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short poem by a nameless character speaking on the things she regrets before sending innocent civilians to face death broskiis

It is not right how things unfurled,

These products of a heedless girl.

I did not mean for it this way,

In blinding lust, my heart did stray.

In selfish halls, my demons fed,

And many things were left unsaid.

Engulfed by pride, I could not see,

The ones whose hands supported me.

By thankless hand, I thrust and swung,

And knife, in blameless souls did plunge.

Consumed by pride and selfish greed,

The purest hearts I know will bleed.

I cannot stop what has been done,

Nor atone for what is to come.

But I am shamed in discontent,

And pride in which I can’t frequent.

For those I love, will hurt again,

And I, the master of their pain.

I shall not ask your forgiveness,

I don’t deserve such sweet kindness.

I ask instead you all should know

And understand mine own sorrow.

But for all you will endure,

My words, I feel, fall ever short.

If many words, do actions speak,

I pray what you will think of me.

I know it may be hard to tell,

As I force you all to walk through hell.

But I do so deeply love each one,

Like the winter flower loves the sun.

And of this life we are a part,

The path of love lies cold and dark.

If nothing else, heed my mistakes,

To help you forge the path to take.

So, with all the love I can sustain,

Rebellious Children, break the chain!


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