The Lone Macaw [GameLit Drama/Kingdom Building]

by LostLibrarian

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The moment the dying Aki opens his eyes, he is shocked. Not his hospice room but green meadows, blue sky and the villages of his favorite MMO await him.

A fever dream? Or a new lease of life?
To Aki it’s a chance to correct the story line he once hated and save his beloved sword maiden.

But his brazen steps soon halt when the impending war covers the land in flames.
Thrown into unknown conflicts, he has to use his game knowledge to protect his new home from a sheer unending horde of enemies.

Feedback comments are much appreciated.
Reviews will (hopefully) make my day.
Cover by @gbsartworks

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This story seems quite promising so far, while the reason he got to the new world is a bit generic the subsequent story makes up for it. I like the pace of the story which is a bit slower than normal and i like the fact that the mc is living a realistic life, not killing the deamon lord immediately at the start. This slowness is also seen in the skill development which i hope stays on the slower side, your don't become a swordmaster in a month, it takes years and your character doesn't need to achieve all his goals before turning 20. I haven't seen any real building elements, but I am hopeful that the author nails it with a slow and steady approach. Concerning the litrpg part, a fellow reviewer mentioned his hope for a status screen, i think it is optional and the author sould decide if he wants more litrpg elements, the story could work without it.

TL;DR: its a good book read it if you can since it isn't that long currently. The only thing left to hope that the author supplys many chapters.



Great story with a good flow while slow for now I can see this story going far hopefully the mc will figure out how the system works and maybe get a status screen back. 

No spelling errors or if there were it wasn't noticeable 

The author seems to have a very precise idea about the world and how it will work for now. 


One of the best reincarnation stories with absolutely realistic characters. The MC behaves entirely as the backstory suggests he should. He is naive, idealistic and feels all the things he should feel and behaves the way he should behave. The side characters are also appropriately fleshed out.

All in all a very nice addition to RRL. Hope the author continues to write.