Order & Fate: Rebellious Children

by boenapplet

Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Order & Fate: Rebellious Children is a series about a girl named Sumire Kato who is abruptly thrust into a world seething with murder, conspiracy, and drama. She must find strength within herself, rely on the friends she made, and uncover the mysteries of her home before doom reaches her and her loved ones!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue// Her Lament ago
Chapter 1// Am I a Monster? ago
Chapter 2// Miss Kato ago
Chapter 3// Super Deadly Imperium, Go! ago
Chapter 4// Told You I Could Be Scary. ago
Chapter 5// You Can't Fly. ago
Chapter 6// Hikari ago
Chapter 7// Bloodlust. ago
Chapter 8// I'll Handle Him. ago
Chapter 9// Tenebris Kinda Sucks, Huh? ago
Chapter 10// gud luck detective ago
Chapter 11/ Student Group H4H ago
Chapter 12// I'll Be Your Opponent ago
Chapter 13// Rika vs. Sumire ago
Chapter 14// Why the Long Face? ago
Chapter 15// Fine, Sumire. ago
Chapter 16// Pay Attention ago
Chapter 17// I can't stop you. ago
Chapter 18// It's focus. ago
Chapter 19// Her punches really hurt. ago
Chapter 20// I'll Surrender. ago
Chapter 21// You made me proud ago
Chapter 22// Animarum ago
Chapter 23// Seeker Killer ago
Chapter 24// How inconsierate. ago
Chapter 25// Call me Liv. ago
Chapter 26// They were all flies. ago
Chapter 27// Every single thing. ago
Chapter 28// Have fun! ago
Chapter 29// Like family. ago
Chapter 30// Kodokuna Kato (End of Act 1) ago
Interlude// I'll be home soon, okay? ago
Chapter 31// People are nuanced. ago
Chapter 32// Iron Pigeon ago
Chapter 33// You two look a mess! ago
Chapter 34// Shiro ago
Chapter 35// That sounds like guilt. ago
Chapter 41// Man of Shame. ago
Major Announcement ago
Demon Task Force Update ago

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A story with a proper magic system.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20// I'll Surrender.

Overall score: Order & Fate: Rebellious Children is an organised story and not an improvisational work done chapter by chapter. The characters, light-hearted and enthusiastic, contrasts quite well with several of the story's themes, which are generally darker and complex. This is a book that you'd have to pay closer attention to fully enjoy all of it, from the humour to the action. Sit straight, maybe jot down some of the names or abilities if they're difficult to remember, and immerse yourself into a combat system known as Imperium.

Style Score: Does it have battles? Yes. Does it have character interactions? Yup. Does it have mysteries to solve? You bet'cha. It checks the boxes, and goes beyond the expected quality. The story had rules regarding Imperium that were inspired by HxH and Jujutsu Kaisen. Not only that, it even had a premise of which I call 'stats aren't everything'. Even if your Imperium is stronger, or stamina, or experience... you could still lose a fight due to circumstances beyond that (Good job, Kou). It's what made HxH so great, and also make Order & Fate so promising.

The main cast so far are mostly children studying and practising to become 'seekers'. They are as you'd expect - somewhat immature, stumbling around trying to become independent. Their jokes, their relationships, their fueds, all felt reminiscent of a slice-of-life anime. Grouping that with an in-depth, JoJo- and HxH-inspired combat system isn't just contrasting, it's a bit jarring to me. It's hard for me to feel any weight in the fights, because at the back of my mind, it's still just students bickering with one another. It's hard for me to tell which is the dominant genre. Take HxH as an example - the genre is definitely more focused onto action and adventure, but Gon and Killua, two immature children with supernatural powers (kind of like this story's characters), behave in a light-hearted way. The difference is that whilst they might blow a rasperry at each other, or do pushups as punishment as their training, the action theme always dominated in the story. Their training had the risk of death, or losing something they treasured. There are flashbacks to the character's childhood that relates to their now-go-happy attitude. There are consequences to their behaviours, and results from their immaturity. In HxH, the slice-of-life themes supported the action, rather than conflict with it. I feel that within Order & Fate, the slice-of-life aspect of school life gets in the way of the complex battle of psychology and powers.

Story Score: I am the type of person to obsess over details. You could choose to learn more about the protagonist by reading her inner thoughts as she dash here and there in the story, or you could do so by noticing her choice of clothing, her knowledge of the city... the style of writing expresses its characters and worldbuilding not with some bland narrative text like a star wars opening, but a multi-layered hints here. It's great! There are some clever humour involved, like how Hikari claimed she was going to "look like a cartoon character" despite being a character in the novel. It's these little bits of careful creativity that breathed life into the world. Though there is a small thing I'd like to point out:

Chapter 2: Sumire woke up at 7:45. By the time she got to school, she: showered and gotten dressed, picked up a lost boy and visited a manga shop, made friends with someone at the orphanage AND get tangled into a fight with the bully where Hikari fainted. Only then did Hikari inform Sumire that the first day started at noon, but even if that was the case, this felt like a lot to shove into presumably 4 hours, taking into account travel time and all.

Grammar Score: Minor mistakes occur sparsely, but it barely affects the reading. Good use of diction, which added a lot to the expressions. More example of literature being put into good use would be nice.

Character Score: The protagonist, Sumire, is an 18 year old, arguably socially-inept girl, with a harsh backstory and an even more difficult mentality. You'll feel that she's somewhat immature in the first few chapters, by the way she handled a lost-boy-scenario. You'll see the differences between Sumire and other characters, from Hikari to Kou, solely based on their mannerisms. Though some characters were introduced at a fast pace, the ones that are important to the story are expanded upon nicely. I have every reason to expect good character development as the story progresses. Spoiler below for a small point I'd like to discuss about Sumire:

Sumire gets nervous (Chapter 2, her behaviour on the train and the anxiety of being late). She struggles with at comforting people (Same chapter). She's also prone to praise (Chapter 3) and impuslive (Same chapter, melting the carriage). However, she also shows cunning (Chapter 7 where Sumire allowed Hikari to be beaten because she wanted to "see her imperium") and inexperience (not stepping in earlier when it was clear Hikari had no will to fight). This brings me to my question - is Sumire mature, or immature? Because she acted like a senpai when she correctly restrained Hikari (Chapter 9). She was so full of confidence, she comforted Hikari with "I need you to trust that I can handle him myself." She also considered the consequences and explained the potential results... It was a very mature thing to do. She also acted as an intermediate at times (Chapter 18, giving support to both Kou and Rin despite Kou's unpopularity at the time). Since you enjoy anime, I'll use No Game No Life as an example. One of my frustrations with NGNL is with Elizabeth. She is used as a the dumb, comedic punchbag, but the character itself was the one to handle complex political issues, handling the Kingdom, so on, so forth. You could say that one shouldn't take things like this too seriously, but to me at least, it creates confusion over that character.

Similarly, I don't know how to handle Sumire. Is she the 18 year old vandaliser who fret over her alarm clock, and overjoyed at making her first friend? Or is she someone calm and capable, with outstanding diplomatic skills? They are contradictive traits.

This story is somewhat of an enigma to me. There are various parts of it I thoroughly enjoyed and even admired, but in the end, it isn't a book for me. Not because of the book's flaws or anything, but because what it offered isn't quite for me, but will be for many other readers. I implore everyone to give it a try, because it might very well be the next popular novel on RR.


At start its all fun Bnha stuff, until chapter 24(no spoilers, I tried) 

I can describe this story like that: 1)if everyone is op, then it's not op anymore.

2) bit of psychology when story 'really' starts, who is monster, who deserves to be dead and who not

3)emotional Rollercoaster at chapter 24

4)interesting part about MC is that sumire is strong enough to fight and be OP, but not strong enough to 'not kill' Or 'save'

5)read this story, it's underrated