[ Entity ] : Reincarnated soul

by Eternal Entity spirit

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The fiction focus on Xiao Sheng , our main lead , who is an as*hole that doesn't even wants to lift his finger to fight and will do anything to avoid fighting. After his reincarnation , he just wants to live , enjoy , eat , sleep and cultivate to achieve immortality. 

He will make friends in this life so they can do his bidding , be respective toward others so he could avoid troubles and tries to remain low key so that he doesn't needs to face unnecessary troubles .

He has many cultivation knowledge which he will use to raise loyal and powerful battle slaves and create his own loyal and powerful battalions so they can protect his sorry life. 

But little does he know ? That by doing this all he is actually forging the path of ultimate sovereign that will lead him to become sovereign lord one day while raise as immortal monarch with loyal servants that could just destroy the world with the tip of their fingers , loyal battle slaves that will simply dominate even the heaven while have countless wives that can just kill gods and celestial , devils and immortal like playing dollhouse and make friends that would be emperor of some realms and dimensions. 

He will unconsciously become the true master of the world , even his weakest loyal servant or slave will be in the level where they can kill immortals and bully divine beasts. 

tags ; slow cultivation when it comes to mc / mass harem / bullying enemies / villains shouting at mc because he is just too shameless  / whenever mc is bored he would bully weak villains just for fun / less bloodshed but not always / mediocre level violence / curses and vulgar words  / adventure / shameless mc / manipulative mc / wouldn't care about anything even if world got destroyed - don't have his limit since he is extremely carefree and shameless

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