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Now this is a short one because I haven't thought of how to continue it. My mind is set on one other project, topped by real life.

Any ideas or (constructive) critisism will be welcome.

Come here, you little locust...” said teasingly. My anger has finally spiralled out of control. They’ve pushed me too far, threatening a mother and her child. I stare, with beating hearts of eyes.


I snap. They fall unconscious, leaving nothing but that damned senator. The last rebel standing in my way. About to be slaughtered into next week. Well, actually... oblivion. If that even exists.


With a kick where the sun doesn’t shine, his head is sent reeling down into my waiting fist. Excalibur pierces him from above, bringing fiery retribution to the entire continent. Nothing left alive.


The radiation of Mana flows freely through the land, scorching all heresy from the face of this corruption. Only Aegis and the innocent are unscathed. No false idols, no corrupt priesthood. No liars.


Excalibur, that which pierces the darkness with an unyielding shatter of light. And yet when I stand there, in the midst of a Colosseum – Nay an Earth full of people. One Billion were now nothing.


Nothing but flowers. As I stand in the glossy midnight glow, the sun setting behind me... This land is mine. Pitch Hatred pours from the moonlight, into the stalks of my wooden wings.


Those once glistening wings of light, of flower petals like a stained glass painting, dripped with blood red.


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