What LITRPG There is Only Needlework

by Vongrak

The System has come to Earth, the world is changing status screens are appearing but... Sui can't bring herself to care about that. The most important thing, is that the blasted appocalypse is cutting into her sewing time. Of course... maybe if it can give her some new abilities and improve her work... she can forgive that. 

Join Sui "There is only Needlework" and the two people who are willing to put up with her insanity, Aife "warrior in the making" and Trina, the "Why would you ever think this was a good idea" in the present in What LITRPG There is Only Needlework

Cover by Creadfectus https://www.deviantart.com/creadfectus

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The original idea is novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

The thing that was supposed to make this story different was that the protagonist is supposed to only care about sewing at the expense of all other things... but then she goes on to barely sew. The things that get in the way of her sewing aren't important, if she's not sewing then there's nothing that sets this apart from every other system apocalypse story. The system doesn’t need to be designed in a way that forces her to constantly fight monsters.

The main character is flat. Mostly because the majority of the characterization she has is that she only cares about sewing, to the point that she literally ignores the apocalypse happening in front of her eyes, but then few of the actions she takes actually reflect that. She just ends up another template character in a system apocalypse novel.

The spelling, grammar, and punctuation pushes it over the edge though. I have no idea how it is possible to make some of these mistakes, maybe it’s being written through text to speech or something. Some of them are understandable but should be caught in post, like using "taught" in the place of "taut", but some of them are... something else, like using "alive" in place of "a lie". All of them ruin the flow of the story, break immersion, and make you pause for a second as you struggle to parse the sentence and figure out what it's supposed to mean.

The dialogue isn’t punctuated, lacking periods and commas, and switches between double and single punctuation marks. I know it’s supposed to notate that the spider isn’t actually speaking aloud but come on. Just write a sentence saying the spider isn’t speaking aloud and make sure to reiterate that fact if it’s ever important in the moment.

You need regularity and standardization if you want the reader to be able to read this with any sort of ease and comfort. Using all these little tricks just makes it ambiguous.

The first chapter was good.


Where’s the needlework?

Reviewed at: Chapter 33

I feel like many of the other reviewers have already hit upon most of my complaints for this story, especially regarding how little sewing there really is. This is an incredibly generic LITRPG just like a million other stories, with the only unique thing about it being the protagonist's obsession with needlework, and this is a fricking awesome premise!

What does the author decide to do after having this single twist that makes the story so unique, putting it as the title of the story, selling it in the synopsis, and then setting it as the story's cover? They make the decision to barely have the main character do needlework whatsoever beyond the first few chapters. I absolutely loved the very early chapters, however the author basically abondons the idea for the rest of the story, causing it to lose the only thing that made it stand out.


My other main concern is the character "Trina." She's used solely as a source of exposition, shoving information down the reader's throat for 5 chapters straight with zero breaks. When she's not acting as a convenient and lazy source of exposition for the author, she's snapping at and complaining to the other two main characters. Literally everything Sui and Aife do causes Trina to get all pissy and complain, and I mean everything. Someone will sit down and then Trina will snap at them for doing that, where every single action the author explicitly writes in is also followed by a complaint by Trina regarding how that character could possibly do such a thing.

At times it can even feel as though Trina is the protagonist with how she's written about even more than Sui, and is constantly fawned over by the others, needing to be calmed down and spoon fed every other sentence because of her outbursts. She is one of the most unbelievably unlikable characters I have ever read about in my entire life, and I just really wanted to emphasize this because of how thoroughly I feel she ruins the story, with other commenters on various chapters sharing this sentiment. I would legitimately rather drop the story than read another line that comes from her mouth, and I've done precisely that.

I almost want to encourage you to read the story just for how novel of an experience it is to see such a character as horribly written as Trina; it's actually an interesting case study and would be p cool to break down and analyse more thoroughly one day. The author loves the character, so this may be why she's given more attention than even Sui, and she most likely won't be killed off or changed as the story progresses.


For grammar, it's definitely better than many other stories on RR, but it still has issues that can cause confusion at times.

One example can be seen here...


"'Why? He offered... actually wait, I feel like I remember having this conversation with Grandma... Ah right now I remember, I promised not to do it again, she said it was wrong... not sure why we both got what we wanted from the trade' said Sui"


Where a corrected version would be here -->


"'Why? He had offered... Actually, wait, I feel like I remember having this conversation with Grandma... Ah, right, now I remember; she had said that it was wrong, and I promised not to do it again... I'm not sure why, since we both got what we wanted from the trade,' said Sui."


The author often ignores commas and periods, mixes up words that aren't anywhere near the same thing, and then complains in the Author's Notes about how their grammar is really good and that these reviews are slander. Something to keep in mind is that the story is still readable, and the author puts out chapters every day (quantity over quality), but it can definitely still be confusing or difficult to read at times, with many reviews already covering this. My main issue with this is the author's reaction and outbursts to the feedback they've received, and it bodes pretty poorly for the future of this story.


Definitely check out the story and see what you think; the first few chapters are awesome, and it's a cool premise. If you're able to handle reading about Trina as the story progresses, are fine with the grammar, and enjoy the story even without the needlework aspect, then you'll have a cool story to look forward to each day. Props to the author for consistency.


She does not care about her granny( i did looked at the chapters she is not there). 

She does not care about her life( she did locked all her weapons away, like why? ).

She does not care about apocalypse( she did not scared even a bit that world is ended). 

She has no emotions. She just lives for sewing something. She is not a human. She is a sewing machine. 

rick james

Boring. Reading the first 3 chapters required a lot of willpower. The character is boring and one dimensional.


Character seems to have a screw loose. Considering the only thing on her mind is sewing. So yeah character seems like a heroin addict . other than that the English is alright. But the story is sooo boring. Don't let this review stop you from resding it. Just felt like it wasnt my cup of tea. There's a reason it is/was on trending so yeah give it a try. Hopefully author can add more depth to the character. Just feels like character is forced to fight cause of system but her passion is sewing. Weird . unless it's going the route of the overpowered tailor in a litrpg environment.

A different name for the system which is great. I don't know if author will further expand on the system but probably will. Other than that yeah just found it boring. This review will probably get dislike bombed by the fans. Makes sense. But yeah its not a five star story. Story has potential but just seems to lack something that catches and makes the reader eager to read more. Book won't be able to appeal to all but eh not a problem. 

The book seems like it will go on for a long duration but books like these tend to have a higher chance of going on a hiatus. It lacks purpose other than sewing. Maybe if it was a comedy it'd make sense but yeah this story is a diamond in the rough. Will improve over time. Give it a chance. 


Why does it have to be 200 words? This review is annoying. 



Also realised I struggled reading such a book cause of the horrendous grammar. Lols yeah author can do better. Hopefully it improves but yeah this book wont last 2 months


There are three kinds of stories on Royal Road with the LitRPG tag: actual LitRPGs, stories with some token LitRPG elements to lure in readers, and subversive LitRPG comedies. A lot of the ones in the third category tend to fall flat because they think they have to be a standard LitRPG to subvert one. 

Vongrak has proven that this isn't the case. This world of the story trying to be a LitRPG, but its constantly be subverted by a protagonist that really couldn't give a s**t; she just wants to do her needlework in peace, and that's all she wants to do. While she is smart enough to have some longterm planning in regards to her continued survival, the story has yet to sacrifice her mentality of not caring about any of this nonsense the world is throwing at her. We don't even know if she has a standard status screen with attribute points, skills, and all that other stuff, because one of the first thing she does is go into the settings and turn off everything that can be turned off so she can focus on her needlework. As long as the author is able to maintain Sui's (the protagonist) apathy, this story will be a joy to read.


Edit: Gets a status this chapter, sets it to auto. Never change.


Just use grammarly.

Its free to use and will fix 90% of your spelling errors.
If you use the paid version it even helps you with word structure.

Just do something. I cant read it anymore.

Also as the top reviewer has stated.
If your novel take on the apocalypse is a character that is crazy into sweing, then the story should centre around that and not monster slaying.


An Unoriginal Idea Worsened by Poor Execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

tl;dr - I noped out real quick cause the grammar * and nothing else was worth sticking around for. If you don't understand, try reading the first paragraph of hte story. 

Story: 3/5

This story is entirely uninteresting. The idea is completely unoriginal. A System gets introduced to the world, and MC struggles with the initialization, the MC acquires some special quirk early on that will inevitably be the thing that carries them to dominance. Bleh. Oooh, the MC is a crafter! Also done, many times. 

The story gets 3/5 because it, like most of its components, is solidly fine. 

Style: 3/5

Strongly meh. Neither good nor bad. Not interesting but not distracting. It's just uninspired. We haven't seen dialogue, but the character's inner thoughts are handled in a decent fashion. Neither brilliant nor horrible. The flow is fine, if a bit stilted sometimes.

Grammar: 1/5

Whereas the style wasn't distractingly bad, the grammar is. The first paragraph was a hot mess. Each chapter is riddled with minor mistakes, and most have larger, very confusing mistakes. I got to chapter 8, where the author confuses a language, a religion, a country, and a people all at once, and gave up right there and then. 

Character: 3/5

The MC somehow is the best part of this story, and she's solidly 1-dimensional. She's not the typical LitRPG combat-obsessed murderhobo. Instead, she's got some other obsession. One-dimensional characters can be pretty dull, but sometimes they can be entertaining. In the first 8 chapters, it was decently entertaining, and held the story together even as nothing else did.


I read this because of bad reviews and I'm glad.

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

I've read quite a few stories on Royal Road and I don't write reviews for most of them.  I will simple state if you like Litrpg, and system apocalypse this story is probably for you.  It leans into the quirkiness of the characters for personality and that is working well so far.  There may have been some early grammar issues....one word written when another was intended...but it was neither pervasive nor did it take me out of the story.  My review scores are based on the average story on Royal Road, and this is above the average in every category.

I look forward to reading more of this story....I whipped through the entire story in one evening which is a good indication that it is both engaging and well written enough to hold my interest.

The first review is harsh without reason. I'm not sure what the scores are even in relation to but they make no sense.  The grammar one is the only one with a basis and I think it is harped on too much.  The other scores are ridiculous. I can clearly imagine the character and the story is interesting.  Unless your baseline is 1 star for a passable story....the scores are wrong.


Okay soapbox done.....If you want a good idea of whether you want to read this story, try the first couple chapters if the category of story is interesting to you it won't take long.


Great starting chapter

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

Ok, chapter one sold me.  I hope you have another 100 chapters in the can, ready to go, or that you have been secretly writing this story for years, and just now decided to share your volumes with the world.  If you only have chapter 1, well, its still awesome, but you should buckle down and write a bunch of chapters overnight.   Just sayin.  . 

Explosive Rift

The story has been done before, crafters are relatively rare though. The characters only have one notable personality trait, and need more. The grammar and spelling is abysmal, it hasn't even been put through a spellchecker or autocorrect, that or it's an unintelligent autocorrect instead of using AI. The style doesn't flow well but could be worse.

If the spelling and grammar were fixed I'd rate this as:

4/5 RR.

2.5/5 Published.