening.  Expect that to be address further in the story as it is released one drip at a time if it continues the way it is going now. 

Base building quests are starting and looking forward to how the author develops the base development while handling growth of the MC.  I can easily see politics and power struggles coming as the MC starts working with the natives. 

Great story so far, and it seem as though the author has mixed in many different parts of their favorite games to create a world with a story for us to enjoy.


It's fairly good if you take in account it's first work. Have common mistakes: a lot of describing and talking with himself instead of doing/showing; over 9000 luck; random encounter favoring MC; brainless MC when it's good for plot drive machine; etc... But have good chances on getting better, I can see it's improving already.

Story-wise it's still unknown, plot basically "I died, what happened?", MC just exited from Tutorial, but we already can see some plots brewing.

Characters we'll see, MC somewhat bland and instead of showing his character Author decided to copy paste his dossier; MC's partner seems okay, but it's too early to talk about.

Grammar wise I can't say anything because I'm not native :]

Conclusion: solid 4 for first try.


This is a beginning worthy of a great story I got hooked and hope to follow it all the way, great characters, nice transitions and solid world building are all there. Not much progress in the story but it is going to be a long one based on the elements presented. Plz continue your great work(just do it faster).