The Tower Trials

The Tower Trials

by Mauzas

"The Towers have stood for centuries. They offer riches and power in equal measure to those that are brave, strong, and lucky enough to overcome their Trials.

Isaac has arrived in time for the annual Novice Trial where young men and women aged 16 through 18 are set to enter the Tower for their first time.

Novice Trials are a rite of passage, and though one is not required to take it, one cannot develop their Mana System without it. However, the trials are deadly, and there are always some that go in, but never come out.

Regardless of the danger, Novice Trials are required for entry into any of the four grand academies.

Those that survive the trials are able to gain experience and level-up as they ascend the different floors of the Towers."

The Tower Trials is my first attempt at writing. Reviews and constructive criticism are highly encouraged and appreciated!

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A classique start of good quality !

Reviewed at: Chapter 11

There are not many chapters out but we can already see the character personality and gĂ©neral plot, so it's a good time for an early review. It's a quality tower climb with classic characters. 

The story starts with a Classique, the Mc young and brave decision to climb the tower to unlock his system and enter one of the magical academia.

Instead of having the usual "kill ten goblins" the first quest has a novice, the Mc is asked to complete a Hero quest.

This is a type of story that I enjoy a lot. What often separated the good and bad tower stories is the MC personality and character interaction. 

The MC is not a stupid power-hungry child ready to die because of the Hero syndrome. He is an Intelligent child ready to die because of a hero syndrome. I like the fact that he tried to read books about the Trials, that he ask advice and want a teacher. He is not just heading headfirst into conflict.

Well, I don't particularly like the Hero syndrome and his lack of self-preservation, but that's the starting plot. 

In a few chapters, Mauzas shows us two antagonists, two mentor figures, and a lot of small possible plot has emerged and rapidly the world is given shapes. The plot is well structured because of those characters' interactions. The prince will be an obstacle, the arrogant young master will try to obviously kill the MC, etc... We are guided on what is happening and can enjoy the Litrpg and heroic part safely.

The plot is well structured for now but some parts are a bit too classic. The arrogant young master and the prideful prince for example. But it's ok because we can understand faster what will happen with a good stereotype. I just hope the Mauzas will deepen the antagonist's personality at some point.

Antagonists are very important to give the MC motivation and meaning behind his actions, so they need to be as convincing as the MC.

The grammar is ok for me, but I am not a native English speaker.

I gave good marks for now to encourage the author. This story has great potential and I can feel the addictive effect of a good LITRPG Tower. An addicted reader is a happy one.

Thank you Mauzas for this story, hope you will give us more and more chapters.

Egar Gnizama

There isn't too much for me to touch upon, seeing how the previous reviewers caught everything that I noticed myself, the author has already stated he will be making changes to the length. instead, I will start by saying that I was enjoying reading The Tower Trials until I came to its short end.

As stated in another review, the fight scene at the beginning of the story was a little unconvincing and could be changed with minimal touches. I was in the believability factor during the start of the fight scene until Isaac dove at the third bodyguard and actually managed to disarm him. That's where believability lost its credibility and I was left wondering really? I know he loses but I can just imagine him being stabbed attempting his dive in this scenario.

I love a good underdog and this MC definitely fits the description even if slight tweaks are needed. 

He's already going out of his way to help people he doesn't know and making enemies along the journey, so this story will not be lacking on drama.

The conversation between characters was well written and with only a few grammar mistakes I was pleasantly pleased. 

Overall: I am likely to reread this in the future when more chapters have been added, certain errors have been corrected and it lasts a little longer.




Already In Use

Promising, Very Promising

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

There's a lot to love here, in the short amount of chapters that have been made available by the time I write this. First of all, I think the style, prose, and world are what have carried this story so far. The way in which the story is written is easy to follow, without sacrificing its literary quality. 

Another thing that I appreciate is the main character, Isaac. From chapter one, he was tangible and felt like an actual person. Now, I will say, I think a little bit more could be done to flesh him out going forward, but I do think he has been written well so far. 

Now, the main concern I have with this story is that it hasn't done too much to separate itself from other LitRPG stories on Royal Road. Now, it definitely has time to do that, especially considering that as of me writing this it is 9 chapters deep, but still, it is a concern. 

The second thing, though, and I believe the author has been made aware of this, is that the chapters are all a bit short. A lot of people prefer shorter chapters and that's fine, I'm just not one of them. But, obviously, that doesn't ruin the story or anything. 

Overall: A very good effort so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes! 

M.J. Markgraf

It's a decent start to the genre. We have a tower where people go to ascend or level, the typical stat allotments, and an ability to take on missions and earn titles. Nothing groundbreaking story-wise but a good read. 

Most of the characters are interesting and the story so far flows well. Of course, the first type of character the MC interacts with is a stuck up noble. My one complaint is that the MC can disable two trained guards that are in full armor and with weapons, using nothing but his wits. It's a bit of a stretch.
There are a few misused words but other than that I didn't see any glaring grammar issues, not that I am the best judge of grammar.

Now with that being said, the story needs something to stand out from the crowd. While it is well written and the characters are interesting there is little to hook the reader. It doesn't offer anything unique enough to make me want to continue reading. Not that I didn't enjoy the read, it's just that there are so many other stories that have more to offer.

I'm sure this will change once the story gets going.