The Adventurer's Academy

by Already In Use

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Rin Asahiro, a twenty-year-old sex worker, decides to turn her life around and become an adventurer.

Only, she has a vague idea of what the actual occupation of being an adventurer entails. In an effort to lead a life she could be proud of, Rin will learn exactly what encompasses the dichotomy of adventuring:

Glory and devastation, all while she tries to maneuver around obstacles in a strange world. 


A slow-burn high fantasy story about a young peasant trying to make it as an adventurer.

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Already In Use

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arc 0.1 - Rin Asahiro ago
Arc 0.2 - An Opportunity ago
Arc 0.3 - Pursuit of Happiness ago
Arc 0 END - A New Beginning ago
Arc 1.1 - Introductions, Part One ago
Arc 1.2 - Introductions, Part Two ago
Arc 1.3 - Introductions, Part Three ago
Arc 1.4 - First Classes, Part One ago
Arc 1.5 - First Classes, Part Two ago
Arc 1.6 - First Classes, Part Three ago
Arc 1 END - The Near Future ago
Arc 2.1 - Two Weeks, Part One ago
Arc 2.2 - Two Weeks, Part Two ago
Arc 2.3 - Two Weeks, Part Three ago
Arc 2.4 - Two Weeks, Part Four ago
Arc 2.5 - Departure ago
Arc 2.6 - The First Mission, Part One ago
Arc 2.7 - The First Mission, Part Two ago
Arc 2 END - The Kobold Camp ago
Arc 3.1 - The Scorned, Part One ago
Arc 3.2 - The Scorned, Part Two ago
Arc 3.25 - After the Unfortunate News ago
Arc 3.3 - The Scorned, Part Three ago
Arc 3.4 - The Dreams of a Lonely Water Sprite ago
Arc 3.5 - Strange Lands, Part One ago
Arc 3.6 - Strange Lands, Part Two ago
Arc 3.7 - Strange Lands, Part Three ago
Arc 3.8 - The Town of Az Derain, Part One ago
Arc 3.9 - The Town of Az Derain, Part Two ago
Arc 3.10 - The Town of Az Derain, Part Three ago
Arc 3.11 - Return to Libera, Part One ago
Arc 3.12 - Return to Libera, Part Two ago
Arc 3 END - Return to Libera, Part Three ago
Arc 4.1 - A Spell for a Lonely Water Sprite ago
Arc 4.2 - Downtown ago
Arc 4.3 - Scars ago
Arc 4.4 - Goals ago
Arc 4.5 - A Sprite's Reality ago
Arc 4.6 - The Second Outing, Part One ago
Arc 4.7 - The Second Outing, Part Two ago
Arc 4.8 - The Second Outing, Part Three ago
Arc 4.9 - Unbound ago
Arc 4 END - The Next Steps ago
Arc 5.1 - Liquid Graves, Part One ago
Arc 5.2 - Liquid Graves, Part Two ago
Arc 5.3 - Liquid Graves, Part Three ago
Arc 5.4 - Fort Carda, Part One ago
Arc 5.5 - Fort Carda, Part Two ago
Arc 5.6 - Fort Carda, Part Three ago
Arc 5.7 - The Mountain of Blades, Part One ago
Arc 5.8 - The Mountain of Blades, Part Two ago
Arc 5.9 - The Fighting Spirit of a Determined Water Sprite ago
Arc 5.10 - Celebration ago
Arc 5 END - Progress?/The Feelings of a Joyous Water Sprite ago

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The story always had some flags for me but it also had good stuff going on so I kept with it until now. At this point I feel like I won't enjoy it if I continue.

The distance between Rin being capable of solving the current, though there are still plot threads hanging that weren't resolved, plot threat of Sprite Genocide and the horror of the plot thread while Xhez is already a major character in the story is too great. There's no plausible way to either get all the sprites to gather up and organize and/or move in any decent time frame nor is their a plausible path to changing the culture of the society regarding sprites in less than several years, especially for a character in Rin's position.

It is similarly implausible that a person who has as little personal development as Xhez or social/emotional experience will be able to keep it together until the issue is resolved. The trigger for this review was the latest chapter where the instructor tells them to slaughter some innocents for cash. Are Rin's current and future friends all going to refuse? Doubtful. So Xhez is gonna what, just be like cool I get it you need time to convince them so I'm fine with my best girl being friends with a bunch of ethic cleansers. NBD? Nah.

I'm already really skeptical of YA novels, which this clearly is with Rin's and Elisa's plot lines. Those two issues would be significant enough to be the major plot of a story but then we add horrific genocide and we also have the standard academy plots plus a few other plots? Author is going for way too much. Xhez plot should have been a second volume plot after we resolved at a minimum half of the existing plot threads if not more.


Just for the sake of transparency, I do want to say that this review was done as part of a swap.

That being said, I REALLY enjoyed what I have read so far! The story follows Rin, a young sex-worker that decides that she wants to become an adventurer. I'll go through each sort of part of my review individually:


The style remains consistent in its perspective and does not change throughout the available chapters. Everything is read from Rin's view, and there is a strong sense of chronology to all of the events. The author is obviously a skilled writer. My only minor gripe here is that I prefer shorter chapters because I hate having to leave a chapter half unread when i'm reading. This, however, is not the norm on RR and if you enjoy longer chapters, then the author certainly provides!


There's not really a lot to say here, the story is absolutely fantastic! A really unique plot where a sex worker has decided to become an adventurer. I am curious to see how her background plays into the plot as the story advances. Does it come back in some way or will it be left behind? Regardless the story has a fun plot, is interesting, and has entertaining characters.

One thing I would like to better understand is the source of character motivation. It's obvious that Rin is tired of slogging it at the brothel, but is that really enough to make her want to risk her life as an adventurer when she could just as easily have decided to move to another city and get another job? Perhaps focusing on her brother and integrating that with Rin's motivation to pursue the adventurer academy might be helpful.


Great grammar, I could find very little wrong. A couple of typos here and there, but I am hardly the best judge of this.


I feel like this is one of the weaker points in the story at the moment. Rin is the only character that has really been fleshed out in detail. Even then I find it hard to understand her true motivations behind wanting to become an adventurer. Being bored is hardly a good enough reason when most of them seem to end up dead! The book is still in its infancy so i'm looking forward to becoming attached to more of the characters as they become available!

Update as of 12/29/20. The characters have begun to be a bit more fleshed out. New characters have been introduced that resonate with the reader. I have updated the character score to reflect that change.


It reminds a lot of a LITRPG with a post apocaliptic scenario and without a system.

I think that the lack of a system turns things more interesting because there is no clear metric of how powerful someone is or something showing clearly how much stronger the characters are geting.

The scenario is kind of like if a usual fantasy scenario advanced enought to reach moder technology and after that everything have gone to hell.

I find the characters relatively well developed. There are a lot more to that is unknown of most characters, but they show signs that the will be further developed.


I'm having a fun read by following this "young" sex worker girl as she discovers a new world... a city-away.

It's written well enough, with a complexe almost-post apocalyptic lore.

I love the mix of modern technology and magical systems, it brings a novel air to this world.. did you expect an adventurer, chasing kobolds with a hammer and casting fireball coming back home using the bullet train and listening to the radio ?? I didn't .. and it was cool ! 

The story approaches issues of racisme(specisme?), gender, poverty, revenge, forced marriage and all, without (yet) trying to solve them, just showing that it exists, it's not "right" and showing the feelings of the different characters about that.  Pretty neat.

Like a spoilery review below I'm a bit afraid that the hidden grimdark aspect of the world is a bit too huge for our little MC to solve... but what do I know.

I just hope that the story continues after academy ... because if she solves everything in less than 3Years, I'm calling shenanigans... and if not... there would be so many interesting plot lines that would stay open.


For some odd reason whenever I read this story I get the same enjoyment and comfort as I do watching a random netflix documentary. The story follows Rin a sex worker who decides to become an adventurer.

Except she has zero idea what she is getting herself into. Rin is just your average human doing the best she can to walk her own path. Wich requires a lot of learning, hard work, and dedication. A practical and likeable MC.

The plot can give you a bit of whiplash at times but doesn't feel forced? I think Rin may just have a screwy random encounter chart(who knows). I do worry that in the future the author might try to pull Rin in too many directions at once. Otherwise it's a pretty solid plot.

I look forward to following Rin on her journey to becoming an adventurer.


Harry Potter and his Purple Lightsaber

Reviewed at: Arc 4.4 - Goals

The technical side of the writing is decent enough, but in the context of the other 5-star stories, this one is all over the place. One day it's exploring the paradoxical nature of the human condition by delving into the heart of a young maiden in love, trapped in the skin of a sex worker, the next day it's an epic quest given by a dying, last-of-its-kind member of a legendary race . . .

The frequency, rarity and disjointed nature of the random encounters seems more in line with an alternate universe crossover where three drunk pantheons throw explosive darts at the tapestry of fate rather than a character driven growth story. The overflowing opportunities are not properly spaced out by development or balanced with the corresponding urgency or any other kind of narrative drive. The result is a rushed impression that leaves me wondering whether these are really the author's best ideas or their first and only ideas.

Personally, I'd welcome more slice-of-life chapters that explore the magic system, demonstrating the complexities of the seemingly simplistic process, for example the crafting angle or a deeper look into a specific discipline. Conversely, attempts to tack on hidden depths onto characters that already made too strong of an impression as one-dimensional filler come out as a tedious waste of effort that could better be spent elsewhere.

Overall, I like the premise, but struggle to get emotionally invested in a story that shows the warning signs of being endlessly rewritten or outright dropped once the initial flood of ideas is exhausted.


I've been enjoying this story so far, primarily because Rin is an entertaining protagonist with grounded problems. She's not some uber cheat isekai, but you can see her learning and improving as she goes. Overall I can say she feels like a real person.

Rin also has some real courage and perseverance, a lot of nastyness gets thrown her way but she muddles through and is not afraid to make some tough decisions in her life.

The worldbuilding is adequate as of now, but as we mostly see it through Rin's barely educated perspective we only get the broad strokes of the situation at hand. Interesting way to go about the exposition, I like it.

Other characters in this don't have the same characterization. I admit I find their perspectives less fun than Rin's.but I'm hoping that we'll get more nuance as things progress.