The DreamWalker Series

by M.S. Chavez

Ellette's dreams are unnaturally real. For years she has found them to be the perfect escape, the solution to a life that has been, at times, a nightmare. 

When she comes across a man from a dream in her waking life, he turns out to be just that; a dream come true. With finding him, she is forced to realize that her dreams overlap into reality, sometimes in frightening ways. 

The Dreamwalker Series was written as a number of short stories.  Several of the stories are quite old so the writing style and mood of the pieces may shift in between each title. Some stories are flash fiction, and so may seem rather brief and abrupt. This story will be uploaded in a non-linear format. 

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M.S. Chavez

M.S. Chavez

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Review after the first to two chapters, so pretty limited.

The story holds a lot of promise. It is certainly not one of the usual overpowered hero stories. It's not clear where it's going to go yet, but it looks like somewhere interesting.

Stylistically it is rather average. Good mix of dialog and narrative, plot advancement and scene setting. Nothing novel though. It could also use a bit of humour, though for the first chapter it's understandable that that's still missing.

Unfortunately, it severely lacks redaction. There are a few spelling errors, a few missing words, and also a couple of paragraphs that don't follow very well. There is also some redundancy that hinders the pacing. In general I would say this chapter would improve if it was about 25% shorter.

The latter two points, however, improve dramatically in the second chapter. It has a really nice buildup of atmosphere and suspense, though still a little bit longer than necessary. Also the linguistic care is much better in the second chapter.