Chapter 1: A Not So Great Start


He laid on the floor, staring up, his body too weak to move.

“Fuck. Goddamnit!! Fuck!!! Why!....why…..why me? Am I the one who's wrong? Is that why you abandoned me here? I never left you, I never complained, I’m still in love… but you never truly felt the same, did you? Heh. Oh. Of course. That’s what it was. It's my fault. It always is. If I wasn’t here, then none of this would have happened…. I can’t blame you. You stayed by my side for so long, despite my faults, despite my sins. If I die here, we win, don’t we? Nobody else has to die…..” He said, growing softer and more quiet.

“.....I’m so…..tired. I...I don’t want to die… don't....” The boy said, falling silent.

A boy, slender in frame, small in size, with dark dark blue hair, almost black, closed his eyes, a single tear sliding down his cheek. His arm that he had stretched out to the stars in the sky slowly lowered. He fell asleep.

His ragged breathing ceased, his pounding heart stopped.

There was a loud creaking sound coming from within the boy's body.

His body started to convulse violently. his ribs shattered, his chest expanded. He started to bloat like a balloon, and exploded into chunks.

A large scream echoed from the remaining torso, which was now barely a pair of legs. After the screeching stopped, a sound like burning metal being plunged into ice cold water began, a slowly fading wail accompanying it, until no more sound came from the corpse.

It died. It had finally been killed. The horror was finally gone.


“Rex, we did it. It’s dead!” A girl said.

Rex stared at the body.

“Do you still feel something for him?” The girl asked.

Rex snorted.

“Him? No. He was just convenient….useful. From...from the very beginning, I felt nothing…. nothing at all.” Rex said.

The girl watched Rex in disbelief.

“Convenient? I won’t deny it, gave him everything, didn’t you?” The girl asked.

“....Yes. I did. A fool’s mistake, one made by a younger me. This was unavoidable since the very start. I knew that.” Rex said.

“Rex, are you saying you never lov-“ the girl started.

There was a loud bang.

“Shut up! Don’t talk about something that you have nothing to do with.” Rex said through clenched teeth, punching the tree beside him.

The girl flinched.

“Rex….” The girl said nervously.

“You really are a pain.” Rex said.

“Rex, it isn’t good to deny your feelings. It’s only going to hur-!” The girl started.

Rex punched her.

“I SAID SHUT UP!!” Rex yelled, pushing her to the floor and punching her again.

She coughed, and puked up some blood.

She looked him in the eyes, and smiled. Her smile, to him, seemed worse than any monster. It looked a lot more dead than one, too.

“You still love him. You killed him, you know. You could have done some-“ the girl started.

Rex hit her. Again. And again. And again. When he had finished, his knuckles had the skin scraped off.

He had killed her.

He killed another person.

He sat for a minute, thinking. He looked at his blood stained hands.

“You… you were right.” Rex said, falling onto his back.

He started laughing hysterically.

“Well, it’s not fair only they get to escape from this hell. It’s…. it’s my turn. I can’t do this anymore, Raven. I’ll meet you two up there soon.” Rex said, smiling pitifully.

A gunshot went off.


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Bio: This account is to post another one of my fiction series aside from the AOTale series, it is for my apocalypse series. It takes place in the same universe, technically, but it is completely seperate from the events and plot of the other ones. If that makes sense.

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