Forever at Her Side

by ItIsCrusade

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Full Title: Forever at Her Side: The Dragon Who Supports the Villainess as a Slave.

Within the otome game, [Treacherous Love of the Kingdom], Serene Siruphina is the main rival, a woman seen solely as the villain, one whom under normal circumstance would be killed by the man who she loves due to the "Protagonist" gaining the True End. The crimes she committed were falsities that had never once entered her mind, the foolish love she felt was what had lead to her end.

So, when a young man who had completed the game a few times over suddenly dies due to acting out to save someone in need, his new life as Bahamut, a demi-human slave with draconic parentage begins. However, it is not sunshine and rainbows, Bahamut's role within the story was unkind, he himself being shown after the death of Serene to be the one who had planted the false evidence leading up to her eventual death.

The new Bahamut has other plans, he will trudge through thick and thin, be it on the battlefield or before the King himself, through it all he will wage war with the people who get in his way. Solely to allow Serene to smile as bright as she did when she first met him, locked behind those iron bars he had been trapped in. As she had given him life meaning, he not allow her desires to falter.

A remake of the original story that I had removed (The Dragon Who Supports the Villainess).

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