Pokemon Animus

Pokemon Animus

by Docnox

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Our story begins 20 odd years after the events of the animes, manga, and games. Now don't worry, we'll explore all the regions.

However, not everything translates so cleanly into a more realistic setting, while other things just get better. No convenient inventory systems. That Pidgy ain't flying anyone anywhere, and your Bagon can't call meteors from the sky. The realities of the food chain trumps any children's media restrictions. Nearly all the mythics and legendries, can't feasibly be one of a kind.  Shinys come in all varieties. 

Research has advanced in some areas, for good or ill. All the evil organizations that were yesterdays news have splintered apart, remnants lurk in shadow. 

Your favorite characters have all grown older, some have had children, others may have even died. Towns prosper or fall, new gyms start up while others might close down. New Champions have been crowned, new Leagues have formed!  

The Next Generation is starting their journey.

Now, Dimensional portal shenanigans are nothing new to the pokemon world, But... Kurt, is.

Sure, some folks might raise a brow at a 30ish year old man that should probably be in an action movie rather than the Hoenn Rookie League, but Kurt's ready for adventure. He might also wish he played more than the first two games... or remembered anything about himself.

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Myth hunter

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Table of Contents
91 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Look what the tide dragged in! ago
Red Hot Start ago
Like No One Ever Was! ago
Catching Creeps ago
Stump in the night ago
Familiar Faces ago
Maximum Effort ago
Exposition Road ago
Grave Digger ago
The Next Generation ago
Rivals ago
Embarking ago
Catch and Release ago
Team planning ago
Checking out and in ago
Fun for Everyone ago
Thunder cats ago
Hunting precious metals ago
All that Glitters ago
Cannonball Run ago
Yo Ho, Yo Ho! ago
Red Rebels ago
Wet and Wild ago
Strategy and schemes ago
Ground Breaking ago
Surf Tricks ago
Obligations ago
Hi I'm Kurt ago
Port Call ago
Wheel and Deal ago
Evolution in Revolution ago
Perspective Utopia ago
Master Class ago
Golden Aspirations ago
Sharpened Glade ago
Countdown to Showtime ago
Battle Royal! ago
Dressed to Thrill ago
Coming Clean ago
Growth and Consequence ago
Land of the Living ago
Totally not Jurassic Park ago
Powerful Lineage ago
Special Break: Character Info and Art Recap ago
Off the Beaten Path ago
Professionals ago
Eggcellent! ago
With a Vengeance ago
Party Crashing ago
The Woman in Lilac ago
Existential Beaches ago
Kingdoms of Sand ago
Dazzling Revelation ago
Island Drive ago
Variant ago
Abyssal Apex ago
Here be Monsters ago
For Every Yang ago
There is Yin ago
Rumble in the Jungle ago
The Left Hoof ago
Bull Fighting ago
Blacktop Battles ago
Feel the Burn ago
Hot Blooded ago
Rivals Old and New ago
Escalation ago
Stand Up ago
Alola Alola ago
Oh My Arceus ago
Twists and Turns ago
Rustboro Academy ago
School Daze ago
Brats and Boomers ago
Knowledge is Half the Battle ago
Pride and Brutality ago
Emphasis on Challenge ago
Showstopper Challenge ago
Eating Crow ago
Cartoon Omissions ago
Exposition Off Road ago
Max of Petalburg ago
Petalburg Gym ago
Mall Day ago
Professor ago
Mandatory Filler Episodes ago
Deadly in Disguise ago
NanaNana Batman! ago
Something Wicked ago
In Darkness and Flames ago
Afterburn ago

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No seriously. Work's environments are down so I started reading and now it's been like the entire day but it's finished and idk what to do next.  Like chef kiss it's got humor, enough shines to almost make me want to go shiny hunting again, and he punted a wurmple. What I would give to have witnessed that in person. 


It's a good story. I have just caught up with the 'Eating crow'.

My impression of this story improved gradually:

  • The MC weirded me out at first because of his wandering eyes; but, he haven't done any of the Harem things;
  • The Pokemon world became more realistic, more relatable, more lively with the author's words; it had social problems too besides pokemon calamities;
  • The battles were amazing;

I'd love to read some more trainings other than battles; and some care-taking for the pokemons if possible.


fun fir us pokemon fans

Quite fun for us pokemon fans. Giving it a more mature feeling and more realistic on things like the manga and not the anime (ash pisses me off). Too bad the chapters are short but they are entertaining.




It's good hope for more

It's a good read. I hope to see a lot more.


Honestly this is the only pokemon fanfiction I can say I actually enjoy. 

While I'm not a fan of harems in general I've gotten used to it at this point. You're clearly building up to it unless you're generally building a proper relationship with ONE character but I doubt it. 

But, the real reason I'm enjoying this so much is how you create a realistic setting and, while this isn't part of it but relates, I can clearly see humans developing pokeballs just to control pokemon after addressing the sheer power they have, turning any sort of wilderness into a brutal hunting ground.

The review may have been a bit off because I'm mostly doing this from memory. An acheivement on the authors part considering I read it... 6 months ago, according to the more recent chapters release date, just showing how much I enjoyed it. :P

(Forgot to mention how the author designs characters but I don't wish to create any more blocks of text so summarising it, they're well made and I'm finding their quirks enjoyable.)


I stumbled upon this after waiting for Borne of Caution updates, and am pleasantly surprised. It keeps me interested and every time I'm bored I just pop this open and read a new chapter. I've been reading it before going to sleep and have had awesome dreams. Thank you for all of your hard work and writing! I've been thinking about starting a story myself.


This story is good.

It's written well and the grammar seems fine. The overall story is good and the dialogue is well written most of the time. I find that the more I read of the story the more I like it.

As for the characters, they are pretty fleshed out and enjoyable. The pokemon all have there own quirks and feel like they are there own unique person. Blue is probably the one I like the best of of them all.

Also have you ever seen a pokemon fight a duel by making sand castles? I have. It was awesome.



Good light-to-mediumhearted fun

Reviewed at: Feel the Burn

overall, good story, fast paced, can't wait to see what happens next. Easy to read, and I would recommend it (and have) to anyone who has played pokemon before

full review:

Very fun take on pokemon. It's a little fast paced for me personally, and the focus tends to wonder.

That being said, this story warmed my cold heart at a time when I needed it. The main character being everyone's dad was really fun, I like how he wants to help everyone (sometimes for profit, he must be American). The training and hangout time is my favorite part - I liked how actually having a good relationship whith the 'mons was important.

In fact, I really enjoyed the focus on relationships in general, and I've found myself shipping for the first time ever (it was a little strange for me actually, I've never really engaged with that aspect of a story before)


P.S. I came here from wizard's tower


A real Pokémon tale.

Reviewed at: School Daze

This is a really enjoyable read. The author updates on the regular and I find it a relief to have a more mature take on the Pokémon world without getting too dark and the ""mature content" is very fade to black. I particularly liked the authors take on evolutions. 


Yayayayayayayayay your back. This story is a great new way of viewing the pokemo n world. The story so far is progressing at a reasonable rate so that no one gets bored over time.