Remnants of the Dawn: The Complete Trilogy

by Dante_FromSpac5

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Author edits content regularly, genre is decidedly High Fantasy with other elements throughout.


The Armies of Xanavene have declared war on the world of Silex, and march their black armies across the lands, leaving confusion and ruin in their wake. Led by the Necromancer Osric, their motives are as unknown as his origins. The armies of Xanavene cuts a swathe of terror towards Elysia, home to The Order of Dawn and the Priestess Renata.

After his affair with the High Priestess is discovered, Grandmaster of The Knights of Dawn, Aichlan, is sent to the fort of Arlien along the Elysian border, as punishment. His rank in The Order of Dawn prevents a public sentencing, but it is the hope of the Cardinals that he will perish when Xanavene inevitably attacks. Faced with the insurmountable task of defeating an army the likes of which hadn’t been seen in over three millennia, Aichlan is given a coveted second chance to save the Priestess and put an end to Osric’s mad ploy.

Aided by the remnants of fallen kingdoms, he must gather an army to combat the Xanavien horde, as well as the horrors Osric unleashed. Horrors not seen on the planet since the last time a doomed mortal attempted to wage war on with the gods.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Eternal kingdom ago
Chapter 1: Mournings Twilight ago
Chapter 2: I Heard that You Died ago
Chapter 2: I Heard that You Died Part 2 ago
Chapter 3: To Drown ago
Chapter 4: One Day I'll Stay Home ago
Chapter 5: Dismantling Devotion ago
Chapter 6: The Giant ago
Chapter 7: Mercy Kiss ago
Chapter 8: Our Fortress is Burning... ago
Chapter 9: Endless Cycle ago
Chapter 9: Endless cycle Part 2 ago
Chapter 10: Leave Me Here ago
Chapter 11: Small Victories ago
Chapter 12: Clarissa's Ransom ago
Chapter 13: Breaking the Dawn ago
Chapter 13: Breaking the Dawn Part 2 ago
Chapter 14: Disharmonia ago
Chapter 15: Curse ago
Chapter 14: The Grateful Undead ago
Chapter 15: Holiday in Eefrit ago
Chapter 16: Shadow of an Entity ago
Chapter 17: Death Marsh Part 1 ago
Chapter 17: Death Marsh Part 2 ago
Chapter 17: Death Marsh Part 3 ago
Chapter 18: Beast and the Harlot part 1 ago
Chapter 18: Beast and the Harlot part 2 ago
Chapter 19: Children of Rhode ago
Chapter 20: Calm before Storms ago
Chapter 21: Away with Words ago
Chapter 22: A Dream Resigned ago
Chapter 23: Woke up Lost ago
Chapter 24: Fire, Death, and Fear Part 1 ago
Chapter 24: Fire, Death, and Fear Part 2 ago
Chapter 24: Fire, Death, and Fear Part 3 ago
Chapter 25: In Flames ago
Chapter 26: Heaven Shall Burn ago
Chapter 27: ...But Home is Nowhere ago
Chapter 28: Set in Motion ago
Chapter 28: Set in Motion Part 2 ago
Chapter 29: Dark Mother Divine ago
Chapter 30: The Expendables ago
Chapter 31: One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours ago
Chapter 32: Servant of Sorrow ago
Chapter 33: Fear and Loathing in port Vergas ago
Chapter 33: Fear and Loathing in port Vergas Part 2 ago
Chapter 34: Redeeming the Wretched ago
Chapter 34: Redeeming the Wretched part 2 ago
Book Two: Hope ago
Book 2 Chapter 1: The Dear Hunter ago
Book 2 Chapter 2: Forgive Her ago
Book 2 Chapter 3: Familiar Haze ago
Book 2 Chapter 3: Familiar Haze Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter 4: The Irony of Hope ago
Book 2 Chapter 5: Bloodmoon ago
Book 2 Chapter 5: Bloodmoon Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter 6: Falling World ago
Book 2 Chapter 6: Falling World Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter 7: Sworn Allegiance ago
Book 2 Chapter 8: A Glimpse of Perfection ago
Book 2 Chapter 9: These hours of Despair ago
Book 2 Chapter 9: These hours of Despair Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter10: Whatever it May Take ago
Book 2 Chapter 11: When Losing Everything Means Nothing ago
Book 2 Chapter 12: Ophelia ago
Book 2 Chapter 13: The Wolves of the Timberline ago
Book 2 Chapter 14: Don't Shoot ago
Book 2 Chapter 15: Marches and Maneuvers ago
Book 2 Chapter 16: Wayphearing Stranger ago
Book 2 Chapter 17: Descending Winters ago
Book 2 Chapter 18: War All The Time ago
Book 2 Chapter 19: Full Circle ago
Book 2 Chapter 20: Congratulations, I Hate You ago
Book 2 Chapter 21: Disquiet ago
Book 2 chapter 22: Dreamer ago
Book 2 chapter 23: Where Myth Fades to Legend ago
Book 2 Chapter 24: High hopes & Heavy Hearts ago
Book 2 Chapter 25: Hello Uncertainty ago
Book 2 Chapter 27: The Ice is Getting Thinner ago
Book 2 Chapter 27: The Ice is Getting Thinner Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter 28: "I Could Care Less" ago
Book 2 Chapter 29: Battle of Mice ago
Book 2 Chapter 29: battle of Mice Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter 30: In shadows ago
Book 2 Chapter 31: Be Our Bloody Guest ago
Book 2 Chapter 32: Descending ago
Book 2 Chapter 33: ...And A Slow Surrender ago
Book 2 Chapter 34: The Black Mage Society ago
Book 2 Chapter 35: End of the Line ago
Book 2 Chapter 36: Blood of Nations ago
Book 2 Chapter 37: Tomorrow Will Never Come ago
Book 2 Chapter 38: All the Tears ago
Book 2 chapter 39: Brush the Dust Away ago
Book 2 Chapter 40:Descent into Chaos ago
Book 2 Chapter 41: Of Hopes and Dreams ago
Book 2 Chapter 42: Crossing Over ago
Book 2 Chapter 42: Crossing Over Part 2 ago
Book 2 Chapter 43: Now, Now ago
Book 2 Chapter 44: Empty Skies ago
Book 2 Chapter 45: Sometimes Love is Not enough ago
Book 2 Chapter 46: Liberi Fatalis ago
Book 2 Chapter 47: Someday You Will Be Loved ago
Book 2 Chapter 48: Seasons Change ago
Book 2 Chapter 49: Do Me A Favor... ago
Book 2 Chapter 50: Lost to the Living ago
Book 2 Chapter 51: Planning a Prison Break ago
Book 3: Year of No Light ago
Book 3 Prologue: Somewhere along the Highway ago
Book 3 Chapter 1: Dawn of a New Day ago
Book 3 Chapter 2: Curtains Closing ago
Book 3 Chapter 3: Hours of Wealth ago
Book 3 Chapter 4: Speak Your Words ago
Book 3 Chapter 5: Promises ago
Book 3 Chapter 6: Immigrants and Hypocrites ago
Book 3 Chapter 7: With a Thousand words to Say but One ago
Book 3 Chapter 8: Goodbye Regret ago
Book 3 Chapter 9: Aren't You an Angel ago
Book 3 Chapter 10: Blind Desperation ago
Book 3 Chapter 11: Best you can get ago
Book 3 Chapter 12: A Greater Call ago
Book 3 Chapter 13: Silent Deaths, Crowded Lives ago
Book 3 Chapter 14: Said the King to the River ago
Book 3 Chapter 15: A Close Encounter ago
Book 3 Chapter 16: The Quiet Storm ago
Book 3 Chapter 17: This Cut is the Deepest ago
Book 3 Chapter 17: This Cut is the Deepest Part 2 ago
Book 3 Chapter 18: Loss Will Find us ago
Book 3 Chapter 19: Dead Winter Days ago
Book 3 Chapter 20: He is Here, He is not Afraid ago
Book 3 Chapter 21: Same Blood ago
Book 3 Chapter 22: Absit Omen ago
Book 3 Chapter 23: Stranded ago
Book 3 Chapter 24: Wake Anxious ago
Book 3 Chapter 25: Always Trapped ago
Book 3 Chapter 26: In Awe Of ago
Book 3 Chapter 27: Rooms and Shadows ago
Book 3 Chapter 28: The Spoils of War ago
Book 3 Chapter 29: Shadows in the Light ago
Book 3 Chapter 30: Faithless ago
Book 3 chapter 31: I'm Sorry, This is... ago
Book 3 Chapter 32: Where I Leave ago
Book 3 Chapter 33: The Art of Dying ago
Book 3 Chapter 34: As I Look into the Abyss ago
Book 3 Chapter 35: The Abyss Looks into Me ago
Book 3 Chapter 36: The Dream and the Waking ago
Book 3 Chapter 37: The Clouds Prepare for Battle ago
Book 3 Chapter 38: She Painted Fire Across the Skyline ago
Book 3 Chapter 39: A Certain Death ago
Book 3 Chapter 40: A Dream Resigned ago

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High Fantasy with a Holy Roman Empire feel.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: One Day I'll Stay Home

The story has strong, immersive dialogue that keeps you engaged believing that you are viewing another world. You get drawn into the conversations between the characters. The only setback in this regard is that several characters feel very similar, and can blur if the reader isn't paying attention. Dialogue draws me into feelings of a world reminiscint of the Holy Roman Empire circa 1300-1500.

Descriptions are vivid, and Dante's vocabulary is very obviously expansive. There is enough in every scene to paint a vivid picture of what's going on. There are some typos, places where commas should be, but who's story is perfect. They aren't numerous enough to seriously detract from the quality of the writing.

There is tension and a feeling of anxiety that keeps the reader reading, after the prologue, critical to the beginning of stories. You start in the action. There is blood, fear, swearing, well written combat, and a feeling that you must read on.

The prologue is the biggest drawback to this story thus far. It slogs. It is presented as a piece of educational writing within the world and starts that way but transitions into an odd combination of story prose and in-story literature.

My recommendation is if you read the prologue and find yourself wanting to stop reading, to quit reading the prologue and move on to the actual story which will entrance and draw you in. Don't let the weeds at the gate keep you from seeing the manor within.

Xel Vi Coronata

A second chance Epic Fantasy that's good to follow

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Dismantling Devotion

This review is meant to be one in which I lay out what I liked in Remnants of the Dawn, for prospective readers to look at. Issues plaguing this work, though minor, have been listed out satisfactorily by other reviews, so I shall mention them only if I feel that they may not be universally disliked. 

Style rating: 4
Remnants of the Dawn is evocative of older, high fantasy works. The descriptions are long, vivid and poetic, painting a vivid picture for readers. Sentence structure is complex, albeit flawed at times, but these flaws do not detract from the beauty of such a style. The long descriptions, though to my liking, obfuscate the story by showing up at odd times, which does slow things down a bit.

If you like purple prose, this would suit you quite well.

I must bring up a point that could be seen as tangential here. The chapters are long. 5000 word-ish. Editing such huge chunks at once is tough for the writer (and I should know), and to the author's credit, there aren't that many mistakes.

Things like missing apostrophes, mispelt words and odd sentence fragments do pop up, but overall, this work does not turn off anyone mildly sensitive to grammar. Otherwise, it is clear that the author has a relatively proficient command of English. 

Story: 4
Frankly, I believe that the huge chapters and the frequent in-chapter POV shifts make it hard to follow the story, which is a huge shame, considering the epic promises it offers. But anyway.

We follow Aichilan as he falls in battle, only to be given one more chance to protect his beloved. It is a simple quest, but the settings it introduces with it is charming and offers insight into the worldbuilding behind this work. A rather cunningly hidden literary device, but it serves the work well.  

The way the story unfolds is well done as well, and readers, in the middle of exploring this world, will find themselves compelled to read on.

Characters: 4
This work follows both the protagonist and the antagonist. Aitchilan shows quite a bit of nuance and development, while the antagonists are portrayed not at the height of their villainy, but in everyday moments. It is an interesting strategy, and would appeal to readers who want both sides of the coin to follow. Although the execution might leave a tiny bit to be desired, it is nonetheless a refreshing take.

Overall verdict: 4.5/5
It is a work worth following, although, as a reader, my recommendation is —I never thought I would say this— to break up the long chapters. It promises a grand vision eloquently, although whether it can live up to it remains to be seen. The signs are good, though.


I gave it a five star rating. I am not an avid reader, nor do I read fantasy fiction when I do read. Being a good friend I decide I would give it a try and I read it twice. I was completely thrown into, immersed even, the book as I read. I vividly saw the fights, the struggles, the romance. All of it. I did have to look up words occasionally but that just added to the experience and expanded my knowledge. The author is very educated and did his do diligence in research his vocabulary to fit the timeline of the story. If suggested many friends to read it also. Good work. 

Ariana Vivoni

Before you read this review, I should mention that it was done as part of a two-chapter swap. Therefore, all comments are based on the first two chapters of this work and cannot be taken as indicative of the overall quality or future progression of the story. Still, the chapters are long enough to give a good perspective into the work.

First of all - Style. The narration is in third-person past simple. Since the work is intended to be an epic fantasy, it also carries some epicness in the vocabulary and sentence structure. To be honest, the work might be on the difficult side for non-native speakers, unless they are well versed in archaic English and have a very rich vocabulary. The sentences are long, and due to the epic sentence structure (basically, they give you the feeling of reading an old saga) they are often hard to comprehend on the first read, especially for non-native readers. That being said, the great descriptiveness, as well as the old and worn-out feeling the narration gives, are part of the charm of this work.

Second - the Story. It is a bit difficult to judge from just two chapters. There are some twists, however, they are rather predictable.

The main character obviously dies after being stabbed, slashed, and pierced multiple times. But since this happens in ch.1 this fact has no emotional impact on the reader. We know that he will survive, otherwise, there is no story.

The premise seems a bit generic - the barbarians want to conquer the lands of the Holy Order. Naturally, it is most likely much more complicated than that, but this is what the first two chapters tell you. The work had a prologue that, thank the Muses, is currently being edited by the author. From it, a Tolkien-style worldbuilding of epic proportions was hinted at, so there are hopes for future development.

Third - Grammar. Since I am not a native speaker, and due to the type of language and sentences being used it is possible to have missed something, I will just give it a flat 5. There are no glaring mistakes and Old English is not my forte when it comes to the rules of grammar and punctuation.

Forth - the Characters. I have to say that I am a tad disappointed. All that we get about the main character is that he is tenacious and prideful. Due to the chaotic battle in the first chapter and the relatively quick pace of events, it is hard to get a good picture of his qualities as a leader, his interaction with his men, or any more character traits. As mentioned, the story opens with the end of a long fight and its consequences. Unfortunately, this puts the main character in a rather reactive than active position and makes it hard to flesh out his personality.

My biggest problem, however, would be with the main villain. A story is as good as its antagonist. And although we have been introduced to the bulk of the enemy forces in a rather bloody spectacular manner, the main antagonist's first appearance is rather underwhelming. This is probably due to the chosen setting and the fact that the author is trying to escape the cliche of the evil warlord by humanizing him and showing his weaknesses. However, this, in my opinion, is doing the character a disservice in these initial stages of the work.

All in all, I give this work a 4 on the premise that it has a big vision with a bit of a clunky execution. Still, it has its own specific charm and has the chance to be great in the chapters to come.  



My opinion might be a bit biased, since i generally tend to like most high fantasy novels, but i sincerely liked your writing style. I would say that the story might seem— at first— a bit too complex for casual readers, which just happen to be the most numerous. The style of writing is quite descriptive and as such could scare the aforementioned, for it requires one to pay close attention ( Can i say it requires reader experience? ) to the plot. Still, anyone that truly likes fantasy will certainly enjoy the ride. It is a work of quality, feels more like reading a book than a web-fiction. I didn't quite like Maleah though.


Remnants of the Dawn has an old soul. It’s high fantasy and draws some of its elements from classics like Lord of the Rings.

The story begins with Aichlan leading a fort that just lost an encounter with the enemy. He has a tiny remaining army and tries to escape. He loses all his men and is the only one left. Within the first two chapters, he loses his life (not spoilers, it’s in the story description).

I did this review for a literary agent style review swap. Normally, I would read more, but keep in mind, these are very first impressions.

The story beings with a top-down feel, as if you are hovering above the action. Later, point of view is more grounded with specific characters and starts to feel more third person limited. So, if it feels impersonal to start, I would advise you read a little longer. That feeling should dissipate, especially once you reach the villains.

That being said - the main character, Aichlan, gets introduced right after the prologue. He has some fair character development from the start. He’s a determined, young leader, set on doing his best to escape, even though he’s in a position of disgrace. He has a somewhat sarcastic view of the world, most evident when he comes face to face with his father (father’s ghost). He also loves a religious figure - Renata. That is the source of his disgrace.

Aside from Aichlan, we have Osric and Maleah. They are the other side of the conflict. I won’t comment too much on their character development as I’ve just seen them. Osric – I don’t really like, but that’s to be expected. He’s the villain. Maleah is a bit immature and appears to play second fiddle to her brother. (




The style of the story is ornate and descriptive. It does take a bit of work to read, and there are points a reader could get confused, if they break focus. So, it’s best read when you have some quiet time.

As for grammar, I did notice a couple of missing letters. Once in a while, a wrong word popped up (example: quiet for quite). But, nothing here will draw you out of the story.

Overall, the setup is good, and the story appears to be solid high fantasy.


Overall: 4/5

Overall, I thought this was a decent read. Royal Road needs more epic fantasy, and this delivers to that need on a decent level. It’s clear the author has a vision of where they want to take the story, the characters have flaws and weaknesses, and the author themselves has a clear voice when writing their story. Definitely above what you would see as an average story on this site. 

Style: 4.5/5

Most of the writing is in a style I would say is hinging on purple prose. For better or for worse this can make some scenes stretch on for an amount of time that hinges on too lengthy. But when it works it really works to highlight a scene and make things very vivid and interesting for the reader.

In terms of setting, since this is epic fantasy some of the terms and proper pronouns are thrown at you pretty rapidly with little to no explanation. Some of them you can infer, others you can’t. This can be pretty jarring for the reader. While this kind of thing is typical in epic fantasy, I feel like personally the plethora of them thrown at you right away make it a little difficult and dense to get into. 

Story: 4/5

Begins with a prologue, which is a big negative to me in general. Like most prologues, I don’t think it really provides very much information, or as good of an impression in the world that start with the first chapter would have provided. Unlike most prologues, this one is relevant to one of the characters in the book and is referenced in the first chapter.

Otherwise, it starts off at a pretty decent pace. It’s a little hard to understand what’s going on and the reasons behind it, part of that might be the stylistic choices. But it’s interesting enough. Chapter 2 ends on a note that tends towards confusing the main protagonist we start the story with. Otherwise, I think it’s a decent start. It has an interesting action sequence that doesn’t feel out of place, unlike some stories on this site. 

Grammar 3.5/5

There were some inconsistencies, atleast in the prologue with writing out full numbers. A few other errors I spotted with dialogue tags, indefinite articles, sentence structure, typos, words missing spaces. Incorrect comma usage, and capitalization. That said, Royal Road has a lot of stories with grammar issues far worse than this one.

Some of the purple prose in my opinion affected the overall flow. Some of the usages of adverbs led to some redundancies in the writing that kind of bog up and already dense structure given the nature of the style of writing. 

Character 4.5/5 

Very good job with the characters. Each had flaws, each had weaknesses that were established fairly soon after introduction. You’re drawn into wondering how they connect to each other, and I think this is the strongest part of this piece of literature.

However, to me atleast, this kind of underscores the prologue getting in the way because little character development is present - other than establishing one particular character that up to chapter 2 isn’t a point of view in the story.


Overall 4 and a half stars. (Just my opinion)

The story has multiple POV if that turns you off.

There is no glaring plot holes and flow is pretty nice.

The synopsis explains what the story about + there is more fanasty involved

The story is also feels pretty slow so far but theres plenty of development

*Note the above points won't apply if you're the type to scan every word just for the sake of finding grammer problems and potential plot hole. Otherwise it a great story so far*

*Although the author may appreciate the feedback and read the other reviews that did way better than me at explaining the story*