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Chapter Family Mission Arc . 9 : Poor Xu Zi

It has been few minutes , at least around 15 minutes , Xu Zi was watching groups of mercenary groups scattering all around the 4 direction which made his works complicated because his wicked mechanism that were tied with the arrow are only made for dealing [ Group ] and not a single target , he was getting frustrated.

He looked around and noticed those every single people has been maintaining at least 10 meter distance.

"Shit !! What are those bastards doing ? Moving here and there "

" can't they stay on one place like a proper human should do ?"Xu Zi was getting mad while watching those people maintain [ Safety Distance for Corona Virus ].

"Fuck !!" Xu Zi cursed under his breath . He was just a local mountain bandit so why was it hard for him to even rob groups of mercenary members ?

" am I that bad in luck ?" But nevermind , as an experience mountain bandit , he knew that he should be patient.

So he kept watching his targets. Suddenly he was excited because those people were closing the distance.

"Hurry up ,hurry up ,it's best time for shooting the arrows " he was getting happy and excited by watching those groups of mercenary armies getting closer and closer .

All the mountain bandits pulled their strings back than they were about to shoot the arrows.

"Hehe… there are at least 400 people that are equipped in steel armours which could be traded for at least 400 000 gold coins in black market which is equal to 1 year of worth " he was dreaming about how he will spend money buying many things such as poisons , house and so . As for female member in the mercenary group , hehe… he will first enjoy then and sell them in slave market !!

But suddenly he saw his dream fading away from him , he said in frustration " what the fuck !!" The mercenary groups that were about to close their distance completely began to once again maintain their distance by moving away from each others.

"What the heck are you all doing ? You all are allies , aren't you ? So why the fuck all of you are maintaining a clear distance from each others ?"

"It's not like you will be infected by c****a virus ?"

"Brothers should embrace each others with a brotherly passion , aren't you trained soldiers ? So why don't you show so called [ Brother in Arms ] ?"

When he was getting depress and more frustrated , suddenly he noticed those groups of mercenary members getting close with each other with a smile and laughter.

"Haha…" their laughter echoed all around the corner of the forest. Xu Zi could clearly see that those people were hugging each other and complimenting.

"Now my turn has come , what are you all waiting for ? Shoot the arrows , Shoot the arrows " with an impatient voice , he order his mens to shoot the arrows.

"Tring~" everyone once again pulled their bowstring and were prepared to release their arrows. But before they could shoot their arrows , Xu Zi suddenly stopped them " wait , wait , wait , halt your attacks "

Stopping themselves from shooting their arrows , the mountain bandits looked at each others.

What was going here ?

Watching those mercenary groups that suddenly getting alert , Xu Zi felt threaten "did they notice our presence ? But how can it be ?"

He tried remaining silent and conceal , fear that he would be noticed by them.


The guards suddenly were alarmed , they got on defensive position while looking around . The guard who was the reason looked around . A guard that was beside him asked " what happened ? Why did you suddenly alert all the guards ?"

The guard had a serious expression when he replied " I felt that we are been watched so I was alert but it seem like it was my fault "

"Oh ! It is good to be alert ." The former guard said .


"Fuck !! Your mistake nearly took my life " Xu Zi cursed that guard. He slowly motioned his hand to shoot the arrows but suddenly he felt his head become dizzy .

"What's going on ? Why do I feel suddenly dizzy ?" He grabbed his head and shook it .

"Leader , I am also feeling dizzy here " one mountain bandit said .

"Leader , I too am feeling dizzy here ? What should I do ?"

"Leader , it looks like everyone are feeling dizzy here "

Xu Zi tried to control his head but even with his cultivation he was unable to resist the dizziness.

What the hell is going on ? Why are all of us suddenly feeling dizzy ? Only [ Hazy Bombs ] has this kind of effects , could it be someone has used [ Hazy Bombs ] on us ? But who could it be ?

Xu Zi was feeling dizzy before one by one everyone standing on the tree branches began to fall down on the ground.

"Baam" hitting the ground , everyone were falling .

Xu Zi also felt his body weakening by every second . He too , finally fell down on the ground and lost his conscious. Before fainting , he saw groups of people equipped in steel armour marching toward him .


Standing in front of a small mountain , Tan Bo Zhao , Yan Yaolan , Chang Ruoxu , Tang He and some few mercenary members were watching a cave that was at the top of the small mountain.

The mercenary members were holding some bananas and some glass bottles that stored some liquids inside .

"Brother Tan , isn't it too much if we do this ?" Tang He asked to confirm that if Tan Bo was serious or not ?

Tan Bo looked at him and gave an awkward smile in return . He said in embarrassment "young master order has to be done , no matter what ? Even if it means ….it's shamele , pui !! I man hard "

"Brother Tan , just admit it that this plan is just too shameless even when thinking " Yan Yaolan said with a mockery smile. Tan Bo has no words to retort him . He too felt that his young master is just too shameless

Sigh *

[ Mama Street ] locates in a location where there is mountains , green forests , less harmful animals and beasts , source of fruits and perfect place to spend life without worries for weak animals . That is also the reason for monkeys and apes to reside in this forest called [ Ape Mountain Forest ]. [ Ape Mountain Forest ] is just 1 Km distance away from [ Mama Street ].

There are lots of monkeys and apes living along with gorillas .

"Use the [ Fragrance Potion ] on those fruits and attract those monkeys "Tan Bo commanded the groups . The mercenary members all began to use those liquids inside glass bottles on those bananas.

[ Fragrance Potion ] , created by a Potion Master , It is used to bait a beasts or animals when people are hunting. It can enhance the Fragrance of anything as long as they have one.


Inside the cave at the mountain top , lived an Ape King . This Ape was called Ape King because it ruled over all the Apes and monkey Races around [ Ape Mountain Forest ]. It was able to cultivate by itself and reach Mid Grade Rank 1 Beast within 10 years .

It was sleeping because it was night , around him were countless female Gorillas , monkeys and Apes along with males too - total number of 300 of them.

But suddenly , those sleeping Apes and others smelled crazy fragrance of bananas. The fragrance was sweet , rich and luxurious which got their attention. "Roar" the Ape King woke up from his slumber before he stood up along with his followers .


Everyone became excited and followed the Ape King . Standing on the mountain cliff , Ape King looked down on the ground and saw the small treasure of Bananas that had rich fragrance.

Jumping from the mountain cliff , the ape king arrived quickly while the followers were late because they had to walk all the way from up to down .

The Ape King looked around to make sure it wasn't a trap before sending one of the monkey to test the fruit .

The Ape King was 7 feet tall and muscular seemingly as if he can even destroy an airplane with seer amount strength.

The monkey had low intellect compare to Ape King who managed to learn to cultivate by himself so he wasn't aware of the danger .

The monkey moved and approached the treasure of bananas before eating one. When the monkey ate one , he became so excited that he began to eat another too.

One after another , watching the monkey not die , the Ape King also began to eat those bananas , so do others.


Hiding behind a huge boulder , Tan Bo was surprised to see an ape that manage to cultivate by his own in this small mountain.

"I didn't expect to meet a Beast here in such a small mountain. " normally , Beasts would only be found in places with rich Spiritual Energies yet here was one , in front of his eyes .

" I also didn't thought so " Yan Yaolan said too in surprised .

Chang Ruoxu commented too " looks like this Beast isn't that strong so that could also be the reason for him to not enter in dangerous place "

"High intellect Beast that can think like humans . So bizarre. Isn't only those that has reached Rank 5 or 6 and above have that kind of intellect ? So how can he have intellect like human just when he is only Rank 1 ?" Tang He felt extremely curious about it .

"There are many bizarre things in this world. Let's wait till the [ Sleeping Potions ] shows its effects on them "Tan Bo said. They have used [ Sleeping Potions ] on those bananas other than just [ Fragrance Potion ].


While at the meantime , at the [ Mama Street ]

Slowly , after 30 - 40 minutes later of losing conscious , Xu Zi woke and felt his head dizzy and vision blur .waking up completely , he saw a young boy in his late 13 sitting on a chair while drinking cup of fresh [ Herbal Tea ]. While on his left side stood a very beautiful young girl in her 20 .

Blinking his eyes , Xu Zi looked around and saw his members tied in rope and sitting next to him.

"What happened ? Where are we ?" He asked his subordinate. His subordinate replied in a low voice " we were tricked by this people and now we are here , tied by the rope "

Understanding the situation , Xu Zi looked at Xiao Sheng and smiled brightly before telling him " young master , it seem that there is something misunderstanding between us. So can you untie us first before we can talk it out ?" His voice was very polite , but Xiao Sheng felt like laughing at him.

He smiled slightly and expressed his " Shock " before telling Xu Zi " oh ! A misunderstanding ? I thought you were a local mountain bandits to surround us in secret . Are you not ?"

Xu Zi smiled innocently and asked " young master , how can you accuse us for being a mountain bandits ? I am a respected person , so how can I be a bandit ?"

Xiao Sheng nodded in "Understanding" and exhaled long breath before exhaling out " it seen it is our fault for capturing a respected person like you. So I am deeply sorry for my mistake "

Xu Zi nodded and felt happy while he thought 'a kid like you , how can you even know if I am a bandit or a respected person ? You are still a kid while I am an adult. '

But suddenly , he heard Xiao Sheng telling him " even if you aren't a bandit , how can I know it ?" Xu Zi felt something was wrong here . His sense felt a great danger.

Xiao Sheng still maintained his smile while saying " if you are really not a mountain bandits than you must be educated person to be respected right ?"

Even if Xu Zi was a mountain bandit leader , he was still an educated person so he nodded his head in response but soon he will feel disappointment for his response.

"Oh !! Than why don't we do this than . To verify that you aren't a mountain bandit , I shall ask you all one per question , if you can answer them than you may live . How's that ?"

Xu Zi thought it was easy and so agreed. " great than , may I know your name ? " Xiao Sheng asked .

"Xu Zi , and may I know your name too ?"

"Xiao Sheng "

Xu Zi nodded. Before he could say something , one bandit member next to him hurriedly said " young master , please ask me first and I will reply the answer to your question "

"Wow ! Wow ! No hurry , this gentleman seems to be impatient to prove his innocent so I will ask you first " Xiao Sheng said with a gentle smile . But slowly his smile turned into sarcastic " but if you cannot answer my question then " two guards came walking forward and began to unsheathe their swords.


The mountain bandit nodded in understanding. He thought how hard will it be for him to answer the question given by a mere kid ?

Xiao Sheng asked " tell me than when the ant asked a human , how much will it be when 1 is added with another1 ( 1 + 1 ) ? , what did the human replied ?"

Ha ?

Everyone were surprised by his question . That's just too easy . It will be 2 .

Even Wong Xue was in confusion. Why was young master asking such an easy question ? Was he really letting the bandit go ?

The bandit that was asked question was so happy that he saw Xiao Sheng as a god for asking him such an easy question while the other bandits were all filled with regrets for not being the one to be asked such an easy question.

Especially Xu Zi , he felt like his heart would nearly burst out .

The bandit smiled and quickly answered " the human replied 2 , of course the answer would be 2"

He was so happy that he felt like Xiao Sheng was too stupid to answer such a question. But reality wasn't that simple . Suddenly he felt like he saw a devil in Xiao Sheng.

Was that an imagination ?

As if Heaven had heard his doubt , he soon confirmed that wasn't an illusion.

Xiao Sheng shook his head in disappointment and said " you are wrong , as expected of an uneducated bandit ."

"How the fuck am I wrong ? 1 + 1 = 2 , so how did I got wrong " the bandit cried for justice. Everyone also felt that Xiao Sheng was being too bias against him.

Xiao Sheng , like a profound master explained him " can even an ant talk with a human ? Have you ever seen an ant talking with human ? How idiotic ? Guards kill him "

"Huh !!" The bandit felt like his view on world has turned upside down by this unreasonable logic. Before he could ask for the justice , his head was already served.

Watching the rolling head on the ground , all the mountain bandits held their breaths inside them and felt scared of this young devil king.

Watching the headless body , and someone kill another person for the first time , Wong Xue was afraid so Xiao Sheng pulled her in his embrace and said lovingly " calm down Beauty Xue , calm down " Wong Xue shyly nodded in his embrace.

They were flirting after someone's death , how shameless of them.

Xiao Sheng looked at another bandit and asked " you , tell me , when the ant asked a human , how much will it be when 1 is added with another 1 ( 1 + 1 ) ? , what did the human replied ?"

The bandit was about to answer it was 2 , than again he remembered how the answer was wrong so he replied the answer that Xiao Sheng told them before " how foolish of you to ask me same question as before ? The answer is , how can an ant talk with a human ? That totally rubbish "

Everyone also felt like Xiao Sheng was stupid to ask the same question as before when he had already replied the answer himself .

The bandit felt proud of himself but soon he was depressed by Xiao Sheng.

Xiao Sheng shook his head and replied " you are such an idiot ? Didn't you heard the answer from your dead friend ? It will be 2 , when I said that an ant asked a question to a human than why are you being so oversmart to make my well trained ant , a dump ant ? How impudent of you !! Guards kill him "

"…?" Before the bandit could say something , his head was also served. Watching the second head roll on the ground , everyone felt that Xiao Sheng was being just too bias .

While Xiao Sheng said regretfully " how sad of me , I trained my little ant for all this years and this bandit dare to call my well trained ant a dump ant . I am so angry"

He turned to look at Xu Zi , Xu Zi hurriedly said " young master , that question is just too hard for me , so why not ask me a little easy questions " was he fool to answer such a bias question ? No , not even in death will he be able to answer it right.

Xiao Sheng generously said " okay , if you feel that my question is hard than I will ask you a very easy question than . Than tell me , when an ant asked another ant , how much is 1 plus 1 , what did the ant replied the former ant ?"

Everyone turned to look at Xu Zi , waiting for him to solve the bias question.

Xu Zi smiled and said " young master , those ants must be your well trained ants so of course they are a geniuses amongst every ants . So how can the latter one not answer such a simple question . The ant replied , it will be 2 "

He used such a flattery words that no one will be able to deny him but contrary to his expection , Xiao Sheng disdainfully said " are you an idiot ? Why would I waste my time training those ants how to talk ? You must be thinking that I am a phyco , isn't it ? You must think I don't have anything to do so I must be mad man to go and talk with ants ? How dare you , guards , punish him "

"….."Xu Zi.

"…" Guards.

"…"Wong Xue .

"…"Bandits .


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