Of Men and Dragons

by DrBlackJack21

Jack just crash-landed on a planet where the natives are seven-foot-tall carnivorous cat-lizards currently somewhere between stone and bronze age. The good news is the natives think the ship that crashed into their mountain is a dragon and are steering clear of it. The bad news is they just left one of their own as a sacrifice to appease the beast. No matter what Jack and his AI co-pilot decide, his life just got a lot more complicated...

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L'odeur de Wumpus

A heartwarming story about a space-stranded man, his spaceship sister, and their adorable lizard friend trying to make their way in a low-tech world after crash landing.

Of the three "space-farer crash lands on a primitive world and befriends a lizard" stories I've read in the past year, I think this one is my favorite.

The spelling, grammar, and style are excellent for a web novel.  They're superior to a solid chunk of ebooks I've read, as well.

The characters are developing nicely, without being too webnovel-trope-heavy - they remind me more of characters I'd expect in a young-adult sci-fi/fantasy novel in a library.  The MC is relateable, if predictable.  The sister character is, perhaps, the weakest so far, but that's just due to a story-reason lack of involvement in conflict so far.  It looks like that will be worked out soon.  The lizard is adorable without being the normal "cute pet/sidekick/girl hanger-on" that's par for the course here.

The world hasn't really been fleshed out much so far, which is understandable.  The small corner that they're living in feels developed enough for now, without having any infodump problems.  In my opinion, the pre-book history (AI war etc) is the weakest bit of world-building at the moment, but it also isn't particularly relevant other than providing an explanation of the "who" and "why" of the MC.

The MC has a solid goal, is aware of solid blockers, and there are obvious threads pointing towards derailments beyond love interest.  The author has done a nice job of avoiding having anything come truly out of the blue so far (all antagonists/problems have been mentioned ahead of time).  It's nicely cohesive.

The biggest peeve I have with the story is how quickly the primitive civilization people adapt to FTL-level technology, language-wise.  It's just that, though - a peeve.  I'd be equally peeved if the story took multiple chapters to work through explaining what a "machine" is, or the dozen other words that couldn't possibly exist for bronze-age tech.  That would probably be peak-peeve, rather than medium-warm peeve.  As is, it's probably close to Goldilock-peeve, because it's easy enough to just ignore.


This is a great scifi/fantasy slice of life story. There isn't much going on, yet it is still very enjoyable. The mc isn't op or excessively weak. He is a very intelligent, but average physique, human. The other characters are cliches but unique.  Instead of being one dimensional, they have flaws and strengths, fears and goals and .....personalities.

The story is good without too much exposition. Not the greatest I have ever seen but nowhere close to being mediocre or worse. 

I could go on, but read it. It is worth it.

Taco Was Taken

Grammar is better than average compared to other RRL stories, good pacing, a Unique story that I find awesome, and a good cast of characters so far.

The only complaint that I have is the protagonist. He apologizes constantly for a lot of things that aren't his fault or isn't even apologize worthy, he allows himself to be a doormat for a girl he has only known for less than 3 days, and his face changes color from green to red like a chameleon for even the smallest of things.