The Deathseeker [Revised]

The Deathseeker [Revised]

by B for Byrja

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


This story has dark elements, but it's neither grimdark nor particularly edgy.

It's also currently being lightly revised.

Satan's Axe...Lord of High Honor...The Immortal Giant...The Black Maelstrom...Son of Thunderfield...The Gods' Retribution. 

Dalric had many names. None were as fitting as his last, Dalric the Deathseeker. Born from an unwanted mating between the greatest warriors of the time, death was his only true kin. It birthed him, molded him, and now standing in the middle of a lifeless battlefield, it drenched him. The blood of thousands of soldiers soaked his skin. Two hundred thousand men approached him that day. All of them sought his life, none of them left with theirs. But they would not die in vain, they had accomplished their mission. Hidden beneath a thousand layers of their blood, was Dalric's very own. 

Feeling his life fade, he gazed weakly at his work. A seemingly endless array of corpses laid battered and disfigured before him. Some bore faces of horror, most had no face at all. 

His most trusted companion floated in front of him, blocking the view. Waves of sorrow flowed between them. 

“My time has finally come. I’ve begged for death and it’s finally arrived. My work is done...and so is yours. You’re free to be who you were meant to.”

With his contract with the gods fulfilled, they were truly free. The centuries of torment would end. No longer would they have to walk the path of a monster.  

Little did Dalric know, the devil was in the details.

What To Expect: A good time. In a few more words than that, a cast of believable characters in a unique world dealing with conflicts and problems a little bit more complex than punching the big evil guy in the face. Just a little though.

Minimum Word Count a Week: 5000

Release Time(s): Between Friday 12pm EST and Monday 6am EST

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B for Byrja

B for Byrja

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some total kretin


Reviewed at: Chapter 14: The Great Escape I

TL;DR: The description would make you believe you're looking at one of those really edgy murderhobo half insane slugfests you'll see from bad chinese word womitors on webnovel. Well, that isn't the case. It's instead reincarnation in the future in another body with hyper competent and nicely stable experienced protagonist slowly building his way to his old OPness and making sense of what's happened. At least it seems like, because it's also on really slow burner.

Yeah, I like this one. I was expecting one of those really edgy dark brooding chuunibiyioy (or how is that term written) fantasies of a zitty dark duster and fedora wearing neck beard, but instead got something nicely competent.

I like it when the MC has time to think and explore and this is exactly the thinking and exploring I had in mind. 

I like that the world has something going on and the MC is not the only one making things happen, but instead the one blindly throwing large spanners around the happenings around him. It's still short, but do go on. I'm really looking forward to it.


Honestly, this story is just good, plain and simple.

Reminds me of my school days I spent scouring the library and finding a book I just couldn't put down.

So, quick summary: Dalric, convenient tool of the gods for slaughtering everyone that doesn't really do the whole worshipping thing dies in battle. He revives in an unknown place that seems incredibly different from what he's used to with the gods' influence over him a good chunk weaker than it used to be, and we go from there.

Style: I don't know how to describe writing styles but the story just kinda flows well, so it's good in my book. Closer to professional standards than most webnovels I'd say.

Story: Gripping prologue, nice bit of mystery, worldbuilding good so far (thanks for not ruining the mystery and pace with a sudden info dump) , and I have to admit calling mana not mana just makes it a bit more unique (even if it's the exact same thing). For now full marks.

Grammar: Pretty excellent, but has the occasional missing word, wrong tense or typo so only 4.5 stars. 

Characters: As of now there is only one character with more than a few pages' worth of introduction, and that's our MC. I usually need a bit more time to evaluate characters, but from the writing quality so far I doubt you're gonna screw up the characterization out of left field, and consistency of motivation is really all I'm looking for.


I'll be honest here I'm reviewing too soon, but the author made me laugh with a end of chapter request for reviews 🤣. Anyway mc is solid op as hell but good character, magic is still being explained and fleshed out, side characters are likeable so far. We have some stupid side ones that like to do assisted suicide but so far so good. I'll update my review when we have more than 50 chapters so something to look forward to. 5 stars because grammatically haven't come across anything that jars me out the story, characters are solid, mc is solid, world is surprise surprise ... Solid. 🤣 Is the story perfect? No. Does the author deserve less for his new writing that he has freely given for my entertainment? Also no, so 5 stars well done can't wait to see where it goes.


This is good fantasy. Its not just about fireballs and whatever its about world building! Its about making readers feel like we’re in completely different universe! I love this novel cause it does that better than 99% of the stuff on here. I can really feel that Frysta is nothing like anything else just front the first chapter. Great stuff!

Style: Its a good style. The words are clear and the sentences flow well.

Story: Its still early in the plot but I like it already. There are many characters and nations all living in the world and fighting for what they want. The main plot is about gods and reincarnation but I prefer the human/valinnoid stuff. Its looking like proper diplomacy and intrigue. 

Grammar: I only noticed one mistake so good enough for me!

Character: Dalric is pretty good as the main ch. He’s smart and actually uses his brain when dealing with things. A little too much time is spent with his thoughts but its much better than just kill kill kill. I dont very much like Ryku yet but I’m hopeful for future chapters.

Again the world building is just the best part. The magic system and the races and the settings its all very very good. My only complaint is I wish we theres more info about how the world changed from when Dalric was first alive to now. I hope you will add this in future chapters.

Snowy Depths

This novel, as the title gave away, is practically oozing with potential. The story is a take on the "Not So Nice Gods" trope, "Ancient Being Born Again" (not reincarnation, he starts off with a fully-grown body) trope and "The Hidden Dark Side Trope". As the story continues, the world becomes more and more fleshed out, and the dark side of the world, i.e  the secrets about the Gods, that one entity who could *SPOILER* that was introduced early on with a jokey line are also slowly being revealed.

The story has been progressing without any plotholes so far, and I find it very enjoyable.

The grammar and style are pretty damn good. I literally don't remember spotting any grammatical mistakes, and the vocabulary and the way the story is written quite frankly deserves 5 stars in my book. 

The characters. There was one inconsistency with Dalric (the one where he refrained from murdering a bunch of *SPOILER* and said he shouldn't resort to massacres immediately). Considering the fact that he is a ruthless warior....that came about kinda weird. I know he is supposed to still have a conscience and all (as stated before by Dalric himself that he doesn't want to massacre innocents etc.), but I simply found it a bit weird and I couldn't simply pass over it. Maybe it's the way it was written? I pointed it out here because I thought it was fair to address it.

Anyhow, the overall score ia 5 stars! Keep it up, Author!

This Review was submitted as of Sat., Jan 16, latest chapter being Chapter 10. 


I'm afraid I'm hooked. Need me more chapters.

Style: Everyone is something, B for Byrja is something else. In the start, it felt similar to the forgotten conqueror but with time it's uniqueness begin to shine.

Story: Early review to say something conclusive. The description shows you potential, the prologue intrigues you, the chapters shows a glimpse of what the author has planned while leaving the rest, yet to be seen.

Grammar: Top quality, I don't care much but I know it's immersion-breaking for few and even they have good things to say in the comments.

Character: We only see the MC for the first Dozen chapter with few side chapters but I like how when MC breaks character there is more to it.(One of the readers pointed out an inconsistency and the author correct it and even improved on it. Nice)

An early review but I hope it will help boost it and give B a reason not to drop it, please don't. The author even takes the effort to name things different to add more individuality to the story(like Mana being called ... you will find out). It's the little details that we are used to with most high fantasy having a unique spin.

The main plot of Gods are bound to their faith and followers and use MC as their tool to kill anyone that doesn't worship them is an idea thrown around a lot but perfectly executed as the plot has a lot of potential.




*There might spoiler in this review please read the webnovel..Even though you will read my review first rather than read the webnovel*

"Sorry for grammar, english is not my first language" *-*

For the early chapter i was kind of hook in the novel, but it did not last long it spiral down after.

Problem 1:

Darlic is just bland, there is no character within him, he is just a guy with a powerful powers and highly skilled at combat and nothing else because even his personality is like rolling a dice, its all random(Actually dice is not random its math an-- Shut up nerd!), "Let me ask you, if you meet someone that have gone to bloody battle, have killed many living sepient beings, what do you think his personality is?" if your answer is this "Your Answer" then your wrong its totally different! and his mindset is like a guy that did not exprerience any battle.

Problem 2:

Character around darlic is more transparent than a air, they are the people that you will forget after they say goodbye under 10 second "Like who is that guys name again? ahhh yeah i- its mark? idk im not really interest in him anyway"

Problem 3:

What the hell is Darlics goal is he going with the flow? Flow is cool but not how Darlic do it.

Edit 2:One of the problem is Darlic goal, because i feel like he doesnt have one, even like tiny one, ahh wait the devil glass yeah thats his tiny goal good for now.

Yeah i know he wants to find who is buying the slaves but that doesnt make sense at all because darlic in the story dont like getting involve in trouble as far as i know, *Spoiler* You know the hero that beg him to kill her, yeah her, remember the time he did not kill her because it will cause him trouble and remember that he is always trying to give the credit to the side character guy "idk i forgot his name" because he dont want to get involve and now he is trying to track down the guy/girl who is trying to buy the slaves for no reason, he hate conflic then why bother?

My Concern: 

is this the world, idk men kinda ga--Bland to me!

Edit 2:The gods he is fighting with,  just what person are they? are they just a gods that say *Kill Them* and try to take control over his body? and they are only there to be the Big Bad Guy? if thats the case thats really lame, i would rather have him a split personality that have a murdurous side of him and trying to take over his body, because thats more entertaining, because gods being evil in webnovel is no new, its really lame characters-- no not even characters they are more like a props.

End Creedit:

If the author just going to drop kick me after dropping the next chapter, thats all about how really deep Darlic character is, or how the bird that he grab from the early chapter have a backstory of how the bird is just trying to get meat to sell to a butcher so her chicks can go to school, i totally would change my review, i will comeback to check if the author actually drop kick me or prove me so wrong so hard that i cried all night to sleep so yeah see you "INSERT DATE HERE" So please author prove me wrong.

*This review is only valid chp 1-17 for the future chp i might update my review*